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      Happy 7th Birthday, Heartbreakers!

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      Happy Birthday HB! It's so wild that I used to be a newbie to the site and now I have been on it for the majority of the years it has been active. I am so thankful for this community, lord knows where I would be at if I was forced to continue on in the struggle bus that is the 2k forums. 

      But perched for the new countdown even though I am trash and barely watch movies

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      1 minute ago, Shoaib. said:

      Happy birthday, Heartbreakers! Gonna keep it short and sweet, but I'm always proud to rep the community/what we've accomplished and grateful to have found such a welcoming home. :crying2:

      I will say one thing, and that's that even with how well-received the recent expansion has been with most, I know there's some that have perhaps been a little sad, nostalgic or just wary of change, probably because they're afraid of the unknown. Just know we're still the same community. We've all always had interests beyond simply women's wrestling, and those discussions have been just as much a part of the bonds we've created and what's brought us together as friends and family. This just made it a little more official, better organised and easier for our family to grow even bigger—which is our goal at the end of the day. To give a safe platform for those who don't have one. That much is NEVER going to change.

      This needed to be said, so well put. We'll always ALWAYS honor our past, but don't be afraid of the future :crying2: 

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      Happy Birthday, HB!


      The center of women's wrestling discussion. The safe space we need to support our divas. Our little corner of the internet. Most of all, a community where we can feel loved and supported even when the real world tries to dull our shine. I love you all!

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      I say this every time, but honestly the best thing about my involvement Divas 365 back in the day was finding out about Heartbreakers. It has become so much more than another run-of-the-mill forum. It's a hub for close friends to sit back and kii at WWE, pop culture, and even ourselves at times. As we move further into this new era, we're definitely going to figure out more ways for new members to come interact and maybe not feel left out. As the inviting nature of the staff and veteran members was what appealed to me the most about HB and is one of the reasons why I'm still here today. I'm really proud to see how Heartbreakers has grown since my first day here and we're only growing stronger. :clap: 


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      Happy 7 birthday heartbreakers, I can’t say enough how much I truly enjoy this dysfunctional family. An environment that gave you the opportunity to celebrate your favorites without feeling like it was wrong, a complete 180 from other wrestling atmospheres. The premier site to discuss women’s wrestling and your faves, while also now expanding with a mini face lift to get our inner geek talk going. 

      I still feel a sense sometimes I’m looking in because some don’t truly get me, or my sense of humor sometimes. However it’s been a great 3 year experience that I hope to continue going forward for the foreseeable future. Here’s to another year of celebrating the women of the wrestling business for everything they do.

      Thank you @Mariah. and co for all the effort you guys put into our community.


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      I wasn't here for the conception, but I did get to watch baby go through puberty. It doesn't feel like I'm working towards my 4th year. This has really really been my escape from all of the negative stupid shit I've encountered irl. A bit of a haven where I can dip my head in and take a few deep breaths before I brace myself to go back out and restrain myself from slapping someone. And for that, I say thank you.  


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      Damn, I feel like we were all just celebrating HB's 6th birthday.

      It's been such a pleasure seeing this board evolve over the couple years I've been here. This is by far the most respectful community I've encountered in my many years of women's wrestling forums. Whilst we may have disagreements, I seldom see any become personal. I love the maturity while still getting to be a little shady here and there. Happy birthday, HB, and here's to many more years to come!

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      Been here since 2015 and experienced many things like historic wrestling moments, genuine fun times and of course iconic messiness :dying: Normally I don’t stick around forums too long, but because the community here is so amazing I’ve had no desire to bounce, even if my wrestling interest decreases. You all are a fun bunch and I’m very glad to have met all of you! Happy 7th Birthday Heartbreakers! Thank you @Mariah., all of the staff, and the members who still stick around and make the site what it is. 



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      We’ve been through some of the best and worst times for girls (and probably some men) in this sport

      So many different of faces, moments, characters on-screen, on the forum, and in the iconic Discord chat. There’s been some nights I’ve cried laughing in the chats when I needed the mood booster.

