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      Comic Summary: House of X and Power of X | X-Men's return to the top

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      X-Men House and Power promotional illustration by Mark Brooks

      Let me start by saying that yes I am one of the many who believe that Marvel gave the cold shoulder to the X-brand since they didn't own the film rights. No merchandise, no toys, pushed out of video games and the comics sucked hard. And yes they tried to replace them with the Inhumans, which failed miserably because the Inhumans are not the X-Men, AND Inhumans were an obscure brand they left to the wayside for decades. I say all that to say the X-Men were in trouble for a while, but a change came when on March 20th, 2019 Disney officially became the owner of Fox and Fox IP.

      Marvel promotion for X-Men and the return of writer Johnathan Hickman

      Soon after the Fox acquisition and having the film rights to X-Men, Marvel quickly began promotion on the most obvious X-Men promotion ever known to man. The only surprise to this was the writer, Johnathan Hickman, who is an acclaimed writer and has had stint runs on The Avengers and Fantastic Four, was now returning to Marvel for a book in July. Anticipation built as to what X-Men book Hickman would be making and what he would be doing with these iconic characters to return them back to the top.

      At San Diego Comic Con it is revealed that Jonathan Hickman would be essentially the Kevin Feige of X-Men comics as a way to streamline his vision for the story he wants to tell with these characters. The only other person to have this much power would be Chris Claremont, who oversaw the brand for more than 10 years unchecked. The SDCC also brought the announcement of new books, but I will reveal those later in a separate post.

      Before I begin my summary let me tell you how these books operate: House of X functions to tell you what is going on with the X-Men in the Marvel Universe now. It is pretty straightforward in it's approach and does nothing more. Powers of X(10) functions to peel back and give you the reason as to why everything in House is happening. I think you can read one and not the other and make out fine, but it would be better suited if you read both if you want the full dose of what this franchise is about to provide you. The books are also filled with a lot of info drops that tell you about how the X-Men and where they live will now function. Got it? Lets begin.

      House of X #1 and Power of X #1

      House comes straight out the gate telling you about the new status quo for not just the X-Men, but mutant-kind. Xavier has a new plan for mutantdom and it is a new nation-state named Krakoa. Well that isn't exactly new since they have had nation states before in Genosha and Astroid M, which both ended in disaster, but this time it is different. The story begins with the government officials to Krakoa to tour the place. Emma's clone children, the Cuckoos, serve as tour guides with Magneto leading the show as a substitute for Xavier, who just got done delivering a telepathic message to the world. This portion of the story mainly serves as exposition of how Krakoa functions as Krakoa has two islands (on in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific). The most important takeaway from this is that Krakoa uses gateways that allow Mutants, and mutants alone, a easy way to teleport around Krakoa, around the world, and the universe. They do this with Krakoa plants that when planted allow the user to transport to and from Krakoa. This is further expounded on when Jean takes a group of young mutants to Krakoa and one of them ask Jean if anyone can go through the gate. Jean explains that not everyone can go through the gate as Krakoa is a living being allowing mutants sanctuary.

      We then move to another info dump where it is explained to us that many government organizations have joined together in an effort to subdue and wipe out the mutant population as they fear they have become a threat. Members from S.H.I.E.L.D., A.I.M., HYDRA, and  S.W.O.R.D. have formed a new group named Orchis and their intentions is to prevent the mutant population from overtaking the human one. They plan to do this by making a Mother mold that when online will mass produce Nimrods, a super advanced Sentinel. But before we get back to Nimrod, lets talk about Magneto's tour with government officials ended.

      Magneto takes the government officials to Jerusalem. He informs them that the day of mutants being killed by humans is over and that they are taking their place as the superior species. The issues ends with the proclamation that Mutants are their new Gods now..

