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      HB Survivor: Exile Island | Reunion

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      @Twisted Bliss


      I'll start basic: What are your immediate thoughts after being voted off? Anything to say to your now-former tribe?

      It was inevitable once the teams had been established. For whatever reason some have an issue with me, I don’t really care cause it’s not coming from my end. The City Girls want to act up, but I wish them well in the rest of the competition.

      Were there specific people on your tribe you know had an issue with you, or was it just kind of a general vibe? Who do you think caused your elimination, if you had to guess?

      One brought it up in the discussion thread, so I don’t have to name names they know who they are. I had an open mind for the game just like last time, but my elimination was always simply a matter of when. 

      Speaking of, let's touch on your game. Had you made any allies this time around? And did you have any strategies going in aside from winning challenges to stay off the block?

      No (in my Mariah voice) it wasn’t necessary once the realization that we had lost set in. There was no point in talking strategy, I was simply waiting for the vote results to spell out what I already knew would be the endgame.

      Do you have any predictions for how the rest of the game will play out? Who do you want to win in the end?

      As for who wins I really don’t care, I just hope they can finish off the season without self explosion this time. 

      Alright, any final thoughts?

      Due to a recurring history with these kind of games for me, I’m retiring from this kind of forum competition going forward.

      Okay, well, thanks for your time sis!

      No problem.

      @Captain Fox


      Any thoughts on your elimination? Feeling any type of way toward your former teammates?

      They are all skanks.


      efyugkidbgh :skull:

      Dante mentioned with his vote that you asked him to vote you out. Were you just over the game, or did you see that it was heading in that direction regardless and wanted a say in your own elimination?

      A little of both. I feel really dumb and slow when I play these games, but I lowkey think it helps me get over it when I do them, but the writing was on the wall with this one and I was trying to trying to save face.

      Okay, that's understandable. It's always nice to go out on your own terms rather than let everyone else decide. Now, you were the one who got to choose this team. If you had the chance to go back and do it again, would you choose differently? Or do you think you made the right choices?

      I had the perfect team. If it wasn't for me, we probably would have won this last challenge as well. Ari doesn't have the eye for talent like I did, which is why he picked people only built for speed and not accuracy. The girls I chose had both and more.

      Oop, standing by your team? I can appreciate that.

      Let's talk strategy. What was your gameplan this time around? Any alliances, or were you trying to play differently than you have in the past?

      I tried to keep the game as on me as possible. I built that team to protect me from losses, and if not for my ego, I could have used one of them as a scapegoat had I sat back and watch them lose.

      Post merge, I definitely would have used my relationships with the girls on the island to navigate my way to the end. 

      Any predictions for how the rest of the game will go? Is there anyone in particular you'd like to see win (or lose nnn)?

      I would like to see a surprise winner, but the way these girls operate it will end up being the obvious (Ari/Mariah)

      Alright, let's do some quick word association. Give us the first thing that comes to mind for your fellow competitors.

      Gavin - Eh
      Jake - Eh
      Katy - Sleepy
      Dante - Aggressive
      Samier - Red Bull
      Angelic - ???
      Ari - That cum stain that ends up on your carpet
      Mariah - social
      Leigh - confused
      Eric - gym locker room
      Trinity - ???
      TB - nipple

      fgrdthfyghjk :rip:

      Thank you!




      First question: thoughts on being eliminated?

      Well, it's annoying, especially since I didn't even make it to the Jury. I mean, I've been here every challenge and always offered to participate if my tribe wanted me to. Also, I was doing well the last few challenges so I definitely feel like I could have benefited the tribe more than others had I stayed, but then again, if my tribe doesn't want me, it's their loss.


      We haven't heard much in the way of game and strategy in the confessionals so far this season, why don't you tell us how you were playing? Were you in talks with anyone for alliances, were you planning on just letting your challenge skills carry you through to the merge, what was up?

      No, I didn't have any alliances or anything. I would say that I just tried to play a fair and honest game (probably to my downfall), but it is what it is.

      What do you think of the people left? Does anyone stand out to you as a particular threat, or someone that shouldn't still be in?

