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      Which DC Character Are You? (The Forum Game)

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      "Which DC character are you?"
      A Multiple Choice Forum Game

      Hey all I thought I would make this just to have a little fun for New Years. This Game is super simple. I'll just post a question and under it will be some spoiler tabs that correspond to answers and eventually if you answer enough you'll get to a hero or villain. This is mostly just nonsense so don't take it too personally

      Sorry to Marvel stans in advance but I just know dc characters better so that's what I am working with right now but if people enjoy this I might make more in the future with different characters.


      Question 1. Are You a Good Guy Or a Bad Guy?

      Good Guy


      Question 2: Powers or Gadgets?



      Question 3:  Child at Heart or All Grown Up

      Child at Heart


      Question 4: TV Or Movies?



      Question 5: Do Blondes Have more Fun?



      Congrats You got Supergirl, aka Kara Zor El aka Kara Danvers

      Caring, cool and deathly allergic to Kryptonite you are Supergirl. You have young energy and are a total child at heart but don't let that fool you this hero is one of the strongest in the whole series. Some say she's even stronger than her cousin Superman is.



      Congrats you got Beast Boy, AKA Changeling aka Garfield Logan

      Young and carefree with a love of animals (because he has been most of them) you are Beast Boy! On the surface this guy might look like a complete comic relief class clown but when push comes to shove he will always have your back. A true and reliable friend right down til the end.




      Question 5: My powers are SO COOL or are your powers a responsibility?



      Congrats you got Shazam

      Sure his movie wasn't as big a hit as the others and sure he might be a small child who channels the powers of an old spellcaster through him but hey that's a valid role and someone needs to fill it. Turns out that someone is you, sorry about that

      A responsibility


      Congratulation you got Static aka Virgil Hawkins

      You are someone that wont let anything keep you down. Static may have lost his mother at a young age but that didn't stop him from being an honour roll student or a crime fighting badass. You might be a fairly underrated hero but as an optimist you wont let that stop you from changing the city for the better. Also your show was weirdly religious so if you were a stan you probably also love god. So have fun in heaven while the rest of us melt in hell



      All Grown Up


      Question 4: Island Living or It Came From Space?

      Island Living


      Question 5: Mulan or the Little Mermaid



      You Got Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince

      The man who created you might have been a bit of a weirdo who liked seeing you be tied up constantly but he had one thing right from the beginning, women are amazing. For almost 80 years you have been carrying the torch for women's rights in comics and making sure everyone knows that Women can be just as strong if not stronger than their male peers

      The Little Mermaid


      Congrats you got Aquaman aka Arthur Curry

      A few years back you were the complete joke of the squad who nobody took seriously. But now not only are you a hot man who fucks you also have a billion dollar movie under your belt. Which is quite a big turn around. be careful who you make fun of in high school i guess?

      (him having the only picture that's not a cartoon, you gays are welcome for that one)


      It Came From Space


      Question 5: Your family is dead and everyone you ever loved is gone, how badly does that suck?

      A little bit


      Congrats you got Superman! Aka Clark Kent

      You've got abs of steel and these muscles aren't just for glamour they can be put to use in a way that makes you nearly indestructible. Sure your entire home planet may have blown to pieces but you didn't know them so who cares? You got a cute farm life with ma and pa kent and managed to get a job as a journalist before clickbait was invented. truly you are living the life

      My life is Pain


      You Got Martian Manhunter aka J'onn J'onzz

      Depression has a face and it's yours. Not only were you pretty much cut from the Superman movies causing you to be relegated to the CW you also lost your entire family during a martian civil war that was sometimes written to be partially your fault. But it's not all bad, you do have some cool powers as long as you can ward off the ptsd night terrors long enough to use them






      Question 3: Are you in the family or do you go it alone?

      In the Family


      Question 4: Child At heart or All Grown Up

      Child at Heart


      Question 5: Do people tend to hate you?



      Congrats you got Robin aka Damian Wayne

      Wow do people hate you. As the Bastard child of Batman and talia al ghul people would assume you'd be iconic and they'd be wrong. Much like most children added to media you turned out to be a whiny little shit, at least at first. Since then you have shown a willingness to open up to people and be less of an entitled brat. Good for you



      Congrats You got Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon

      Wow you have been through A LOT in your time. Not only were you fighting crime under your father's nose but you also got shot in the spine and that's tough. But did you let that get you down? Absolutely not. You continued to fight against the odds and show everyone that you could still do this. Your perseverance and wanting to help shows that you are a great person with an even greater spirit. you also might have fucked batman that one time and it was awkward for everyone, try not to do that again


      All Grown Up


      Question 5: Dick or Ass



      Congrats You got Batman aka Bruce Wayne

      Your name might not be dick but we have certainly seen yours on the pages of dc comics (google it). You have an older energy to you and have had your life shaped by deep tragedy. Part of it haunts you but part of you is glad for that. You lead a secret double life as a celebrity before Hannah Montana did it and frankly you are still waiting for her to pay you back for that




      Congrats you got Nightwing aka Rick (dick) Grayson

      At one point you were the underling but now you have struck out on your own. This may have come with a few struggles you didn't initially imagine but overall you are doing quite well for yourself (at least you can say you aren't the one who literally died). 




