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      It's finally here! Now is your chance to join the phenomenon. Hot on the heels of Drag Race Thailand, Drag Race Uk, Drag Race Australia, Celebri

        Hello and welcome to the very first Heartbreaker's drag race Runaway presentation! &#13

      COMMENTARY:  I LOVE Pink. I LOVE Baby Blue. I LOVE cotton candy on a Sunday cheat-day. I LOVE lingerie. 


      Verse 1
      Girl, at first I didn’t think this game was for me
      But now I ask “what do you do successfully?”
      I’ve got challenge victories
      Watch how I surpass Miss Angelic with class



      Cause somethin' plus somethin' minus somethin'
      You got to do that math if you wanna beat me
      Three wins, I’m imperious; your talent is delirious
      A wise girl like me, I’m in the minority
      Oh, I’m too serious, it’s not mysterious
      Don’t know about queens, but I’ve dropped my insecurity
      The girls have been ambitious, but my win won’t be capricious


      Cause Angelic, go on home, your time is spent
      Painted like B-R-I-E, she ain’t never beat Nattie
      Look at how I reinvent
      Got no C-L-U-E, how I made it past the final three


      Verse 2
      Sis, the pandemic’s a mess
      But every week I showed up in an evening dress
      Lots of love to RuBow Heart
      But not to Angelic, she need to learn her alphabetics


      Cause nothin' from nothin' minus nothin'
      Left in the negatives after this lip sync
      Oh, life is delirious, and this was an experience
      I’ll finish this performance momentarily


      Cause Angelic, go on home, your time is spent
      Start lookin’ for a J-O-B; ain’t gonna get no sugar daddy
      Drag Race is over, but don’t lament
      They’re hiring at Mickey-D’s, I’ll take a combo #3


      Put the crown on my head, I consent
      Girl about to L-O-S-E, and I’m not sorry
      It’s just about time for my ascent
      To the T-O-P of Heartbreakers Drag Race Herstory

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      @Jeigz @Angelic

      Before we conclude I just want to say how proud I am of both of you. The two of you have continuously shown up and shown out over the course of this competition and I am so grateful that both of you stuck around. This is so hard because I love you both (and you are both assholes for making your final songs about your own self journeys and personal growth)

      But I can sadly only choose one winner, and that is













































      Condragulations you are the first ever HB Drag Race Superstar!

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      @Leigh @Dante. @Mariah. @Jake @Twisted Bliss @Katy @Angelic @Jeigz

      I just want to say a big thankyou to every one of you for helping make this a fantastic forum game. There were ups and downs but I am so glad I got to provide some relief in these times of hardship, Thanks for taking the time out of your days to make this as fun as it was

      A special thanks to Jake again for making the name graphics and the logo



      1 minute ago, Angelic said:


        Reveal hidden contents


      sdasadsad save it for all stars vs rookies next year

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      I just want to say, thank you for even bearing with us through all this craziness. You didn’t have to and could’ve concluded this at any time but you stuck it out and I had a lot of fun. I won't lie, I definitely doubted myself. However made sure I never let my performance show that (at least I hope I didn’t) even when I was doing the complete opposite of the challenge one week :uhh: . Jeigz always been a force. Even though I can’t stand this bitch that’s good at everything, I got to go 1v1 against ha and I feel I held my own, despite the obvious levels of tech. It was a long 26 months but we did it and I’m glad to have been a part of the inaugural Race. Even if I had to be Nina Flowers. A much deserved win.


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      First of all, thank you @Rainbow Heart for hosting the game and keeping it going in the face of the pure madness going on in the world. The game in some ways has mirrored that energy, but you always were a gracious host and made it an enjoyable experience even when there were ups and downs. We all can use our occasional reprieves and this was certainly one that I enjoyed. As you know, I came in with little to know working knowledge of Drag Race, so winning is proof that, if nothing else, doing your homework works. And that photoshop skills and having a good sense of humor are important in all walks of life. Not everyone has that. But I do! 

      to my fellow queens, @Angelic, @Katy, @Twisted Bliss, @Mariah., @Jake, @Leigh, and whoever else I’m probably forgetting because it’s been a whole lockdown since we began, I love you, thank you for being a part of the game, and g*d bless us everyone. Stay safe and wash your damn hands.


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      10 minutes ago, Angelic said:However made sure I never let my performance show that (at least I hope I didn’t) even when I was doing the complete opposite of the challenge one week :uhh:). Jeigz always been a force and even though I can’t stand this bitch that’s good at everything. I got to go 1v1 against ha and I feel I held my own, despite the obvious levels of tech. 


      I was shook also, bringing the bilingual skills for the finale. You did great every challenge, and always brought your best. Your redemption is coming!


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      This was so fun!!!! Congrats @Jeigz you killed it this entire season. You sure you've never watched Drag Race??? Serving Bianca Del Rio in here. And @Angelic with the Spanish! GIRL! I gagged!

      And a big thank you to @Rainbow Heart for not cutting me week one with that atrocious broke man's MySpace banner lewk, but most importantly for hosting this flawlessly. <3

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