      End of House of X #1

      Sidenote: During this issue we get a conversation between Cyclops and The Fantastic Four. The FF have just caught Toad, Mystique, and Sabretooth stealing something from a facility, but they manage to only get Sabretooth because he wanted to fight, thus making him the sacrifice. Mystique and Toad get away while Sabretooth of course gets his ass kicked. Cyclops then comes out of the Krakoan portal to let the Fantastic Four know that they have no rights to Sabretooth and he has amnesty now that Krakoa is a official country. Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman) makes a comment about the noticeable shifts in mutantdom and Cyclops lets her know that he was done with being treated like he was less than. He was over being hunted and saving people who could care less about him. He asks Sue if he thought that mutant kind was going to sit around take the abuse, and she answers no. He ends the conversation by telling the Fantastic Four that Franklin Richard, their son and mutant, was welcome to the island and that he has family waiting. This will be the subject of a new Fantastic Four/X-Men coming out next year.

      In the first issue of Powers of X we are taken to the past (Year 0), the present (Year 10), and the futures (Year 100 & 1000). At the beginning of the issue we get Xavier and Moira's first meeting. It is a pleasant conversation. They talk about the event they are at, and how nice the day is. Moira mentions how Xavier stood out because he was happier than most, and he tells her that he has a plan to start a school that would unite mutants with humans. The conversation takes a turn when Moira tells him that she knows him, but he has no clue who she is. She asks him to read her mind and then it will all be clear, and so he does...

      Xavier reads Moira's mind in Power of X #1

      We are then moved to the present day where Mystique, Xavier, and Magneto are together. Mystique hands the data she stole from the facility over to Xavier. The data she stole are the plans for Mother Mold and how to stop it from going online. This is important information that they needed, but why are they so ahead of the curve on this? We don't get an answer to that just yet because we are transported to the future where Nimrod is fully functionally and mutants are all but gone. We first meet Cylobel, a black brain telepath whose only function is to hunt mutants, but this one has seemingly switch sides. Cylobel is not in the best position as she has just been attacked advanced Sentinels sent by Nimrod. The people Cylobel was with have been killed and only they are left. The machines want to take her and give her a "bath". This is prevented when a Chimera (a mutant mix with different mutant DNA) named Rasputin. She is backed by Cardinal, another mutant Chimera. She battles the machines, but is ultimately unsuccessful and Cylobel tells them to take the information they have and go back to base. Rasputin reluctantly does as she is told.

      Cylobel is taken to Nimrod where she is ultimately destroyed. This is where she get our first look at the villain. He is a quirky and sarcastic character but he has no patience for humans or people who sympathizes with them. To him, human beings are better off dying off. He does offer Cylobel the chance to redeem herself in his eyes by revealing where the mutants are hiding, but gets no answers.

      We then are taken to another future where we meet The Librarian. This character is apart of the Post-human race. This race is next evolutionary step of human in Marvel. He is with a scraped version of Nimrod, and he is overlooking his space and pondering on how both mutant and humans failed. We then see figures that look like human beings in a habitat in the final shot.

      House and Power #2 connecting cover variants by Yasmine Putri

      We return back to where we learn a major detail about one of Xavier's loves: Moira MacTaggert. You guys know Moira in the X-Men movies as a straight lace, American speaking, CIA agent. In the comics, she is a woman of science with a thick Irish accent. She has stood by the X-Men in some major arcs and even had one of Xavier's kids, Proteus. In all of this, she was a human being who the mutants loved and protected, but what they didn't know is that Moira was one of them. Moira MacTaggert was a mutant. A mutant with the power of reincarnation. This was a very information heavy issue as they go into great detail about most of her lives. Thankfully there was an information graphic, so I will post that and give a summary of the highlights.


      So in life three Moira, after spending one life dealing with the fact that she is a mutant who couldn't just relive her life over and over again (she found her husband from life one wack), She decides that she wants to be the one to cure mutants, and she does. But as you know, there will be mutants against this. This time around it was Mystique, Destiny, and Pyro, who set fire to the whole building killing everyone in their path, except Moira. They keep Moira alive so Destiny, a precog mutant, could let her know that she knows about Moira's mutant powers and that if she keeps playing her game, she will kill her before she can manifest her mutant ability to restart her life, and as you can see on the chart (you might need to see it on a separate tab since it is huge), she is willing to kill a baby. She also let Moira knows that she does not have unlimited returns, she only has 10. Eleven if she makes the right choices. Destiny then ends her life by telling Pyro to set her on fire so she can remember what will happen to her if she does the wrong thing again.

