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      HB Best Of: Sasha Banks

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      Hello returning Heartbreakers and welcome to a new style of HB countdown. In this potential series we will pick a subject and as a community rank our favorite moments involving them.

      The topic for our first countdown back is none other than 'The Boss' Sasha Banks. Sasha makes a perfect candidate for this type of countdown due to her long, illustrious career filled with many highlights both on screen and off

      To enter, simply compile a list of your top 5 moments involving Sasha Banks, these can include matches, segments, interviews, newsworthy moments or appearances in other media and then send that list in to my inbox ranked from your most iconic (1) to least iconic (5).

      Submit or finalize your lists by the end of Sunday the 22nd of November for them to be counted!
      (and feel free to try and sway your fellow Heartbreaker's votes by posting some ideas in this thread)

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      25 minutes ago, WWFoverWWE said:

      tea. the white gays also tried it with Naysus with a few of her weaves. Lemme go through the archives and screenshot :coffee2:

      Which will never not be funny to me. Naomi’s hair, both weave and especially natural are always laid. Sasha has had her shaky moments, but Naomom always has her shit together. They better keep that energy for Michelle.:mariah: 

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      7 hours ago, Eric said:

      Honestly I barely remember any of her moments I know she's had a lot but..🌚


      I feel like the moments I most associate with her are ones where she was there to elevate Charlotte. 1st HIAC and WM32 come to mind. Let's keep this list to blue hair and NXT.


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      • 2 months later...


      Welp here it is! After virtually no anticipation and a thunderous lack of applause here I am to finally reveal this. I thank everyone that came together and voted, we actually got more people than I was expecting. So thanks to all of you



      10. 50 points

      Yes the Wrestlemania 32 Triple Threat Match between Sasha, Becky and Charlotte just squeaks on to our list at number 10. This match is probably most notable for being the introduction of the new Women's title and the official retirement of the Divas Championship.

      Though Sasha was not able to win here (that honor would go to Charlotte) she arguably stole the show with her over the top entrance and Eddie Guerrero inspired gear. 


      9. 55 points

      Coming in at number 9 is the Falls Count Anywhere match against Charlotte for the Raw women's title. This match would become the third time Sasha had won the Raw women's title after a months long feud with Charlotte where they went back and forth repeatedly.

      This match was great but It could have done without Ric Flair's ancient ass coming out and stealing Sasha's thunder

      8. 58 points

      Making her way in at number 8 is the match where Sasha finally broke her curse of losing in Hell In a Cell title matches. Yes after what felt like 50 years of stop and starts between her and longtime frenemy Bayley we finally got an attempt at payoff with this match.

      I doubt this will be the last time we see them go at it in a major storyline, but if it was I think this would be a pretty fitting conclusion

      7. 60 points

      Say it with me now





      'Oh Brie, do you not want to happen what Nikki happen on Raw?'

      A powerful statement that remains with us to this day. A constant reminder to us all that no matter what. if you mess up on a huge public scale people will remember it for years to come. They will vote for it in a countdown of your best moments and it will rank higher than several of your title wins.

      6. 70 points


      Sasha winning her first main roster title rounds out the bottom half of our list. After a short hiatus following her pulling double duty at Wrestlemania 32 weekend, Sasha would return to Raw and reignite her feud with Charlotte. Culminating in her first ever main roster title win. A reign which lasted ... look the point is she won.

      This however would only be the start of many more title wins on the main roster.

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