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      Jazz on Why She Doesn't "Give A Damn" About WWE's Evolution

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      Jazz didn't have the lengthiest of runs in WWE, but she did manage to win the Women's Championship twice. Both times she took the title away from Trish Stratus who will be returning to the ring at WWE Evolution as she teams with Lita to take on Mickie James and Alexa Bliss.

      Even though Stratus credits Jazz with helping her develop in the ring and called her "Hall of Fame level," Jazz won't be appearing at Evolution and hasn't stepped foot in a WWE ring in over 10 years.

      Jazz talked about the first WWE all-women's pay-per-view when she appeared on the Duke Loves Rasslin' podcast.

      "I never thought I'd ever see that but I'm glad they're finally opening their eyes and giving women a showcase for their abilities on such a platform," stated Jazz. "For so many years they just wanted T and A out there and now they're giving women an opportunity to wrestle."

      Jazz has been wrestling on the indie circuit for the last few years and at 45 years old she's still going strong. She is the current NWA World Women's Champion, and while she's happy for the progress of women in wrestling, she could care less about WWE making history.

      "I don't give a damn about their Evolution because as the NWA Women's Champion I'm creating my own Evolution. It's about me," exclaimed Jazz.

      In the interview Jazz also talked about wanting more mixed tag matches alongside her husband, former WWE Superstar Rodney Mack. She even called out WWE's power couple, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

      "What I'm interested in is doing mixed tags. I'm really pulling for someone to book Rodney and myself as a tag team. You can say whatever you want but we really are the power couple when it comes to wrestling in this industry," said Jazz. "I'm talking about my husband Rodney Mack okay? We are pound-for-pound the baddest dogs around and we claim it! If Stephanie McMahon and Triple H want a match just let me know, do I sign a piece of paper or just show up with my gear? You think I would back down from that? Stephanie? Oh my God; PLEASE!"



      She didn't need to challenge Stephanie & HHH though. Like when is that match ever going to happen? :lmao:

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      She is a MESS lately. She won the NWA title in like 2016 and has defended it a handful times since then, then she had that messy tweet where she thought she was cutting a promo on Charlotte, and she called out Cody Rhodes for a match at the NWA event last week. She claims she doesn’t care about WWE, but her behavior recently is asking for attention and it looks... bad. :rot: 

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      On 27/10/2018 at 11:44 PM, Sazzy said:

      Gail says hello

      I'm in the minority but Gail has every reason to not want to work with that company again. They did her dirty when many considered her to be amongst the best in the world.

      She knew her worth and went elsewhere. However, I do actually respect her for standing her ground because she knows the womens revolution isn't genuine it's just all PR for the company.

      Although she brings it up a bit too much tbh.

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        • By Jacqulee
          From Diva Dirt:
          Former NWA Women’s World Champion Jazz spoke with AfterBuzz TV Wrestling & Sports on many topics including her recent appearance at AEW’s All In at the end of August. She shares her thoughts that experience and if there is any sight of her being part of AEW’s product in the future.
          “There’s really been no discussions as far as that goes. But no there’ s been no contract signed, everyone has been asking me that. There isn’t a contract signed.
          Honestly you know I’m coming to an end as far my in-ring work. It’s coming to an end. I just turned 47 in August. It’s time for me to say, it’s enough. So right now I’m a trainer at a wrestling school, Hybrid School of  Wrestling. I love being a coach and that’s what I would love to do. I love to give back.
          If I sign anything, it would most definitely be me being a trainer or coach. That’s my passion right now. That’s what I want to do.” 
          She goes into more detail about how it felt performing at All Out in the Casino Battle Royale. Furthermore, she discusses that Chief Brand Officer, Brandi Rhodes reached out to her to see if she was interested.
          “It was so great, oh my god, coming down that ramp and see those fans. It was such an adrenaline rush”, she said.
          “I came out with a different look, a lot of people hadn’t seen the bald, so it was something different. Brandi Rhodes reached out to me and she asked if I was under contract with anyone like NWA as of right now and I said no I’m not.
          She said cool, we wanted to see if you’re interested in being apart of our Battle Royal. I was like, yeah, who would say no, first of all. That’s how it happened. They brought me in to do the vignette and the whole time I was thinking what could I do that would be like “BAM” oh yeah she’s back….The B is back
          It was pretty nice, pretty cool. Everyone was there was overwhelmingly nice and making everyone feel welcome…. They made everyone feel at home and very comfortable. That’s one thing I loved about AEW. “
          The former two-time WWE Women’s Champion talks about the recent insurgence of the women’s (r)evolution. She compares to how it was during her time in WWE. During her time it was a common response that even though the women could put on a great match in the ring, they tended to be looked down upon instead of celebrated.
          “Keep giving us opportunities and main events and big shows. Manias! When I was in WWE, our ratings were really good when we were doing women’s matches. Unfortunately, they weren’t happy with that. She continues, “It’s a new day and time a new era and now we are getting the opportunity to be number one. We are getting the opportunity to show that we can main event. So kudos to all of the women in the industry.” 
          For the full interview with Jazz which includes a retirement tease, her becoming a trainer, and inspiring fans and breaking down barriers, you can click here. She also says whether or not a final title reign may be in sight before she hangs up her boots
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