      Samier and Katy definitely shouldn't be in. Katy is a dumb, gullible bitch and it's embarrassing that she let herself be manipulated by Samier when he is only trying to save himself and I'm sure it won't benefit her in the long run. Dante is a clown also. No one really stands out much as a threat, but maybe Ari since he's good at (certain) challenges or Jake since he seemed to always have fans on the City Girls tribe. 

      Jesus :ahh:

      If you had the opportunity to play again, would you do anything differently? Or do you think you took the right approach to this game?

      I think I took the right approach for the most part, but there are a few things I would do differently. Maybe I could have tried to form an alliance, but most of the girls weren't trustworthy anyway. I shouldn't have been so direct and honest in tribal council apparently because the girls I mentioned always panicked and voted for me. I probably could have tried to hide my challenge skills also, but I was trying to win the challenges and didn't know my tribe was going to flop.


      Mmkay, let's do some quick word association. Give us the first word that comes to mind regarding the other competitors.

      Stephen - bitchy
      Dante - dumb
      Katy - bumpkin
      Samier - fake
      Jake - shady
      Mariah - egotistical
      Ari - arrogant
      Leigh - desperate
      Angelic - untalented
      Eric - embarrassing
      Trinity - flop
      TB - irrelevant


      Okay, that just about wraps things up. Any final thoughts?

      These bitches may have gotten rid of me, but at least I outlasted @Captain Fox


      Okay, that'll do it. Thanks for your time Gavin! Wish you had stuck around longer. 

      Thanks sis :stephanie:



      How's it feel getting the chop right before the merge (again)? Thoughts, feelings, opinions?

      It's not surprising. I felt it was coming like 20 minutes beforehand. I just wish I would have guessed the movie before voting. I didn't realize what time it was.

      Thoughts, feelings and opinions are fuck Kety and Brandon.


      How do you feel about your performance this time around? As one of the few Survivor vets in the game this time around, you've got plenty of past experience to compare to. Do you think you learned from the mistakes you made the first two times around, or could you have played better?

      I would have gotten Brandon's ass out last week, but Katy is a flop and a puppet and voted for Gavin instead. I had a feeling they were working together, but it didn't really dawn on me until after she messaged me after the challenge today. They're both getting lit up at the reunion. Know that.

      I feel happy about my performance this time around. I did a lot better in these challenges than I have in past games. However, I do think I could have played a little bit better by reaching out to other members of the cast and making a few deals.

      Why didn't you? Did you just think that wasn't necessary yet, or was there another reason you hadn't approached anyone?

      I didn't think it was necessary. I wanted to play a clean game this time around tbh, but I also never approach anyone in these games. They usually ask me first and no one did this time :skull:

      Okay, what was a "clean" game to you? What would we have seen if you had stayed around? Just you trying to win challenges to stay in the game? What would the deciding factor have been for eliminations, since their value to the team no longer matters?

      A clean game is just playing it straight. Kind of like how I did in this past season of BB. I didn’t really have any alliances or lock myself into any deals, and I still made it far in the competition. People for some reason like to believe that I’m always apart of Mariah’s alliance with Jake/Brandon, and we’re going to try and pick them off the island one by one. It’s not true and I wanted to escape that this season. The only person I could have seen myself working with and remaining loyal to was Ari, and maybe Katy too if she didn’t turn out to be a fake ho.

      Had I remained in the game, I would have hopefully found the hidden idol and made it to the end.

      The deciding factor for eliminations, for me, would have been who I see as more of a threat. That’s why Gavin got the boot last week, because even though my vote originally went to Brandon, I realized Gavin was one of the strongest competitors in the game and I thought merge would be this week. 

      Oop, interesting philosophy. Any predictions for how the rest of the game will play out? Is there anyone in particular you'd like to see win?

      I don’t know why, but I see Leigh making it far. I don’t think many people see him as a real threat, so he could possibly even win. 

      And yes, I’d like to see Ari (or Leigh) win in the end.

      Alright, now for some word association. Give us the first thing that comes to mind for the other competitors.

