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      Mae Young Classic 2018 Women Announcement Thread

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      Well shit  

      Sis, you don't have to reply every time, sometimes it's best to take the information and go.

      Can they stop trying to make Rachel Evers happen

      42 minutes ago, kieranr said:

      Also what is the obsession with Santa? She’s been around how long, looks like a GLOW extra who got cut and wrestles so averagely? :skull:

      !!! Looking like a caw and she isn't that good in the ring either. It's not surprising she isn't signed what is surprising is why she is popular in the indys and why the gays stan her 


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      5 hours ago, Mariah. said:

      I remember the name Nicole Matthews from the Shimmer days with Sara Del Rey, Madison Eagles and Mercedes Martinez. Good for her. Let's see what this Jinny chick y'all hyping up does too!


      She was also a tag champion with Portia Perez as the Canadian Ninjas.





      She's facing Kacy Catanzaro in the first round, isn't she?

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      5 minutes ago, Matto said:

      Nicole was a backup for the first MYC so they'll probably add the others that were there as replacements too. Other than Jinny, they can keep this tournament though



      Ah, so that means we'll probably see Deonna Purrazzo in the MYC as well too. She was also a replacement last year.

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      9 minutes ago, Matto said:

      Along with Barbi Hayden, Lei'D Tapa, Jessica James & Tegan Nox

      Tegan was never a reserve, she was supposed to be in the tournament but got pulled out after she tore her ACL and was replaced w Miranda. Didn't someone say Tapa was meant to be in it too but got pulled because she kept posting who was competing on her sc? :skull:

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      Phew...:clap:A babyface perched to hear Higher roar through the full sail arena. 

      While on the subject I don't suppose that it's a coincidence AJ decided to upload a video training in the gym with her trainer just days after Kaitlyn MYC announcement. I just love how she finds amusement in tugging at my heartstrings. :clap: 


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      Reina has an improved look now y'all, she ditched the whole cowboy pirate thingy she had going, hopefully she has a better showing this time too. I'm interested to see how Jessie looks because I've read good things about her and her progress.

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