      Though, I gave a little grief with the direction shift: I’m forever grateful to all of you dramatic hoes, c*ck drooling kweens and sensible stans that literally keep the forum alive however you have to.

      I miss some of the ones we might have lost along the way. Irregardless, thank you guys for keeping this up & alive for the past 5 years that I’ve been involved. I really don’t know where we could’ve prospered.

      @Mariah. / @Shoaib., the Wonder Twinks + @Charlie our time-warped Game General.. thanks for giving us some content to stand on. Especially Charlie who really dedicated a lot of his time each year on one of my favorite games going!

      We put our foot on your necks sometimes and y’all still never abandon our fuckshit. Viva La Diva!


      (Edit: Let me not forget @Taylor for not taking this whole shit down with her. OG of HB!)

      Edited by Christon
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      As it was said in the OP, this forum was born a time where women's wrestling forums were almost extinct, and this community made it work. HB has been through so many changes since then, and the great job of the staff and users kept the forum alive for nothing less than seven years. That's BIG and definitely deserves to be celebrated.

      I couldn't be happier of being here to celebrate this seventh anniversary, and most importantly, to contribute to this new era of the forum. Thank you to everyone who have been contributing since the beginning, to the ones who do their best to make everyone feel like home, to the staff (past and present) for their job, to those who come up with ideas to keep improving... Y'all are amazing, and I can't wait to keep celebrating the success of this forum for many years with you!


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      I don’t know how many years I’ve been here at this point, but it’s such a pleasure to have a place to come to, even if just for a few moments, to not have to think about what’s going on in the world or to process the difficult to deal with things, regardless of what the topic of conversation might be. I hope that the forum continues to grow and branch out in new and exciting ways and that the community that is so central to what Heartbreakers is never ceases. Happy birthday!


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      It won't be a long post, 'cause I'm not good a this, but I'll try. What can I say. I've been part of HB for a little less than a year now, and I never thought I would find a second family to (finally) talk about one of my biggest passions non-stop, and also a community that accepts me for who I am and lets be it without judging me, and to be honest that's what made my stay here at HB so special. So, for all of this, I wanna say: Thank you. ♡


      Also, 7 is the number of perfection, so it couldn't have fitted better for a birthday/anniversary!


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      It’s been an interesting journey. I don’t recall my first memory of this forum, but I joined under the pretense that this would be a nice alternative to the then-more active WrestlingForum (which I had been on for years). Sans a small circle of people I liked, I had grown tired of the cynicism of that community at that point, where bitter middle age men spent their hours ranting about WWE and devote the remaining hours to “hate watching” said show. It was toxic, and I didn’t need or want that in my life. It’s a fucking fictional TV show after all. I didn’t expect to stay here long, but fast forward four years later, and WrestlingForum is facing impending death while this board bucks the general trend of internet forums and continues to grow. I’m grateful I found this (infinitely positive) community of people, and cheers to the continued success and growth of Heartbreakers with you hens x


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      Happy Birthday Heartbreakers!!! :heart:

      Related image

      I was a lurker before I joined and I'm so glad I made the decision to jump in. Ya'll keep me laughing when it's rough or slow at work and I enjoy poppin off in a variety of conversations, whether wrestling or niche threads. 

      I look forward to growing with you all as we continue to embark on this journey for many years to come!

