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      Which Highest Grossing Film is the Biggest Classic?

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      Ignoring the racist "The Birth of a Nation", the past record holders of the highest grossing movies of all time worldwide are:

      Gone With the Wind
      The Sound of Music
      The Godfather
      Star Wars
      E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
      Jurassic Park
      Avengers: Endgame

      So what's your argument for which of these is THE biggest classic?

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      For me it's Titanic. It was on the other night and I realized I've never actually watched the entire thing. I remember when it came out what a big deal it was, it was two VHS tapes. It was huge.

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      For me, Jurassic Park is still timeless. I saw it for the first time around 2013, and have watched it a few more times over the years. Even though it's a 90s movie, there's still so much realism to me when seeing the dinosaurs appear for the first time, and of course with the scene in the Jeep that wasn't even supposed to happen adds to the drama.

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