      Go it alone


      Question 4: Cats?

      Yes cats


      Congrrrrrrrrratulations you got Catwoman aka Selina Kyle

      Are you good or are you bad? Frankly at this point nobody knows but at least we know if the money is high enough or if it involves batman we can sway you to the side of good. While originally you may have been a one note villain eventually as time went on you developed depth something a lot of female comic characters still have not accomplished. Hopefully you will always be here to serve us titties in the moonlight but you did lose a life from that halle berry film so that's only 8 lives left, be careful.

      God no


      Congrats you got Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen

      You have always been popular and yet deep down nobody has really ever known why. Maybe people just like archers and the colour green? That popularity has led you to become the face of one of the most popular series of superhero shows ever so congrats on being popular and successful. Though don't let it all go to your head just yet cause your show is finally coming to an end and who knows what will come after that.





      Bad Guy


      Question 2: Is it Good to be Bad or Bad to be good?

      Good to be Bad


      Question 3: Are you a loose cannon or a methodical thinker?

      Loose Cannon


      Question 5: How much do you hate Superman?

      Fuck that asshole


      Congratulation you got Livewire aka Leslie WIllis

      You speak your mind even when nobody wants to hear it and you always get your way. Superman might be considered a hero of the city but you are the realist who will point out just how much damage he does in the process. Why pay for a police force when some random with powers will just do it for them? You aren't afraid to look a flawed system in the face and tell them to choke. Good for you. Just avoid water at all costs

      Batman's more my type


      You Got the Joker

      Seek help Well isn't this exciting! You might be a homicidal maniac but you are a homicidal maniac who knows how to have a good time. If you were real people would think you were insane but from behind the safety of a screen the people love you and this is only further proved by you starring in the highest grossing r rated film of all time. We love a successful king, just maybe tone it down on the killing in the future life isn't all fun and games.


      Methodical Thinker


      Question 5: Space?



      Congrats you got Brainiac

      Poor you tbh. All you want is to collect your little scale models of real places and house them in your ship and all those big meanie super heroes keep stopping you. However as an android you don't really have feelings so I guess you don't mind. As superman's second deadliest foe you know how to get the job done to get what you want and that's an admiral quality. But maybe just like invest in some model building sets and some wood glue?

      That doesn't make sense


      Congrats you got Lex Luthor

      If ever there was a buzzkill it's you. As the main villain of superman you fight not with brute strength but with the full range of your intellect. As one of the smartest people in the DC universe you know what matters and that's money and power. You also kind of look like Kurt Angle ... but with lips. So like do with that what you want



      Bad to be good


      Question 4: Are you evil for a cause or evil for love?

      Evil For A Cause


      Question 5: Plants or Animals?



      Congrats you got Poison Ivy aka Pamela Isley (shocker with that last question huh)

      Let's be real, have you ever truly been a villain? Actually yes, yes you have. Originally your goal had nothing to do with plant life, you just wanted to prove that you were the hottest supervillain in gotham. However times change and with them you changed as well, almost as if you bloomed like a rose in your very own garden. Now you have become a hero in your own right (with a tendency to not give a damn about human life). Nothing sums up 2019 like the Woman trying to stop climate change and save the forests by capturing billionaires and taking their money being labelled as the villain of the story. But hey in the end you know you're right and really that's all that matters



      Congrats you got Cheetah aks Barbara Minerva

      Go watch wonder woman 1984 when it comes out and you will know everything you need to! ... is that not enough? ugh fine. You are a woman dedicated to your job and that job is anthropology. Sadly that dedication may or may not have made you just a little bit crazy. As a regular british lady infused with the spirit of a cheetah god from a long lost tribe you are one of the few supervillains in the entire dc universe that can keep up with wonder woman in a fight. The strength of your cheetah body is matched only by the need for you to get your hands on that golden lasso


      Evil for Love


      Question 5: Are you over the top or are you reserved and cold?

      Over the Top


      Congratulations you got Harley Quinn aka Harleen Quinzel

      You are the kind of person that at every moment is just doing the absolute most. You are a firecracker with limitless energy when it comes to both your love life and fighting crime. Sadly you have terrible taste in men and often let them treat you poorly however you seem to be having some luck in recent years with women so that's looking up for you. You are both a style icon and one of the most popular dc characters ever despite being a relatively new kid on the block. When DC need to make easy money they send you in and you never fail to successfully give the people what the want

      Reserved and Cold


      Congrats you got Mr Freeze aka Victor Fries

      Damn you just really love your significant other and you would do anything to help them or have them back and you do mean ANYTHING. Not only are you one half of the evil duo of the greatest live action batman film of our time you also singe handedly have been forcing nerdy boys to feel shit for years. It's a shame so many of them became incels after you set such a great example for them. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?




      I only stan for Marvel



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