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      Full Sail | Premise and Casting

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      Full Sail, Washington. A small, yet populous fisher's town on the outskirts of British Columbia—destined for great things with its blossoming economy—has been rocked by significant changes. It began with the body of a young debutante found dead, soaked in red in the Hunter Lake. Her body mutilated almost beyond recognition. While the town tried to forge understanding and fathom how someone could do something like that to one of the town's finest, the town's feeling of safe haven had been forever erased. In its place, paranoia and suspicion harbor over the coast; much like the seagulls. And then tragedy struck again. A string of gruesome, brutal murders followed that of Eva Marie, including that of Mayor Stephanie McMahon. Now, as the storm picks up and over one year is removed, one thing is clear: something dark and sinister has been unleashed upon Full Sail.

      Who are they, or who will they be? The ones who quiver in the face of malice or those who confront the onset of evil? Are they the proprietors of justice or the perpetrators of discord? No matter the choice, unbeknownst to all was the unwavering truth—chaos creates change. The visceral, necessary change that separates the wicked from the weak. And, as they, the adjacent, would soon enough learn; there is no strength in sanctuary. True, true, indeed. All power lies in the wild.

      Full Saila new, supernatural horror drama AU RPG, focuses around the lives of the people of the town of the same name, as they look to deal with the consequences of crime done across the corner and the sinister qualities of the unknown.

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      carmella van dale. age. 22 income. Working Class (Formerly Upper Middle Class) sexual orientation. Straight occupation. Diner Waitress nicknames/aliases. 'Mella, Car, Carm marital status. Singl

      MORGAN, OLIVIA "LIV" | t h e   b a s i c s | age ; 19, 21 (Fake ID) // income ; WORKING CLASS sexuality ; HETEROSEXUAL // occupation ; BARTENDER nicknames ; LIV, L-MO // marital status ; SINGLE _ _ _

      seth rollins. age. 24 income. Upper Middle Class sexual orientation. Gay occupation. Police Officer nicknames/aliases. TBD marital status. Single hobbies. CrossFit, Kick-boxing/Martial Arts, Co

      Posted Images

      The show is based loosely on programs such as Riverdale, Bates MotelTrue Blood and Twin Peaks-- set in a creepy, dreary, small town setting, a juicy murder mystery overarching plotline and various secrets connects characters from throughout the town into various interactions. As a way to set apart Full Sail from previous RPG iterations on HB, all of the characters will be 21+ up and more mature themes will obviously be in play (though tbh that didn't stop some :mariah:)

      Needed in casting applications will be things such as occupation, a small backstory and connection to the crime (i.e. They were at the Lake earlier that day, they knew Eva Marie, they live near the Lake) and will be essential ways to tie you into the plot and keep things interesting. Later plot developments such as members of a coven, a vigilante and possibly a murderer will be incorporated later and awarded to active members of the game. There will also be incorporation of supernatural themes (i.e. witches, voodoo, cults, demons, ghosts, vampires) in the story, and we'll touch upon the extent and rules for that where it applies. Please PM @Mariah. :newspaper: If a character is listed as NPC, it means they're a character in the game, but they are not exclusively played by anyone and are likely wrapped up in a storyline, rendering them non-playable. If you're interested in playing one of the non-playable characters, please also PM @Mariah.

      Similar app as per:

      FULL NAME (should be a play off of WWE ring name rather than real performer's name):
      CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: (He/she/they lived by Lake Hunter; he/she/they were at Lake Hunter on that day; he/she/they has taken a personal interest in the crime via the news, he/she/they has been accused of the murder by someone [why? how? etc?] -- it can be anything that would justify them speaking to someone else about the crime.)
      PERSONALITY TRAITS: (Three adjectives)
      BACKSTORY: (Tell your character's story to this point with a brief passage, around four to five sentences at the minimum.)
      APPEARANCE: (Describe your character's physical appearance.)


      Becky Lynch (portrayed by Rainbow Heart)
      Seth Rollins (portrayed by Mariah.)
      Baron Corbin (portrayed by Foxy)
      Sasha Banks (portrayed by Queen of Hens)
      Carmella Van Dale (portrayed by Mariah.)
      Jey Uso (portrayed by Wilifred.)
      Jimmy Uso (portrayed by Dante.)
      Paige Turner (portrayed by Rainbow Heart)
      Alicia Fox (portrayed by JayP.)
      Maryse Ouellet (portrayed by Queen of Hens)
      Phil "CM Punk" Brooks (portrayed by Queen of Hens)
      Elias Samson (portrayed by JayP.)
      Alexa Bliss (portrayed by JayP.)
      Ruby "Riott" Lovelace (portrayed by Rainbow Heart)
      Trinity "Naomi" McCray (portrayed by Captain Fox)
      Dean Ambrose (portrayed by Shoaib.)
      Finn Bálor (portrayed by Cooksie)
      Sonya Deville (portrayed by Michael Psyches)
      Roman Reigns (portrayed by Maxim)
      Aiden English (portrayed by Captain Fox)
      Scarlett Bordeaux (portrayed by Foxy)
      Dash Wilder (portrayed by Cooksie)
      Mandy Rose (portrayed by Cooksie)
      April Jeanette "AJ" Mendez (portrayed by AJ Lee)
      Eva Marie (Deceased)
      Stephanie McMahon (Deceased)
      John Cena (Deceased)
      Charlotte Flair (Deceased)
      Joey Mercury (Deceased)
      Scott Dawson (Deceased)
      Dolph Ziggler (Deceased)
      Maxine Perez (Deceased)
      Adam Cole (Deceased)
      Johnny Gargano (Deceased)
      Corey Graves (NPC)
      Hunter Hearst Helmsley (NPC)
      Matt Sydal (NPC)
      Liv Morgan (NPC)
      Bayley Martinez (NPC)
      Tino Sabbatelli (NPC)
      Riddick Moss (NPC)
      Michael Cole (NPC)


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      • Mariah. pinned and featured this topic
      15 minutes ago, Foxy said:

      I'm SHOOK by the amount of men (compared to women) reserved for this rpg. The women's division is truly over in HB, the end of an era :shook:

      sgfaf;sfk right? :rot: i think we’re all in need of some refreshing creatively so i’m perched to see how it unfolds :fan: 

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