      And Moira did as she spent her next lives trying to find a way to save mutant kind from going extinct. She becomes an assassin in one life, She attempts love with Xavier in two lives, and when that failed, goes into an alliance with Magneto that ends in disaster. She then becomes Apocalypse's lover and his right hand. They start a war on human kind that goes on forever. Through it all, she retains the memory of every life and with that information comes with Power. This ultimately leads to life 10 where Moira tells Xavier to read her mind and he learns EVERYTHING Moira does.

      The next issue of Powers was a filler issue that depicted Xavier and Moira meeting Magneto. They explain and show to him what Moira is capable of and how they plan to make their new plan for mutantkind work. The comic moves to year 10 where they continue from Power of X #1, and the data chip they received from Mystique about the Mother Mold. They tell Cyclops if he is up for the task of destroying the Mother Mold, and he says yes it will be done.

      In Year 100, Rasputin and Cardinal head back to base where they hand the data to Wolverine (he literally never dies). He then takes the files to Apocalypse who has it decoded to show the location in Nimrod's headquarters that houses the information on how to destroy him.

      In Year 1000, Nimrod and The Librarian talk about all the mutant history Nimrod has collected. They then move into another conversation where they talk about how they as post-humans are not purposed for preservation, but mining because they reached a certain evolutionary maturity. Nimrod mentions how they have now snared a giant, and that giant's name is Phalanx. They ask what the Librarian seeks and he answers by saying "Ascension".

      House and Powers #3 connecting variants.

      We return to House of X and the team has been assembled. Cyclops has gathered Jean Grey, Angel, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Husk, Mystique, and Monet St Croix for the mission to destroy the Mother-mold and preventing Nimrod from coming online. Magneto and Xavier let Cyclops's know that if he dies, he will not die in vein and what he did will remember by mutant-kind. The scene quickly switches to Cyclops prepping the team on what they have to do. They must destroy four points that would detach and destabilize the Mother-mold and it would ultimately send it into the sun where it would burn and be destroyed. They all understood the mission and off they went.

      We are then taken to Superhuman Max Security Prison where Sabretooth is being sentence for his crimes of theft and murder that the F4 had caught him on. Sabretooth admits to everything making this a clear cut case. But there is an interruption...


      Emma Frost has arrived to save Sabretooth. Emma Frost arrives to let the courts know that they will not be doing anything with Sabretooth as he officially is under diplomatic immunity. He will be sent to Krakoa where he will be put on trial for his crimes. One of the agents doesn't take the news well and points a gun at Emma. Emma lets the agent know that while she could make the agent turn the gun on themselves, she won't, because Diplomacy is enough power. She then watches as Sabretooth leaves with her daughters, The Cuckoos. She leaves telling them all to get used to the new world they are in.

      The final segment of this issue returns back to space and to the Mother-Mold stronghold. We see Doctor Gregor and Karima (A scientist and a Omega Sentinel who were in earlier issues I believe, but didn't feel the need to mention until now because...) They are going over Mother-Mold plans until Gregor's partner calls in on comm to inform her that a suspicious ship is heading towards them. They identify the tech on the ship is Shi'ar and then there is a clear understanding that it is the X-men. This becomes even clearer when Nightcrawler ports into the ship for recon and bumps into Gregor and Karima. There is some sort of history between Karima and mutants, but I'm not sure what. The interaction is quick and Nightcrawler quickly ports out and Karima knows what they are going to do. She tells Gregor they are going for the collars that keep Mother-mold in orbit. She commands Gregor to get people to the collars to protect them. It is too late as the X-Men have already landed and are trying to gain entry into the mold. Gregor contends defeat, but her lover has other plans: Detonation. He says his finals goodbyes to Gregor as she pleads for him to not do it, but his mind is made up. He will do anything for the mutant race and that includes ending his own life. It was done.

