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      Trish Stratus on Chasing Glory

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      Trish was this week's guest on Chasing Glory. 

      Here are the notes:

      • Says the main goal of women like herself, Lita, Jackie, Molly, etc during the Golden Era was to lay the groundwork for women being looked at differently and treated more seriously.
      • She would often say that she wanted to do what the men did.
      • Got a call on December 26th, asking if she wanted to take part in the Women's Royal Rumble match. She didn't accept right away because she hadn't wrestled in years.
      • She called a friend that she used to train with back in the day and asked if he could set up a ring & help her train.
      • She realized wrestling was like riding a bike. First move she wanted to practice was the Stratusphere.
      • When she felt comfortable, she called Mark Carano back and accepted the invitation. She didn't want to come back unless she could still perform like she used to.
      • Believes it was fate that the university teachers went on strike, which led to her getting into fitness modeling and eventually wrestling.
      • Mentions the ankle injury that she suffered in 2001. Says it was devastating because they were just starting a big storyline with her against Torrie Wilson.
      • Injuries are a mixed blessing because it's hard to get better when you're on the road all the time.
      • Doing yoga improved her flexibility and that's how she came up with the Matrish move.
      • Says that Paige's injury is terribly unfortunate. Hopes Paige can find a blessing and move onto another role in the company.
      • They recorded this the day before the Royal Rumble.
      • Trish says she's in a secret, undisclosed location in Philadelphia.
      • Says she's a big fan of Alexa Bliss. Got to finally meet her at Raw 25. She sees a lot of her younger self and her drive & energy in Alexa. Also says they have a similar cadence when cutting promos.
      • Also praises Mandy Rose. Says she's beautiful. Fans would tell her that they looked so much alike going all the way back to Tough Enough. Calls Mandy her doppelganger when she sees her.
      • Will be back on next week to talk about what it was like being in the Women's Royal Rumble match.



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      Says she's a big fan of Alexa Bliss. Got to finally meet her at Raw 25. She sees a lot of her younger self and her drive & energy in Alexa. Also says they have a similar cadence when cutting promos.


      It’s sad to see the HOFer Trish Stratus think so low of herself. 

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      26 minutes ago, Don Draper said:

      She really must have a great trainer because she ended up SHITTING on her peers with her stuff. You wouldn’t have known she’d was gone for as long as she was with the way she performed, legend was great. :shook:

      She has same trainer as Britney :clap: 

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