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      Jazz announces retirement

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      Former WWE star Jazz spoke with Chris Van Vliet this week for his YouTube channel.

      Jazz talked about the start of her wrestling career, how Paul Heyman helped her, how she made a name for herself in ECW, her run in WWE, the fact that there has never been an action figure made for her, what it was like to follow Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 18, her appearance at AEW Double Or Nothing, her run as NWA Women’s Champion, her wrestling school with husband Rodney Mack and more.

      Here are some highlights:

      Jazz announced her retirement:  “Honestly, I just had my last match this past Sunday. I am done in the ring. I was going to do a whole tour in 2020 but with pandemic happening, that screwed everything up. I’ve been having issues with my knees and my back and a lot more issues physically, mentally and emotionally. That’s why I had to forfeit the NWA title. I have two beautiful daughters and I have to focus on them right now.”

      Jazz talked about meeting her husband, Rodney Mack: “We met training in Louisiana. That’s his hometown. I was already with JYD training and Dog had met Rodney somewhere else in Arkansas because he was in Arkansas playing college football. He said, ‘I got this other dude that wants to train’ and I said, ‘cool.’ Rodney and I started training together and we became good friends and there was some way we ended up compatible. We’ve been married 21 years.”

      Jazz was asked if she should be in the WWE Hall of Fame: “You know what, honestly, that’s up to them. Do I feel I should be? You damn right.  They try and put that lawsuit situation over my head but you know how many people sued Vince McMahon and are still in the Hall of Fame? I don’t want to hear that. My thing wasn’t even about the concussions. My situation with them is I was upset because the whole time I was there, they never gave me an action figure. The people of color were treated a little differently. They didn’t market me. I made myself. They gave me the platform to go out there but I got over on my own. There was no action figure, never on a poster, that’s the shit I was upset about. But, it’s all good. I still thank them for the opportunity because without them, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here now. I don’t hate them. I just want to be treated fairly.”


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      My situation with them is I was upset because the whole time I was there, they never gave me an action figure.

      The way this sent me :skull: This whole time they beefed over an action figure.

      BUT! I do feel for her. Before I was a Bianca stan, I was a Jazz stan. She would have thrived in the current generation. One of the most gifted athletes WWE has had. She could have a great match with anyone just based on her strength and ring psychology. I wish she did more in her WWE career than have legendary feuds with Trish. Her and Gail would have been a dream match. But she's up there in age now, I'm happy she continued to wrestle 15 years after the WWE. Good luck to her and I hope she enjoys retirement!

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      "They try and put that lawsuit situation over my head but you know how many people sued Vince McMahon and are still in the Hall of Fame? I don’t want to hear that. My thing wasn’t even about the concussions. My situation with them is I was upset because the whole time I was there, they never gave me an action figure."

      I mean, Jazz isn't wrong about how differently they treat wrestlers of color, especially back then but...


      I wish her well.

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      Legend. She was one of my original 2000's faves (along with Trish and Sable) way back when. I remember I (lowkey) stanned when I first saw her in an ECW show in like 1999 (or 2000, idk), and was legit freaking out when she came out at SS'01 (i had no idea what OVW was and that she was already training for her debut). I stanned hard for her when they booked her well from like 2001-2003, but slowly lost interest in her in like late 2003 but i still claim ha.

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      For a woman of color she was actually booked really well with two pretty good yet memorable title reigns. She had great matches and a vicious mean streak that hasn’t really been replicated until Shayna came around (see the recent match against Riot Squad)

      I will never forget Jazz. An incredible wrestler who deserves HOF. And an action figure 🥺

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      I've often thought about how things might have been different in TNA if she had come in as Angelina and Velvet's bodyguard in 2008 - instead of Moose who ended up getting injured just a few weeks after her debut. She would have had some pretty fantastic matches with the likes of Gail, Roxxi and Taylor Wilde. 

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        • By Jacqulee
          From Diva Dirt:
          Former NWA Women’s World Champion Jazz spoke with AfterBuzz TV Wrestling & Sports on many topics including her recent appearance at AEW’s All In at the end of August. She shares her thoughts that experience and if there is any sight of her being part of AEW’s product in the future.
          “There’s really been no discussions as far as that goes. But no there’ s been no contract signed, everyone has been asking me that. There isn’t a contract signed.
          Honestly you know I’m coming to an end as far my in-ring work. It’s coming to an end. I just turned 47 in August. It’s time for me to say, it’s enough. So right now I’m a trainer at a wrestling school, Hybrid School of  Wrestling. I love being a coach and that’s what I would love to do. I love to give back.
          If I sign anything, it would most definitely be me being a trainer or coach. That’s my passion right now. That’s what I want to do.” 
          She goes into more detail about how it felt performing at All Out in the Casino Battle Royale. Furthermore, she discusses that Chief Brand Officer, Brandi Rhodes reached out to her to see if she was interested.
          “It was so great, oh my god, coming down that ramp and see those fans. It was such an adrenaline rush”, she said.
          “I came out with a different look, a lot of people hadn’t seen the bald, so it was something different. Brandi Rhodes reached out to me and she asked if I was under contract with anyone like NWA as of right now and I said no I’m not.
          She said cool, we wanted to see if you’re interested in being apart of our Battle Royal. I was like, yeah, who would say no, first of all. That’s how it happened. They brought me in to do the vignette and the whole time I was thinking what could I do that would be like “BAM” oh yeah she’s back….The B is back
          It was pretty nice, pretty cool. Everyone was there was overwhelmingly nice and making everyone feel welcome…. They made everyone feel at home and very comfortable. That’s one thing I loved about AEW. “
          The former two-time WWE Women’s Champion talks about the recent insurgence of the women’s (r)evolution. She compares to how it was during her time in WWE. During her time it was a common response that even though the women could put on a great match in the ring, they tended to be looked down upon instead of celebrated.
          “Keep giving us opportunities and main events and big shows. Manias! When I was in WWE, our ratings were really good when we were doing women’s matches. Unfortunately, they weren’t happy with that. She continues, “It’s a new day and time a new era and now we are getting the opportunity to be number one. We are getting the opportunity to show that we can main event. So kudos to all of the women in the industry.” 
          For the full interview with Jazz which includes a retirement tease, her becoming a trainer, and inspiring fans and breaking down barriers, you can click here. She also says whether or not a final title reign may be in sight before she hangs up her boots
        • By Ninja Balenciaga
          She didn't need to challenge Stephanie & HHH though. Like when is that match ever going to happen? 
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