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      Evolution was a success. Surprised?

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      The general public has been praising the first ever women's PPV show. Are you surprised by the positive feedback? Do you think this should become an annually thing and be even bigger next year? 

      Honestly, despite WWE's lack of interest into building and promoting this PPV, I was actually surprised that people are loving the show. We are women's wrestling fans, but I always thought we were a minority that would fill a 2k venue at most, yet alone a sold out 16k venue! :laycry: 

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      I am a little but I'm super happy because even though that company needs a complete corporate re-working, the McMahon's being trash and just overall it remaining UGLY, nothing and no one can bring our girls TALENT, DEDICATION, DRIVE & PASSION down and long may it continue because they deserve every inch of the praise.

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      They're being hailed as the best ppv of 2018. Charlotte and Becky are getting praise for potential match and feud of the year and all matches got good reviews.

      The women were always capable of putting on this type of show but it's very heartwarming and fulfilling to see them finally getting their dues.

      Imagine what could've been if they put more effort and build into the match card as a whole? 

      I think the WWE knew these girls would deliver and that's why they somewhat stifled them tbh. But they killed it and that's all we could've asked for.

      Job well done ladies and Evolution 2 is definitely on the horizon.



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      I think most here can relate to the difficulty in abandoning the negativity to see the bigger picture, but we do have to acknowledge that it was successful and warmly received by the wrestling fan base as a whole. I think the pacing was right and it had the energy that this kind of landmark should warrant. Everyone looked like a star, especially Lita and Trish. 

      Sincerely though, I hope the matches next year have more weight and meaning. There was ample time to produce quality stories and figure out how to give everyone screen time without a needless 6 woman tag or a messy battle royal, although I enjoyed the latter thoroughly. We also need to have some sort of backstage environment and a more flashy aesthetic overall, i.e. the stage. 

      Regardless, we really made it.

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      10 minutes ago, Matto said:

      I was jus surprised the crowd was LOUD throughout the entire event

      I don't understand why anybody was surprised about this when those who bought tickets to the show did so to solely see the women.



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      I'm not surprised at all. I knew in my heart of hearts that the women were gonna murder this opportunity because there was no option to do anything less.

      I'm very glad that the fans were electric all night, be it with the cheers or the boos and that they showed up in ferocious support of these women but I can't say it was surprising because it was just time for these women to get the accolades they deserved.

      WWE and wrestling as a whole has a long way to go but last night was truly a event that will go down in history as one of wrestling's finest moments.

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      I know some ppl didn’t like how the setup looked like a live event but i liked it personally. It made the energy feel unique and special. I’m not a fan of the regular ppv setups. They all look the same.

      I figured all the girls would snap but the fandom was getting mad annoying so I was ready for it to be over so everyone could calm down and quit being so divided and extra. 

      But overall it was a fun night and it was the first time in long time that I watched a ppv from start to finish. My eyes fucking hurt at the end. :rot: The pacing was good and every match got time.

      This has to be a yearly thing. I just hope they handle it better next year and not wait a month before to start building matches. :clap: 

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      While I was a bit salty (okay a lot salty, and still kinda am) that Michelle was tossed into that battle royal, and all the other divas to be honest, I really like how it turned out. I like that we got the blasts from the past, but I really love that they focused on the girls of today and gave them time to tell their stories.

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      I knew the girls would turn it all the way up for this. This was their chance to prove themselves as draws and capable to carry a whole PPV and I knew none of them would take that lightly. Add in the fact that from the start all the misogynistic fans and even their own company were deeming it a failure and not giving it a chance would only fuel the fire more for the girls. That’s why I like women’s wrestling more than the men’s tbh, they have to work twice as hard to prove themselves and even get half the chances the men do so it’s easy to root for them to succeed. They are the real underdogs in all of wrestling. 