      Power of X #3 begins with a machine minister delivering a sermon to humans in year 100. He tells them that humanity is slavery and that the only way to escape it is to leave their human bodies behind. He continues his speech as he changes a human baby into a machine in front of the human crowd. Before he can finish he is interrupted by the last remaining hope of mutants. We then get an info page on mutant breeding. This info page explains how characters like Cardinal and Rasputin came to be and why they have the power-set of some iconic mutants. For the sake of time, Sinister has been splicing mutant DNA for generations after the initial war with humans began and mutants were dying. He had some success in early generations before it all came apart of ended in his death. But back to the story at hand. We are taken to Nimrod's headquarters and he is being notified about the church destruction. He could care less since humans are of no interest to him or his plans. They can die for all he cares. It is explained to him that the mutants caused the attack, and he is confused as to why that would be the case since mutants want humans to help end the machine domination. It is ultimately decided that it should be investigated, but it won't be investigated by him. He sends Karima instead (Karima is featured in both House and Powers. I had not realized this since they never say her name in Powers but the markings are her face line up).


      It is revealed to the reader that the attack on the church is a distraction so Apocalypse and Wolverine can gain access to Nimrod's basement in time to steal his origins. Nimrod has discovered them and the mutants at the church are being overwhelmed. They are able to get the Crystal with Nimrod's origins, but Nimrod has come down to prevent them from making a return trip. He destroys the entire basement and Wolverine is badly damaged from it. He expresses willingness to keep fighting but Apocalypse tells him to go with the crystal. Wolverine ultimately complies. As Apocalypse gets his ass beaten down and Cardinal sets off a black hole by taking of Xorn's mask, Wolverine walks through to area of mutant lair and he delivers the crystal to Moira. The crystal is inserted into her and she takes in all the information given to and all that needs to be done is for her to die so her next life can start. She thanks Wolverine and Wolverine kills her. This was Moira's 8th life: Apocalypse Wars (see the chart above).

      It also needs to be noted that this issue is the revelation that Moira's 8th life is the reason why Xavier has the information to know where the Mother-mold is located. It was revealed to him when he scanned Moira's mind. The books get more connected after this.

      House and Powers of X #4 connecting variants

      We return back to space in Marvel's present day. House of X #4 opens with Xavier, Storm, and the Stepford Cuckooos creating a singularity so they are able to reach Jean both mentally and visually. Jean explains that the team has just been attacked. Husk and Angel are already dead and they aren't even off the ship. Magneto asks them if they can finish the mission and they say yes. Cyclops points each mutant to where they need to go: Jean and Monet will stay on the ship, Wolverine will get a collar by a security hub, Mystique will take one by a habitat, and Cyclops and Nightcrawler will get the final two. The next panel is Karima having to pep talking Gregor into stopping the mutants. She succeeds as she uses Gregor's boyfriend death to get her to work and she does, but it is too late, the mutants have taken down two of the collars since Gregor decided it was time to fight. Jean relays to Xavier that Wolverine and Nightcrawler were able to get the job done and that two more collars were left. Hank (Beast) informs Jean that Sentinels are coming. Jean thinks they can get it done in time since Cyclops is close enough to his collar, and before we can get information on Mystique Monet interrupts to inform Jean that they have company. She tells Jean to get in the escape pod. Jean wants her to come, but Monet tells her she can't because they will end up killing them both. Jean tells her she can't get in contact with Xavier at this distance, and Monet tells her to try because they have no more options. The pod drops as the Sentinel enter and Monet fights to her death taking as many Sentinels down with her.