      Stephen - Nice
      Gavin - Good competitor. I feel bad about eliminating him fhfjfk
      Samier - I'm gonna make sure he leaves the game, I don't care if I got kicked off already!
      Katy - She watches the show, so I feel like she knows how to play the game. But fuck ha
      Jake - Nice, will probably make it far
      Mariah - She's playing the game. I feel like she has probably spoken to everyone at least once
      Ari - I'm gonna beat his ass in a singles comp one day
      Leigh - Sneaky! Will probably make it far
      Eric - He is paranoid and always thinks someone is scheming against him!
      Angelic - He's nice, but I be forgetting he is still in the game
      Trinity - She got voted off too soon. Wasn't very memorable
      TB - Same as Trinity


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      who knew, maybe mistakes were made

      Bitch I'm SAYING! Y'all want me to act up. I was gonna pull up like this was WM HOF, but fuck that      &#



      First off, how are you feeling after elimination? Do you feel good about how far you went, or do you think you got sent home too soon?

      I feel fine to be honest. Yes i feel good of how far I went and no I don’t feel like I left to soon. I knew it was only a matter of time.

      Why was that? Just felt like an outsider, or did you think there was another reason there was a target on your back?

      No I just felt like there was a target on my back. I mean I only felt threatened by two people in this entire challenge. n

      Oop, which two?

      Ari and Leigh (puggle) :sandra:

      Oh wow. Mariah's completely off your radar, huh? Not feeling very threatened after season 2? :sandra:

      Lmao yes to be honest but she's a great competitor regardless. I mean I don't know if you remember but the first half I was just worried about the pull but looking back it was kinda foolish. Plus I was getting PTSD from season 2 of how I got sent home after I pitched the idea to get her out lmao. yguidc To the second question no I feel like I performed much better this season than season 2 lol so I kinda gained a bit of confidence. nnn

      Awesome, confidence is always a good thing to have.

      Did you have any allies this time around? Season one you (kind of?) had Anya and Mariah, Season 2 it was Charlie and Marco, who were you with season 3?

      Um honestly I didn't have any allies, to be honest, no one besides Puggle yuigdlfh 

      I mean I spoke with Ari a few times towards the end of the first half but Puggle was my only one where we discussed everything that went down. I mean I feel like I sort of peeped an alliance in the 2nd half but I didn't bother to try and do anything about it so I just let it flow which brought me here.

      Care to share who was involved? :jeigz:

      Well according to my speculation and a bit of tea discussed perhaps it's Katy, Samier and someone else. I'm not sure though :frecklefox:

      Interesting. Guess we'll have to see how that plays out the rest of the season!

      Speaking of, any hopes or predictions for how the rest of the season will play out? Who do you think will end up winning?

      Um, I think the rest of the season will play with a few players trying to get rid of the strong players. I feel like to them was probably Ari, myself and Puggle that's the plan I can see that plan placed into motion. The winner I could see in the end is either Ari or Mariah maybe if cards are played right.

      Now for a little word association. I'm sure you remember how this works. Give us whatever comes to mind for each of the cast members.

      Ari - Loyal, Organized
      Leigh - Loyal , Resourceful
      Mariah - Educated
      Katy - Observant
      Samier - Outspoken
      Angelic - Optimistic
      Jake - Kind
      Dante - Quiet
      Gavin - Hard Working, Devoted
      Stephen - Sneaky, Creative
      Trinity - Kind
      TB - Lost

      Any final thoughts? Or have you said what you needed to?

      No final thoughts I said all that I had to say.

      TY :)

      Alright, that'll do it Eric. Thanks for your time, and it was great to have you playing!




      Uh, hey sis. Sooner than I expected to do this, but exit interview time?


      How are you feeling right now? What are your thoughts on 6th place?

      I'm... oddly content. I think what was important to me this time around was not to play as viciously and nasty as I've played in the past, but to not have to sacrifice my ability to lead, my ability to strategize and my ability to politic. And I think I was able to strike up that balance. Did it ultimately not prove as successful as I wanted? Yes. But my pride matters more.

      Image result for nikki bella sad gif

      If you did manage to strike that balance (and I'd agree that you did), where do you think things went wrong? Do you think you lost because you weren't playing as viciously as you might have before, or was it something else?