      Edited by Kat
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      I'm not surprised it was a success, I'm surprised that those outside of the immediate women's wrestling fandom are as here for it as we are. I knew the PPV would see at least a moderate level of success, because the girls were gonna hold their end down. It's not news that the women of WWE make the most of the shiT they're given and make sugar out of shit. That's the entire thing they're claiming to "evolve" from. How 'bout that? If the show was to see any kind of failure, it would be on the end that we all predicted, WWE. However I never doubted any of the women doing anything less than showing out and giving us the very reason we watch and support them so hard in the first place.

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      8 hours ago, YouAreAThot said:

      I don't understand why anybody was surprised about this when those who bought tickets to the show did so to solely see the women.



      Cause on most shows where people generally buy tickets to see the men, majority of matches contain a dry crowd and even huge matches will have dead factors for the match. But at Evolution, every match (that I didn't skip) had a LIT crowd for the entire duration so that was shocking to me.

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      I'm surprised in some capacity. I hope they keep doing these all women pay per views. Although the match I was most excited for was very underwhelming. It was Trish and Lita vs Mickie and Alicia. Mickie truly carried that match and it was a clear show of the fact that nostalgia is great and all but doesn't always live up to the hype. Don't get me wrong Trish and Lita were ok (Trish was better, but than again she's worked more matches in recent years than Lita) If anyone deserves true  recognition for that match it's 100% Mickie. I'm happy Alicia got her moment though.

      Edited by Stratisphere
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      On 10/29/2018 at 5:54 PM, surrender said:

      I was there last night and I honestly had to hold back some tears at what I was witnessing. Fuck WWE and Crown Jewel and all that but I have never participated in such a huge celebration of WOMEN. We were all there to support them and the collective enthusiasm electrified the atmosphere. THAT is why the crowd was hot for the entire event. As cheesy as it sounds, it really was historic. There were women from my childhood who I remember getting frustrated for because of the amount of time they were receiving and women whose careers I’ve followed from their first match to today. I can’t even think of how this magical feeling can ever be outdone but I know that the talent required to do so is there and I really can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of these women.

      YASSS  SIS, you said what I wanted to say but in the classy version <3


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      I've been avoiding hb and twitter cause i was just able to watch (some of) Evolution. Gagged about a few things.


      - Beth's Bull Nakano t-shirt 

      - All the legendary returns

      - Maria Kanellis' performance in the BR :clap:(and her adorable baby with headphones :heart:)

      - Brie Bella doing the thing while managing Nikki

      - Tamina and Ivory making it to the final few standing

      - Dana's jacket/new attire 

      - The finisher of Nikki vs. Rhonda 

      - the IIconics opening the BR with mic time

      - Marysé's cameo 

      - Fox & Mickie's attires/Alicia's hair

      - Zelina's moment

      - Naomi's nod to Melina in her entrance

      - Michelle's big boot reversal to Ember 


      now for some things I was... unshook by.


      - Sonya & Mandy eliminating so many legends early on. I feel like that was a good way to get major heat on these two but they stopped any momentum they had with that angle as soon as Mandy turned on Sonya. They should have eliminated a current girl or two to generate more heat before they both got knocked out (not by eachother) 


      I haven't watched the rest of the ppv yet, but I'll be finishing up it soon. I'm excited for Becky vs. Charlotte 


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      20. Peyton Royce
      19. Billie Kay
      18. Molly Holly (by Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville)
      17. Kelly Kelly (Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville)
      16. Torrie Wilson (Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville)
      15. Sonya Deville (Mandy Rose)
      14. Alundra Blayze (Nia Jax)
      13. Maria Kanellis (Nia Jax)
      12. Lana (Tamina)
      11. Mandy Rose (Carmella)
      10. Dana Brooke (Ember Moon)
      9. Michelle McCool (Ember Moon)
      8. Naomi (Tamina)
      7. Carmella (Ember Moon)
      6. Ivory (Asuka)
      5. Asuka (Ember Moon)
      4. Tamina (Ember Moon)
      3. Zelina Vega (Nia Jax)
      2. Ember Moon





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