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        • By Mariah.
          As of August 14th, it's been 8 years since a little idea to create a home for a small group of us women's wrestling fans exploded into a movement to have our voices heard throughout all nerddom communities, governed by cishet men. We've fallen onto slower days, but I think I speak for many of us when I say that this will always be our home; a home that we built together, to stand resilient and strong amidst the changing world wide web and world at large. I love and thank every single one of you for helping to make this one of my greatest accomplishments in life. You all have changed my life exponentially, gave reason for my existence and I look forward to celebrating many, many more birthdays with you all on here, even as we grow old and evolve with the times
          Happy Birthday, Heartbreakers.
        • By Mariah.
          On August 14, 2012, Heartbreakers Community was born as a women's wrestling centric forum, catered to marginalized audiences within the wrestling fan community. LGBTQ+ persons, cis women and people of color were offered a platform to make their often silenced voices heard—loud and clear—notably leading to a women's wrestling evolution. Thanks to places like this community, we were able to see the gradual growth in women's roles within the wrestling industry, climaxing with the first ever women's main event at WrestleMania. Now, we look forward to an evolution of our own, nearly seven years later. We aim to take what we were able to do within the wrestling community and venture into cult fandoms/"nerd" culture as a whole, applying the exact same vision. It is our goal to make our voices heard once again, increasing visibility and diversity in cult media, both on screen/on our pages, and off. As the year continues, we look to accommodate all niche fans; those from the realm of comic books, anime, fantasy/science fiction, horror, video games, film, etc., though the broad scope of general pop culture will also be recognized on the side if you're just a regular old music or fashion junkie. Any fan base where the marginalized are overlooked, the Heartbreakers will seek to take over—through news, discussion, gossip, live watch parties, a very special and cutting edge new role playing game, and so much more.
          Thank you for the years gone by and all the success you've brought us. Now it's time to look to the future.
          And to the future, we say...
          Fuck reality.
          Welcome, Heartbreakers, to your new home. While we still aren't able to upgrade the software (to allow the forum to run more smoothly and more efficiently) there's been quite a few changes made to the design and our core focus has shifted, so please be mindful of them and utilize the forum accordingly. In terms of design, you'll notice we finally updated with a fresher, more modern, Tumblr-esque aesthetic, complete with increased avatar sizes (150 pixels by 150 pixels). Next, with the implementation of discussion based on movies and TV series with cult/"nerd" audiences, we've also updated our rules and regulations. Most notable: please pay close attention to spoilers. We increased the penalty for posted spoilers of any TV show or movie and we ask that all non-wrestling spoilers be kept under spoiler tags until a week after release for weekly episodic TV series and a month after release for movies and binge watchable TV series (all unless the thread is labeled with a spoiler warning). Wrestling spoilers must be kept under tags until its airing. Lastly, regarding "fandom" threads (formerly known as fan base threads), please be sure to discuss with an admin first. If none are available, speak to a member of our moderation team and be sure to keep the opening post tidy and organized. The same rule applies for live chat threads for non-wrestling shows. Some previous threads were archived and hidden from view.
          Please direct any immediate questions you have to this thread or to questions or concerns, tagging a member of admin, though we tried to make everything pretty straight forward in terms of its new or previously existing function. Also, if you notice any glitches or something (e.g. a thread) is out of place, please let us know. Enjoy!
        • By Mariah.
          5 years.
          60 months.
          261 weeks.
          1,825 days.
          43,800 hours.
          2,628,000 minutes.
          1,037,967 posts.
          10,715 topics.
          When you put forth all the numbers that reflect HB's rich history, it becomes evident how far we've come since August 14, 2012 when Taylor and I set out to create a carefree place where a visible minority in the wrestling community can be heard. It's numbers like these that make you realize that through sheer passion, nurturing and effort, anything can be achieved. That's something I've learned and hope I can say the same for when I walk away and strive for more in the bigger world. But I think the most important number is 1,281 --- the number of members that without, none of this could have ever been achieved. I, as well as others behind the wheel, have expressed deep gratitude to all of you for making this possible and I don't know what else I could possibly say that hasn't been said with each passing year that HB has grown beyond compare. This forum has become a massive part of my life, so much so that I share things with a lot of you that I wouldn't even share with most in my day to day life and I sit here recovering from a sinus infection (following strep throat!), just wanting to say thank you from the heart for the millionth time. But what's next? That's the question myself and @Shoaib. have been asking each other as we see past goals of making women's wrestling matter be achieved, overall interest start to wane and members finding other avenues of social media for their voice to be heard. What I hope is next is that beyond myself, Shoaib and others who have called HB home for years, the forum will continue to prosper because there's still so much more that lies ahead and so much that has been put into this place already. But, as always, we're a community and it depends on you. So with that said, while wishing HB a monumental Happy 5th Birthday, share what this place has meant to you and if you feel another 5 years is yet to be written in the books/tell us what you hope is next.
          With love,
          Happy Birthday, Heartbreakers!
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