      Definitely because I wasn't as vicious. I think everyone knows I have relationships/bonds with everyone, which is always a threat. But I think in season one I was able to create a sense of fear with my political pull and make examples of people who tried me, making it less likely to turn on me before I did them. I was also able to deflect very easily and paint others to be the villains doing my bidding. In addition to that, because I wasn't as vicious, I was unwilling to turn on people I made allegiances with because it didn't sit right with me. EVEN after more trusted allies like Samier warned me of them and wanted to get them out when we had the chance. These are the same people I've gathered are responsible for my demise: Leigh, Katy and Gavin.

      Speaking of: a couple eliminations ago, you said Samier wanted to get Leigh out, while you chose to go for Eric instead. You even went so far as saying Samier had "no foresight." Given how things played out, and your assumption that Leigh had a hand in your elimination, how do you feel about your decision to write off his concerns? Do you think siding with him and getting Leigh out earlier could've made a difference?

      Honestly, I'm unsure? Had Leigh had a hand in Samier's elimination, then I'd say yes for sure. But that wasn't the case and to this point, Leigh has proved to be loyal to my causes. I think Leigh just got desperate with Ari winning again, and saw with the poll that I was the only other big threat. Basically, I don't believe it was something he had been planning for a while, it was just an in the moment gig. ON TOP OF THAT Samier never really was fully in the game, so he never really had a reason for wanting Leigh gone beyond a hunch. The fact that his main girly Katy played a role in my exit just goes to show he still has no foresight, as I'm sure she would have snaked on us too if given the chance.

      Fair enough!

      You seem fairly sure that Leigh, Katy and Gavin were responsible for your elimination. Why is that? What makes you so sure your showmance partner didn't turn on you? Or that Angelic didn't decide to wake up and make a move?

      The thing is, Leigh and Katy are the only ones who I trusted to divulge enough details to, that they'd be able to spin to the others and convince them to vote me off. As shady as Ari can be some times, he is a man of his word and we've told each other from day one that we don't like to be blindsided out of pride, so if we plan to eliminate each other, we'd just be direct with one another. On top of that, he's smart enough to know that although I would come for him eventually, I was the closest thing to an ally he had left. Especially with how the poll shook out. The most TELLING moment is how he had the ability to pick off one person on his own last week and instead of going for me, who he's well aware is his biggest competition, he just picked off Samier because he finds him annoying n. Gavin now is the type to be easily swayed, and I'm sure I've told Katy or Leigh at some point that him being a comp beast and coming back with a clean slate is worrying for a final. As for Angelic.... yeah. I'd love for him to gag me with a grand reveal at the reunion of how he was pulling all these strings!

      With us as close to the end as we are, I'm curious: who from this current group did you plan to take to the finale? You said you were aligned with 4 of them to varying degrees, so which two (presumably) were you trying to keep in until the very end?

      Leigh and Katy gkdhfjkg. Leigh has been playing a great game, but I was confident enough in my game to not have to screw him over for a clear path to the end. Plus he buckles under pressure, so I'm sure the heat of the jury would have done a number on him. Katy, similar to Leigh, was someone I didn't feel I had to screw over despite her making game moves as well. Where she differs though is the perception among the competitors is she's shady and a wolf in sheep's clothing, which has a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. I would have been better off with them there than I would Gavin, who again came back with a clean slate, no blood shed, and probably would have collected an inoffensive vote, and Ari who has dominated and would probably at least secure Dante and Eric's vote. But Ari can more easily be swapped in with the top two.

      Interesting. And how do you see the rest of the season playing out? Are you pulling for anyone in particular, or waiting for someone to convince you come final TC?

      The latter. I wanna see Angelic emerge as some sort of master strategist because otherwise he's the only person I definitely don't want to win. The rest, it just comes down to who convinces me they played the best.

      I like that approach. :clap: 

      Now for some word association. Give me the first thing that comes to mind for the other players.

      Angelic - Definitely thought it was fun, I liked the beat
      Ari - Daddy
      Gavin - Should have stayed dead
      Katy - Taylor Swift
      Leigh - Respect
      Samier - Messy
      Eric - Paranoid
      Jake - Love
      Dante - Love/Hate
      Stephen - Loud
      Trinity - Missed opportunity; needs to come back to New Gods
      TB - Gone too soon

      Alright, anything else you'd like to add before we wrap?

      I'll just reiterate what I said in discussion that if this is my last game, I'm proud of how I played, proud of what I accomplished and it's nice to see things come full circle. I wish everyone luck and I'll see them on judgement day!

