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      Heartbreakers Royal Rumble 2020 | Io Shirai wins!

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      Some parting words from the host to wrap this year up? Of course! I was lowkey worried about how this year would turn up because last year's HB GRR was, imo, a flop. Th

      I'm also happy to reveal that I've received 32 lists for this year's HB Royal Rumble! 7 more than the previous HB Greatest Royal Rumble Many thanks to @Mariah., @Cryst

      @Mariah., @Crystal, @Jake, @prxnca, @Twisted Bliss, @Eric, @Leigh, @Kevin Thomas, @sharmelllover, @WWFoverWWE, @Pablo, @Shoaib., @Qwan™, @Gavin, @Rainbow Heart, @shumiley, @Christon, @DACSI, @D

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      3 minutes ago, Charlie said:

      5gxvRnk.png Ndkfrfw.png j5n07mh.png 3ajPQxR.png

      ELIMINATION #25:

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      6th Place: Dana Brooke (660 points)

      Eliminated by: 5gxvRnk.png


      @prxnca - 33 points
      Angelic - 30 points
      Christon - 30 points
      WWFoverWWE - 30 points
      DACSI - 29 points
      Eric - 29 points

      Gavin - 28 points
      Qwan - 28 points
      Empress Sam - 26 points

      Katy - 24 points
      Shoaib - 24 points

      Crystal - 23 points
      Mariah - 23 points

      Charlotte's Weave - 21 points
      Cooksie - 21 points
      Pablo - 21 points
      Raja - 21 points
      sharmelllover - 21 points

      Jeigz - 19 points
      Twisted Bliss - 19 points
      YouAreAThot - 19 points

      Amlex - 18 points
      Leigh - 18 points
      Charlie - 17 points
      Layout - 15 points
      Jake - 14 points
      shumiley - 14 points

      Brandiexoxo - 12 points
      Kevin Thomas - 12 points
      Daniel42 - 10 points
      FROOT - 9 points

      @Rainbow Heart - 2 points


      Fuckkk, it was Asuka tho so...it could have been a worse elimination.

      Image result for emma and asuka gif

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      1 minute ago, Rainbow Heart said:

      dasasdasd this being the first ever gifset that I made that wasn't the worst thing ever. Me owing my whole HB career to Sara Lee

      I was actually going to post this gif, but then I saw the one you made underneath. We love free promotion!


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