      We join Cyclops inside as he destroys his collar. He tries to get in contact with Mystique. Mystique finally touches base with him and tells him she has gotten turned away for moment, more than likely due to her having to change into a scientist, but she made it. She realizes something is wrong though, and when she turns around she sees Karmia and Gregor. They kill Mystique when they push the emergency button and it pulls her into outerspace. Gregor informs her team to keep the X-Men distracted because she is turning on Mother-Mold. Karima asks her if Nimrod will be sane if he is released too early. Gregor thinks it will be fine and the timer only gives 30 seconds for the mutant to get that collar off. Jean informs Xavier of the failure and asks him what can they do as the timer his 20 seconds. He tells them to do whatever it takes. Wolverine and Nightcrawler volunteer to make the sacrifice for the team and Cyclops allows it. Wolverine and Nightcrawler share one final moment before they "bamph" outside and destroy the final collar and pushes the Mold head into the sun in time. Cyclops then runs to find a suit that will get him to Jean's escape pod, but he is stopped by Karima who shoots him in the back with nanites that are preventing him from using his powers. Cyclops tells her that she has lost and capturing him means nothing. Gregor then comes in and reveals the man who died is not her boyfriend, but her husband, and she is not about to keep his killers alive. She shoots Cyclops in the face as Jean and the other watches. Jean earns her death as the drone sentinels finally make it to her. Every last member of Cyclop's team has died, and this causes Xavier great stress. He ends the issue saying "No More". And then we get some information dumps that talk about the mutant population drop that happened because of Scarlet Witch's iconic "No More Mutants".


      Powers of X #4 reveals Xavier and Magneto first meeting with Sinister at Bar Sinister in year 0. Xavier and Magneto want to recruit Sinister so he can continue his mutant indexing project.  Sinister does not like this and gets shot by another Sinister. This Sinister reveals himself to be the one with the mutant gene (the one they wanted) and he accepts their terms. This begins the mutant indexing.

      In year 10 Xavier takes Douglas (a mutant who can translate any language) to Krakoa. This part of the story mainly sets up the story of Excalibur that I will speak about when I mini-review it. All I will say is that Krakoa was a land of magic and Apocalypse had a big part in it. This section of the story ends with Douglas agreeing to stay on the island after Xavier shows him the plan for the island. Xavier tells him to translate the Krakoan language so other mutants can understand and Douglas also agrees to that. Douglas and Krakoa now become buddies.

      Year 1000 is the final section and it mainly just showing the Post-human tricking the phalanx into allowing them to ascend. In exposition they explain that the phalanx hold dominion over the whole universe and they allow machine's into their collective if they are found to be worthy. Post-humans are still biological, thus the need to work around it. They did this by copying a volunteer post-human into a empty machine vessel for the phalanx to accept. The issue ends with them waiting for an answer.

      House and Power of X #5 connecting variant

      House of X #5 is a big issue for the X-Men and Marvel itself. This sets two precedents and does it so flawlessly that I was both happy and worried by the end of it. So as you read earlier, Cyclops and his team accomplished their mission of sending Mother-mold into the sun and ending the birth of Nimrod, but they died doing so. We begin this issue with Magneto and his daughter, Polaris, having a conversation about humankind. Magneto tells Polaris that Human beings never really took off until they began hunting and then began to settle down in one place to create a society. Mutants have not really had that since they were always fighting each other to be seen in the good graces of human kind to build a society where they look after each other, good or bad.

      Mutants from left to right: Eva Bell, Proteus, Hope Summers, Exlixir, and Fabio Medina

      Now enters The Five: Fabio Medina, Eva Bell, Elixir, Proteus, and Hope Summers. These five mutants are the greatest heroes on Krakoa. They are the greatest because together they can bring back any mutant from the dead and bring them back to the exact moment right before their death. We get loads of information on each one roles as they bring back the mutants who died in the suicide Mother-mold mission. Fabio, most notably known by his mutant name Goldballs, is tasked with producing "eggs" that will be used to reborn mutantkind. Proteus makes those "eggs" viable with his reality warping abilities. They then inject the DNA that Sinister keeps record of into the egg, and have Elixir begin the Cellular replication process and then immediately after Eva Bell speeds up time on the egg so we can get that mutant to where we last saw them. This is all kept up with Hope Summers who enhances all their abilities by being around them. The process is all capped off by Xavier who gives the mutant back their memories up until their death (there is an information dump that explains Xavier downloads every last mutant memory every week so if they die they can return with no memory lapse). This is revealed in Power of X #5 to be done when Xavier goes to Forge and has him build servers (a cerebro) where he can dump and catalog mutant memories in as not to exert himself with it.