      Okay, thank you for your time Mariah. And thank you for playing, this season definitely wouldn't be as good without you. Hope you can snatch the win next time (assuming there is a next time). :hug:

      Thank you love, we love facts :hug:



      @Ari M.


      How are you feeling about your elimination? Do you think it was the right time, did you get farther than you expected, or do you think you should've made it to the end?

      I'm fine with my elimination. I played how I wanted to play, won a few challenges, and I stand behind all my votes. Of course I should have made it to the end and won the entire thing, but honestly I didn't expect to even get this far because I been knew most of the cast are haters.

      Well one person who certainly wasn't a hater was Mariah. You two made it obvious early on that you were working together in some capacity. With hindsight and all, do you feel like that was the best choice? Did it help your game at all, or maybe hurt it?

      It might have hurt my game because despite what it may have looked like but we really weren't working together. We were just playing up the showmance aspect of it all, and I thought that would have been clear to most that we wouldn't be that obvious if we were main allies.

      Aside from that mistake, was there anything you wish you had done differently? Maybe held onto that idol a little longer?

      Not really. I went in saying I was going to play in a way that was true to me, without all the excessive scheming, lies, and teaming and I feel like I accomplished that (that idol play being the one exception to the rule) and made it pretty far considering. If winning mattered more than my integrity, yes, I would have done a lot of things differently.

      So you've said Mariah wasn't your main ally. Who was then? Surely you had to work with SOMEONE over the course of the game, even if you weren't a fan of the "teaming."

      I honestly don't have tea! I didn't talk to anybody about anything. I just played an upstanding game. Kept to myself, did the challenges, and voted for who I felt was the weakest link each round. The most tea I have is that Dante was partially the reason why Brandon's head was the one I chopped with the idol.

      I had no main ally. I voted independently, hence why I was usually in the minority vote when there was one. Dante would have been my main ally had he made it to merge, and Eric, Mariah, and Leigh (lol) would check in with me to see who I was voting once in a while but that's it.

      So if you played such an upstanding game, why do you think you got dragged in the survey challenge? Why did people want you to go so bad?

      Threatened I guess. But the survey was off the heels of me lying to everyone about wanting to leave the game so that they would vote for me, so it makes sense that they would have voted me for the negative categories that they did. It actually worked in my favor because I probably wouldn't have won that immunity challenge if that scam I ran didn't happen.

      Any predictions for who you think will win? Or who you want to win?

      I would like to see Gavin win. He puts the fear into these girls when it comes to competitions and I have to respect that. I think if he can win the rest of the immunity challenges, which is very possible depending on what the challenges are, he'll take it.

      Alright, now for a little word association. Give us the first thing that comes to mind for the other players.

      Angelic - taking up space
      Gavin - beast
      Katy - shady
      Leigh - shady, fake and weird
      Mariah - bae
      Samier - delusional
      Eric - my homie
      Jake - was there
      Dante - bestie that can and will never beat me
      Stephen - weak
      Trinity - part baddie, a whole flake
      TB - wronged

      Well that about wraps it up. Any final thoughts?

      Nope, just thanks to you guys for pulling this together, both attempt one and attempt two.

      Aww, well thank you! And thanks for playing, you definitely helped keep things interesting.




      First off, how are you feeling about your elimination? Does it bother you getting this close, only to get sent home right before the finale, or are you just glad to have made it as far as you did?

      I'm not bothered at all. Of course it sucks, but it's not like I would go back and change anything. In fact, I'm proud. I know I didn't win anything, but I've come close on multiple occasions. What I'm most proud of, is the fact that I didn't lose myself or let the game cloud my judgement. It almost worked at some point, however I know myself better than that and did what I knew was right, and I'm glad I did. I kept my word, and I played the game on my terms and didn't have to do anything the real Angelic wouldn't do. Everyone played a great game and did what they had to do.

      It has been quite the roller coaster and especially for me to make it this far on my first season, a season that was presented to me literally out of nowhere. For someone who's learning as they go and picking shit up on the fly, I made top 4, dodging as much drama and bs as I could.......until the end that was. I know I wasn't fan favorite, but I don't give a fuck about that either lmao, I still made it further than you! Everyone is going to get what they should, good and otherwise, however I'm still happy for them, and let the best survivor win.

