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      46 minutes ago, Ninja Balenciaga said:

      I never really liked Sierra Mist. Her ring work never really did it for me & her social media persona/presence is always so agg.

      I agree, never really cared for her. 

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      Not shocked. She’s been mostly injured since Gail’s retirement. 

      It was one of those Alissa Flash cases where they have a great indie talent but it’s really hard to get them over how you want them to be. Sienna’s downfall started with KM coming in because she shouldn’t be the type to be paired with a male character.

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          Can you think of any female wrestlers past and present who have body piercings (for example, multiple ears, belly button, nose, lip, etc.)?
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          Back when the WWE had the Divas Division (which consisted mainly of former models), the TNA Knockouts were serious and fierce fighters who combined beauty with athleticism. Do you think that the WWE Women's Division has been influenced a lot by the TNA Knockouts as of late?
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          I'm curious to find out what is everyone's favorite wrestling origin stories (kayfabe wise). Obviously not everyone has one, but just list your personal favorites.
          For example, I think one of my faves regarding the women is Mickie. Debuted as Trish's obsessed fan who wrote her fan mail for years and winded up going crazy over her.
          So explain yours and you can name as many as you like. Also, its not limited to just WWE it can be any promotion. 

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