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      Idk if I’m here for this small cast :skull: I get that these 7 are very close, so the scenes would come off more genuine and natural, but it was always nice to see 1 or 2 new girls mixed in the show. Despite Alexa and Carmella’s small role last season, it was refreshing to watch than a typical Bella scene. 


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      4 minutes ago, Crow. said:

      Is the cast 

      Bellas, Nattie, Naomi, Lana, Nia , Paige ?

      Unless they sneak a name in with the press release later this is the speculation.

      21 minutes ago, shumiley said:

      lexi really is out of the cast


      She’s not into showing her private life so it was always going to be a one season thing.

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      really only here for paige :rot: lana and nia are cute in small doses, and the core five haven't served up anything fresh in years. Carmella should come back next season now that Big Ass isn't tying her down, Alexa isn't a good fit for the show :shrug: 

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      I haven’t watched this show for years now, but if they cast Dana and/or Liv I’d be intrigued. I wanna know their struggles and see which fake superstar they’d have a romance with. 

      Plus Dana could serve a cute storyline with her late boyfriend tbh and her struggles on the main. 

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