      Since, as you said, you had to pick everything up on the fly, is there anything you'd go back and do differently if you could? Any moves you wish you hadn't made, or that you'd waited until later to make?

      Well I feel even though 80% of the time I had no idea what the fuck was going on, I was still strategic about what I did know. I played my idol at the time I did, because I knew for sure I had a guaranteed advantage in the next challenge. So in my head, that was at least two guaranteed weeks for me had I won with my advantage. Me not winning the challenge, has nobody but myself to blame. But as Shoaib loves to say, that's only the physical aspect.

      The social aspect, I only have one very minor regret. I should've trusted my gut from the very moment I was presented with bs. But I don't do well with being accused of shit that isn't true, so I reacted immediately. That's not me, never has been. I did the right thing before I made any decisions, however I know if I would've minutes earlier, that would've made all the difference. Had I went against my word literally this one time, I'd still be in the game. But my word is my word, and when I win, I want to say I did it on my terms and didn't have to stoop down to a scummy level to do so. But I stayed away from any drama and focused on myself. Not only to make sure I paid attention to everything that was going on around me, but to go improve my game to make sure I gave my fellow survivors the competition they deserve and to prove I belonged. Maybe I didn't prove it to them, but I'm proud of myself no matter how anyone feels.

      Did you have any kind of strategy going, other than just trying to adapt? Did you make any big moves throughout the game, or did you just kind of go with the flow and vote with the majority?

      My strategy was to definitely get my head right, adapt, and to make sure I was on stable enough footing before I decide to worry about anyone else and the drama. When it came to my team, I voted for the majority, however after that I voted for those that would be the biggest challenge threats to me. Which was only half-difficult because it's not like I had a relationship with any of these bitches prior.

      I'd say my biggest move was pushing that damn button. And it's funny because I haven't thought about this until now, but I'm basically reaping that decision seeing as the person brought back from that night was the mastermind behind me being voted out. That night was the most fun I had the whole game and it was 10 times more fun seeing everyone back talking their shit.

      Obviously there's still time for your opinion to change, as we haven't heard arguments from all of the finalists yet, but which way are you currently leaning for the final vote? And what criteria are you going to be basing your decision on, as the final member of the jury?

      I already know that I'm voting Katy. If there were any time for me to vote based my personal feelings, it'd be now. Honestly I'm disappointed by all 3 of them, but Katy was the only one who was honest about it. 

      Also because her game went very similar to mine, she didn't win physically, but her social and strategic aspect worked along the lines of how I did mine. It'd be cool to see someone win based off of that and prove brute strength isn't gonna do it for you. 

      Also also, to my understanding, she was the first voted out last time? So to see her get the complete 180 degree ending would be cute as fuck.

      Okay, now we'd like to do a little word association. Give us the first word or phrase that comes to mind for the other players.

      Gavin - Snake.
      Katy - Do your best.
      Leigh - Fair.
      Ari - Tribal Council.
      Mariah - Thief. Neck.
      Samier - Payback.
      Eric - Got Played.
      Jake - Apathetic.
      Dante - Great at challenges.
      Stephen - Captain?
      Trinity - Unfortunate.
      TB - Oh.

      Alright, that's pretty much it. Do you have anything else you'd like to add?

      Not at the moment. I guess some things should be saved for the reunion.

      n I guess that's true. Thanks for your time, Angelic, and thank you for playing!

      Thank you for having me 



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      Not entirely relevant but wanted to share this too since I thought it was cute, then and in hindsight! @Katy's exit interview with me from the first go.


      So fresh off becoming the first to lose a duel and be out of the game, how are you feeling?

      A mixture of relief, disappointment and a little bit of anger. This game was way more stressful than I ever imagined. I'm an anxious person to begin with, and this did not help. I thought it would be just a game, something fun, but whew those challenges got my palms sweaty. I'm disappointed in myself because I love the game of Survivor and I really wanted to play in some capacity, because I know I'll never be on the real show. (I need food, and I would murder my tribe if I had to be stuck with the same smelly people on a little island for that long.) I also feel bad because I feel like both losses to team Rosa were my fault. I misread the rules in the first challenge (I know others say they did too, but I feel like I kept telling my tribemates what I thought was correct.) The second challenge, I thought I was a quick poster, but apparently something went askew, or Bella really does have black magic. And anger because I can be hard on myself, so anger mostly for the same reasons I already said. And of course it stings to get votes from your tribe.

