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      HB Survivor: Exile Island | Challenges

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      Immunity Challenge #1 - “Pass the Torch”

      For our first challenge, both tribes will have to light a torch and then pass it to all the different members of their tribe until the last person to receive it then has to light the fire.

      Both tribes will be passing their torch in this thread and you will have to make sure you pass it to the right people because if the torch gets stuck with someone who is offline, you can NOT take it back and pass to someone else. If you aren't passing the torch correctly and according to the example at the end of this post, I will ask you to start over.

      After my "GO!", the first tribe to light their fire or the one who has passed it to the most members of their tribe after 30 minutes have passed will win Immunity! If after 30 minutes, both tribes have passed it to the same amount of people, the tribe that did it first will win. The losers will have to go to Tribal Council where someone will be the first person voted out of this game.



      Only after my "GO!"

      AJ (first person): Lights torch and passes to Paige
      Paige (second person): Passes to Nikki
      etc. until
      Brie (sixth and final person): Lights the fire

      I'll give everyone around 10 minutes to strategise and get your tribes together but we're starting at 9!

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      3 minutes ago, Katy said:

      so we just keep posting until the end of 30 minutes then someone posts that they light the fire?

      The first person lights the torch and passes, followed by the rest of the tribe only passing to the next. Every other member of the tribe has to have gone before the sixth (if they're here) can light the fire. If you only have, say, four members who've posted and the time is coming up, nobody lights the fire. Only the sixth person can.

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      Just now, Shoaib. said:

      The first person lights the torch and passes, followed by each member of the tribe only passing to the next. Every other member of the tribe has to have gone before the sixth (if they're here) can light the fire. If you only have, say, four members who've posted and the time is coming up, nobody lights the fire. Only the sixth person can.

      got it! let's do this!!

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        • By Shoaib.
          This is where Tribal Councils will take place throughout the game.

        • By Shoaib.
          Only about five and a half hours left! Who will take the crown of Sole Survivor? Everyone is invited to join me here tonight at 7:30PM ET for the winner reveal, followed by a bunch of other stuff. Don't miss it!

        • By Shoaib.

          It's been a minute but the hit competition game is back. Five years after the first season kicked off in summer 2014, I'll be hosting again!
          The game will be identical to Survivor—the show on CBS—in most aspects, but everything you'll need to know can found here.
          Those who make the cast will start the game in evenly split tribes, either assigned randomly or based on a yet to be determined theme that'll be announced along with the final cast. Each round/cycle, these tribes will face off in an Immunity Challenge. The winning tribe each cycle will be safe, while the losing team must participate in a Tribal Council and vote to send one of its members home. Once the numbers have dwindled to around 8-12, the two tribes will merge and it becomes an individual game. Each challenge from then on will be every man for himself, and only the winner will receive immunity in the upcoming vote. Once only two or three people are left, the remaining contestants will be turned over to a jury of their peers for one final Tribal. The contestants who have been voted out since the merge get to come back, question the remaining players, and ultimately vote to decide who wins the game. Throughout the game there will also be a number of bonuses that can help turn the tide in your favour, from hidden immunity idols to added challenge rewards that can prolong your stay. A variety of twists may also be implemented when you least expect them.
          The official start date of the game will be announced during the cast reveal within the next two weeks, but I'd like it to be as soon as possible. The season will last approximately 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly each cycle goes and is expected to begin by mid-June, so if you know you can't commit to the full length of the contest, please make a note of it during your application. Not being available won't immediately bar you from making the cast as most situations can probably be worked around. If you've signed up but have to back out of the competition for whatever reason, please let me know as soon as possible so I can arrange for a replacement!
          While this game doesn't have any unique rules, forum rules do apply and you can receive warning points if you go too far. Drama and arguments are fine within the context of the game, please keep it at that and try not to make things personal. This game is solely for fun and bragging rights, not a million dollars, so try your best to keep things from getting too ugly.
          If you sign up for the game, it's expected that you participate. I understand that it's summer and you may have other things to do, but this shouldn't take up much of your time. The challenges will be fairly quick, and tribal will take place over 24 hours, so you have plenty of time to post something. The only way everyone will remain interested is if we keep the game fairly paced.
          To sign up, please send me a Private Message with the following template filled out. Applications won't be accepted after June 9.
          Sign-up template:
          Not everyone who sends in an app is guaranteed to be cast. If you don't make the initial cut, it isn't personal, it just means someone else may have fit the desired theme more than you. It also doesn't mean you won't be playing. Sometimes things happen and people have to drop out, and someone who wasn't originally cast gets their time to shine.
          Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in this thread or via PM. I hope we can all make this game's return a success and create some fun memories, much like we did for the last two seasons!
          SEASON 1 (challenges, tribal, reunion) | SEASON 2 (challenges, tribal, reunion)
          Thanks to @Michael Psyches for some of the summaries.

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