      Husk, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Angel, Jean, Wolverine, Mystique, and Monet have all been reborn, but they all must be tested first by Storm, who acts as Mutant motivator/Pastor. She gives each mutant a question related to something she did with them in the past. Each one of them gives her an answer she finds fit and each mutant in this ceremony is revered for the sacrifice they made for mutant-kind.

      We then see Magneto and Xavier talking about a UN vote about Krakoa becoming a official nation recognized by the UN. Magneto asks him if he is worried, and Xavier quickly says no because he is enjoying how together mutant-kind has become.


      The UN vote goes in the favor of Krakoa, with a few exception. This is all worked by Emma coxing the majority to favor Mutants with her telepathy. Xavier knows about this and thanks her for it. It is then revealed in Power Of X #5 that she made a pact with Magneto and Xavier for a seat at the table.


      After it has been cemented that Krakoa is now a official Nation, we end this issue with Magneto and Xavier inviting every mutant villain onto the island with Logan (Wolverine) questioning the decision. Apocalypse somewhat chills Logan by letting him know that his mission is now accomplished since mutants are now equal to human kind. He then leads the villains in pledging themselves to being one people on Krakoa. In Power of X #5 we see that a governing body has been established and these people will be tasked with dealing with the influx of mutants that are going to be reborn, and coming to Krakoa.

      Power of X #5 continues the secretive future story where the Post-humans. The Phalanx has accepted the vessel used by the Post-Humans to trick them, but in doing so they learn that The Phalanx will now destroy the universe. And that is really the whole of it.

      House and Power of X #6 connecting variant

      So I'm just going to explain the meat of these two issues since there is a lot of setup for books in this that I rather not delve into.


      We begin with Xavier talking to world before the UN vote. He basically tells them that mutants will no longer be helping people for free anymore and their medicine that can save lives will now have a price attached to it because that is what human kind deserves. He ends letting the world know that Mutant is the next step in evolution and that the world changed while they slept.

      So House of X #6 sets up the Quiet Council and what they do. They begin by setting up two rules that mutants have to live by while living on Krakoa:

      1. No Mutant can kill a human (killing in self-defense is allowed though)
      2. Make more mutants

      One of these rules are put to use when they put Sabretooth on trial for the murder of the humans when he was sent out with Mystique and Toad to get the USB drive in Manhattan from issue #1 of House. Sabretooth explains that he doesn't care because Magneto sent him out to do the deed, but was quickly retorted when Magneto says he sent him out there to get the drive and that is it. Mystqiue also quips that Sabretooth willingly stayed back because he wanted to kill. And since the rest of the people there didn't like him they just agreed that he shouldn't have done it. Sabretooth was unanimously found guilty of the crime of murdering a human, and Sabretooth cries foul. He thinks he is being punished because he can't be controlled, but that is quickly shut down when his punishment is revealed. He sent to exile deep in Krakoa presumably never to return (he will, lol). The rest of the issue is a huge celebration of Krakoa and mutant-kind being free. There is also a tease at Wolverine/Emma/Jean/Cyclops being in a quad relationship.


      Power of X #6 on the hand explains the lie behind the celebration. We go straight to the future where the Post-Human finally enters the habitat that houses the remaining life on the planet earth. There he finds the final two mutants alive, Wolverine and Moira. Moria has been surviving off of Logan's blood while being housed and it is explained to them that they have not been bothered because the Post-humans wanted it that way. And they want to keep it that way until the earth is destroyed because they know they will end up forgetting if they are killed beforehand because they know how Moira's power work. They explain that once the Post-humans are accepted into the Phalanx they will then live outside the timeline thus making themselves aware of what Moira does in future timelines. Wolverine then kills the Post-human and Moira has him kill her once she gets the information she needs. This ends her sixth timeline and fills the gap in all her lives so far. She learns in all her lives that mutant-kind can't win, but that doesn't stop Xavier and Magneto from undermining this fact.