      Definitely. Do you think you being such a big fan of the show helped your performance or hindered it?

      And I have to address the very bold move which definitely caused a bit of a stir: saying you were gunning for CJ for all to see, him included f;gjvg. What was your thought process? And why do you think you got votes that tribal?

      Hindered for sure, I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well.

      I mean, why would I try to hide it? Maybe it was dumb of me, but I'm a very upfront person, and in that situation I didn't think being sneaky was necessary. I probably got votes because nobody knows if I'm a good player, and CJ is proven to be good. That and maybe those people just don't like me?

      Perhaps. I don't know, I feel like generally this early in the game is the time everyone wants to lay low because anyone seen as doing something a bit out there and that disrupts the tribe's harmony is a target. You've watched a lot more than me though, so who knows.

      As a big fan, I'm sure you know the value of having allies. Did you get the chance to make any moves socially while you were still in? If so, what? 

      No, you're right. I think the real game is a little different though because there is that "tribe life" as well. I guess I honestly didn't think I was putting a target on myself. Hindsight is 20/20!

      I never spoke with anyone one on one. Maybe that was another downfall of mine.

      From the information you did gather through speaking with people, any predictions on how you think the game will progress? For your former tribe and your former opponents. Who do you think will emerge as major players, who do you think could be in for a blindside, who do you think might surprise people, etc?

      I think Mariah will go pretty far unless they blindside her. I hope Leigh from Team Rosa is a dark horse. I was rooting for Cordie but we saw how that went at the last tribal. Cannot say I blame her one little bit. Ari is another that I think will do well. I don't actually think anyone will be particularly bad, but those are some who stand out to me. I also think Eric will do amazing.

      Who do you think will take the title of Sole Survivor, or at least make final three? And who are you rooting for to?

      I want someone from Rosa to take the title of course. i think it would be cool if Leigh did it as a first time competitor. I'm rooting for all of Rosa though.

      Thank you so much for your time, and your participation in the game too! And I apologise for any difficulties I may have presented through my hosting decisions, like the challenges—it's hard to find many that don't involve speed.

      I hope to see you at the reunion!

      You're very welcome! I think you did/are doing a great job, so no need for apologies.

      I'll be there, with a nice tan and steady buzz!

      Aww thanks, that means a lot :hug:


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      The final six's answers to the survey. :anya:

      1. Who is the most annoying?
      Gavin, Katy, Leigh and Mariah said Ari. Ari said Angelic. Angelic said Gavin.

      2. Who is the nicest?
      Angelic and Mariah said Katy. Ari and Gavin said Leigh. Katy said Angelic. Leigh said Mariah.

      3. Who does not deserve to still be in the game?
      Ari, Leigh and Mariah said Angelic. Angelic and Katy said Gavin. Gavin said Katy.

      4. Who is the biggest challenge threat?
      Angelic, Ari, Katy, Leigh and Mariah said Gavin. Gavin said Ari.

      5. Who is the biggest strategic threat?
      Angelic, Katy and Mariah said Ari. Ari, Gavin and Leigh said Mariah.

      6. Who is the biggest social threat?
      Angelic, Ari, Gavin, Katy and Leigh said Mariah. Mariah said Leigh.

      7. Who will win if nobody stops them?
      Angelic and Leigh said Gavin. Ari and Katy said Leigh. Mariah said Ari. Gavin said Mariah.

      8. Who is the most manipulative?
      Angelic, Gavin, Katy, Leigh and Mariah said Ari. Ari said Mariah.

      9. Who would you want to sit next to in the finals?
      Angelic, Ari and Mariah said Katy. Katy and Leigh said Angelic. Gavin said Leigh.

