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      Becky Lynch Announces Pregnancy on Raw, Vacates Title

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      Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Becky Lynch will be making a huge announcement regarding her career tonight on Raw.

      While it’s unclear what her exact announcement will be, we’re told the segment has already been filmed at the Performance Center during today’s tapings.

      So far, WWE has promoted that Becky will be on Raw tonight to confront the winner of last night’s Money in the Bank match in Asuka. Nothing more.

      Becky’s last match took place at WrestleMania in April against Shayna Baszler. Her current reign as Raw Women’s champion has lasted almost four-hundred days.

      Stay tuned for tonight’s announcement. 

      UPDATE: WWE has now confirmed Becky will be making a big announcement tonight.


      The general consensus on wrestling twitter is that she's likely pregnant & dropping the belt. 

      That would certainly make things interesting for Asuka.

      Update: She's definitely preggers.


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      Can we talk about how this was a beautiful segment though? Asuka becomes grand slam empress a day after winning mitb, with Becky putting her over and leaving to have a kid (+ probably doing mov

      With all that’s going on in the world there’s far more important things to be worrying about than wrestling, she knew this. Really, what would’ve been the end game if she still stuck around...?

      Times have changed so much from when pregnancy was seen as detrimental in WWE, like what happened to Dawn Marie back in the day. There are so many mothers involved with WWE now. Girl power.&#13

      pregnancy to me seems like kind of a presumptuous thing, but then I don't really know what the announcement could be. what I do know is that Miss Becky should have dropped that belt weeks ago and we're probably getting another year with no woman MITB gags, but at least Asuka will get to be crowned grand slam champion as she deserves




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      11 minutes ago, taleman2004 said:

      I've been reading many reports that Becky has vacated the championship and Asuka is the new champion with Becky handing over her title with no tournament.

      this is why her announcing a pregnancy doesn't click for me. maybe she's taking a leave or something, idk, but I can't see them just handing the championship over when it could have been done weeks ago with a conclusion at MITB. I think Asuka's gonna clock Becky and get a quick win for the title, but then nothing makes sense now and I haven't watched any of the product either, so!


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      C'mon exclusive statement to People. I live for a mainstream moment.


      In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE ahead of a surprise announcement on Raw, WWE superstar Becky Lynch confirmed that she and fiancé Seth Rollins are expecting their first child together.

      The 33-year-old revealed her pregnancy during Monday night's episode while announcing she was relinquishing her Raw Women's Championship belt to WWE superstar Asuka, the winner of Sunday night's Money in the Bank. 

      The joyous news means Lynch — one of WWE's biggest and brightest personalities — will be stepping away from the ring as she focuses on her child, who is expected in December.

      "I've always, always wanted kids," Lynch tells PEOPLE of her pregnancy. "I'm just so career-focused that it became one of those things that, when you're chasing a dream for so long, I always wondered, 'Am I going to get around to it? Is it going to happen for me?' "

      Those dreams finally began to fall into place when she and Rollins, 33, began dating. The two went public with their relationship for the first time in May 2019 with a black-and-white picture of them sharing a kiss. This was followed by their engagement three months later in August.



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      1 minute ago, blond. said:

      And then Bianca as top heel eventually. :shook:


      But watch them give us Shayna vs. Asuka. :terri:

      Honestly I’m happy for Becky not only for taming community dick Seth Rollins, but for transforming her career to such a high when nobody ever expected. Now that that’s out of the way Liv and Bianca carrying the Raw division sounds like such a damn serve.

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      With all that’s going on in the world there’s far more important things to be worrying about than wrestling, she knew this. Really, what would’ve been the end game if she still stuck around...? There probably wouldn’t have been one, which is unfair to the fans and the girls working there. Becky bowed out gracefully and her moment with Asuka made me pretty emotional. After pregnancy there’s a child left for her to take care of and I’m sure there’s plenty of opportunity outside of wrestling waiting at her door as well. We’ll probably get one last match, but this seems to be the end for her :smh2: 

      I’m honestly so proud of her career and I really do appreciate everything she’s done. Her more than anybody made me actually love watching wrestling so this is all bittersweet :aj2: It feels like the end of an era. 

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      Can we talk about how this was a beautiful segment though? Asuka becomes grand slam empress a day after winning mitb, with Becky putting her over and leaving to have a kid (+ probably doing movies/media taking her out of the picture for a while). I understand the bucky hate train all things considered bc she's booked terribly and acts embarassingly, but she has respect for the girls. Trying to put Asuka over in her feud and putting her over in the end + protecting Kairi during TLC (which we know char fucking didn't) + having us all by our throat during her sd era all made me wanna renew my old stan card. like i hated the reign post sasha but retrospectively she's been a game-changing competitor. Very happy for her & her baby. I'm more excited for Seth to take a break tbfh :terri:

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