      Moira meets Xavier and Magneto in her quiet place and she talks about the council. They explain to her how they have it setup and how they Mystique there. Moria tells them has she been asking about her girlfriend, Destiny. Another person who knows about her past lives and can expose Krakoa. They tell her that they are trying to hold off by keeping Mystique busy, but eventually they are going to have to do it, and Moira tells them that no precogs (foreknowledge) can live on Krakoa because they will just end up exposing that mutant-kind will fail just like they failed in her previous lives. It is shown that Moira is jaded because of her lives. She is kind of sick of Xavier and Magneto hope for mutant-kind. She just wants everyone to see that this won't work like her and to prepare for a fight. Xavier and Magneto want everyone to be happy and hopeful though, so they undermine her by building the island and doing all they have done in the previous issues.

      And that is it ladies. If you made it to the end of this, I thank you very much. This has been a long process for me, but I'm very happy I got it done. This thread will be the start of me using this section and this site more frequently. I plan on doing comics reviews (not just X-Men), comic news, and anime stuff on here. I also plan on continuing the weekly Box Office reports over in the other section.

      I'll end this by saying that if you are slightly interested by this you can read the issues yourself and take in the experience OR you can read the new X-books that this has book has spun:

      • Marauders
      • X-Force
      • New Mutants
      • Fallen Angels
      • X-Men

      Please comment on what you thoughts on my summary are, and if you need help with how to find a book send me a pm. Maybe we can find you something on Comixology or something.

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      On 1/7/2020 at 8:39 AM, Captain Fox said:

      He informs them that the day of mutants being killed by humans is over and that they are taking their place as the superior species. The issues ends with the proclamation that Mutants are their new Gods now

      AHHHHHH period :shook: 

      I love the whole atmosphere of this; the idea that the mutants are no longer repressed, powerless and hunted by humans, but they have ascended to the top of the food chain and have bigger threats to their existent than bigots. Everything about this sounds amazing, including the twist with


      all the mutants that sacrificed themselves coming right back

      Ugh PERIOD, I need to get the fuck into this, I'm really gagged. kjdhgfdjhg the foursome relationship, I would like to see it!

      Excellent job by Jonathan Hickman and excellent job from you for reviewing Stephen, look forward to more :excited: 

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      16 minutes ago, Mariah. said:

      AHHHHHH period :shook: 

      I love the whole atmosphere of this; the idea that the mutants are no longer repressed, powerless and hunted by humans, but they have ascended to the top of the food chain and have bigger threats to their existent than bigots. Everything about this sounds amazing, including the twist with

        Reveal hidden contents

      Ugh PERIOD, I need to get the fuck into this, I'm really gagged. kjdhgfdjhg the foursome relationship, I would like to see it!

      Excellent job by Jonathan Hickman and excellent job from you for reviewing Stephen, look forward to more :excited: 

      Thank you. :brandon:

      The book is really good and you really need to get into it. I will give you the reading order if you want it.

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      On 1/7/2020 at 8:39 AM, Captain Fox said:


      Emma Frost has arrived to save Sabretooth. Emma Frost arrives to let the courts know that they will not be doing anything with Sabretooth as he officially is under diplomatic immunity. He will be sent to Krakoa where he will be put on trial for his crimes. One of the agents doesn't take the news well and points a gun at Emma. Emma lets the agent know that while she could make the agent turn the gun on themselves, she won't, because Diplomacy is enough power. She then watches as Sabretooth leaves with her daughters, The Cuckoos. She leaves telling them all to get used to the new world they are in.

      Still a bad bitch:brandon: 

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      Emma has always been a level of boss I aspire to reach :cry: 

      But I've been keeping an eye on Tempus, and I really like Elixir. The support player in me would love to see him in a video game, he'd make an amazing support character.

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