      10. Who do you like the most?
      Angelic, Gavin and Mariah said Leigh. Ari, Katy and Leigh said Mariah.

      11. Who do you like the least?
      Ari, Leigh and Mariah said Angelic. Angelic and Katy said Ari. Gavin said Katy.

      12. Who is the most trustworthy?
      Ari and Mariah said Gavin. Katy and Leigh said Mariah. Angelic said Katy. Gavin said Leigh.

      13. Who is the least trustworthy?
      Angelic, Katy, Leigh and Mariah said Ari. Ari and Gavin said Mariah.

      14. Who has no idea what is going on?
      Ari, Gavin, Katy and Leigh said Angelic. Mariah said Gavin. Angelic said Katy.

      15. Who is the biggest phoney?
      Katy, Leigh and Mariah said Ari. Gavin said Katy. Angelic said Leigh. Ari said Mariah.

      16. Who thinks they're in control when in reality they're just a pawn?
      Angelic and Mariah said Ari. Gavin and Leigh said Katy. Ari and Katy said Leigh.

      17. Who will suffer a cruel blindside down the line if they don't make a move?
      Gavin and Leigh said Katy. Angelic and Ari said Leigh. Mariah said Gavin. Katy said Mariah.

      18. Who would you actually want to be stranded on an island with, if you had to choose?
      Ari, Katy and Leigh said Mariah. Angelic and Gavin said Ari. Mariah said Leigh.

      19. Who is the most irrelevant player?
      Ari, Gavin, Katy, Leigh and Mariah said Angelic. Angelic said Katy.

      20. Who would you love to see go out next?
      Katy and Mariah said Ari. Angelic and Leigh said Gavin. Ari said Angelic. Gavin said Katy.

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          This is where Tribal Councils will take place throughout the game.

        • By Shoaib.

          It's been a minute but the hit competition game is back. Five years after the first season kicked off in summer 2014, I'll be hosting again!
          The game will be identical to Survivor—the show on CBS—in most aspects, but everything you'll need to know can found here.
          Those who make the cast will start the game in evenly split tribes, either assigned randomly or based on a yet to be determined theme that'll be announced along with the final cast. Each round/cycle, these tribes will face off in an Immunity Challenge. The winning tribe each cycle will be safe, while the losing team must participate in a Tribal Council and vote to send one of its members home. Once the numbers have dwindled to around 8-12, the two tribes will merge and it becomes an individual game. Each challenge from then on will be every man for himself, and only the winner will receive immunity in the upcoming vote. Once only two or three people are left, the remaining contestants will be turned over to a jury of their peers for one final Tribal. The contestants who have been voted out since the merge get to come back, question the remaining players, and ultimately vote to decide who wins the game. Throughout the game there will also be a number of bonuses that can help turn the tide in your favour, from hidden immunity idols to added challenge rewards that can prolong your stay. A variety of twists may also be implemented when you least expect them.
          The official start date of the game will be announced during the cast reveal within the next two weeks, but I'd like it to be as soon as possible. The season will last approximately 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly each cycle goes and is expected to begin by mid-June, so if you know you can't commit to the full length of the contest, please make a note of it during your application. Not being available won't immediately bar you from making the cast as most situations can probably be worked around. If you've signed up but have to back out of the competition for whatever reason, please let me know as soon as possible so I can arrange for a replacement!
          While this game doesn't have any unique rules, forum rules do apply and you can receive warning points if you go too far. Drama and arguments are fine within the context of the game, please keep it at that and try not to make things personal. This game is solely for fun and bragging rights, not a million dollars, so try your best to keep things from getting too ugly.
          If you sign up for the game, it's expected that you participate. I understand that it's summer and you may have other things to do, but this shouldn't take up much of your time. The challenges will be fairly quick, and tribal will take place over 24 hours, so you have plenty of time to post something. The only way everyone will remain interested is if we keep the game fairly paced.
          To sign up, please send me a Private Message with the following template filled out. Applications won't be accepted after June 9.
          Sign-up template:
          Not everyone who sends in an app is guaranteed to be cast. If you don't make the initial cut, it isn't personal, it just means someone else may have fit the desired theme more than you. It also doesn't mean you won't be playing. Sometimes things happen and people have to drop out, and someone who wasn't originally cast gets their time to shine.
          Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in this thread or via PM. I hope we can all make this game's return a success and create some fun memories, much like we did for the last two seasons!
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