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      WWE Releases Zelina Vega

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      Thea Trinidad, better known by her stage name Zelina Vega while performing in WWE, was shockingly released from her contract with the company this afternoon.

      WWE issued the following statement:

      “WWE has come to terms on the release of Zelina Vega. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.”

      While details behind Vega’s release are unclear at this time, the wrestler surprised many by tweeting “I support unionization” just ten minutes before WWE released the above statement.

      Vega made her pro-wrestling debut in 2010 and eventually found her way to IMPACT Wrestling, where she went on to win the Knockouts Tag Team Championships alongside Sarah Stock, another name furloughed, and later released by WWE this year.

      She signed a developmental contract with WWE in 2017 and was packaged with Andrade in NXT as his manager and mouthpiece. Both stars moved to the main roster during the 2018 Superstar Shakeup. Vega would also briefly manage Angel Garza (and even more briefly Austin Theory) before transitioning from manager to singles wrestler just two months ago.

      Her release from the company is more than likely related to Vince McMahon’s recent decision to force all WWE Superstars to end their relationship with third party outlets including YouTube and Twitch. Both Vega and her real-life husband, fellow WWE Superstar Aleister Black, took to streaming video games and hanging out with fans via Twitch during the summer in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

      Vega recently took a hiatus from the Twitch channel due to the company’s policy, but soon after started an OnlyFans account to post pictures of her cosplay endeavors.

      Credit: https://www.prowrestling.com/wwe-releases-zelina-vega/

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      Ugh gross. She was finally coming into her own and was gonna have her time after being drafted. This company is so gross, they want people to sit on the sidelines playing with their fingers even while they give these talents Jack shit to do?

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      I mean, the Twitch "scandal" really did rub a lot of people wrong, and rightfully so. Looking at it now, and with all the rumors surrounding her release, I kind of see her 'push' the same way it was for Emma: nothing more than a goodbye present for all their hard work. Vince is just pathetic, honestly.

      Edited by LIVin the Riott
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      She was the only reason I still caught some on YouTube. :frecklefox: Glad that she received outpouring support from SAG and the fans. Vince and co. seizing all of their extra income from social apps has to go down as one of the greediest things he has ever done. You would truly have to delude yourself to defend it. 

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      I read somewhere that she, and other signed girls, are able to do more money on online platforms like Twich or Cameo that they do in WWE (women's revolution who?). So if that's true and she really enjoy doing this other things, it makes sense that she would rather be released and keep getting that extra money. Plus I am sure she will have no problem signing with other promotion like AEW or Impact.

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                                                            Former WWE Superstar Appears On Tonight’s AEW Dynamite, Officially Signs With The Company

      AEW superstar Miro spoke about WWE’s recent release of Zelina Vega on his Twitch channel. Hear what the Bulgarian Brute had to say below.

      Believes that Vega will be fine since she loves Twitch:


      She’ll be fine. When things like this happen, it’s always somebody’s loss. What matters is….she wanted to continue doing Twitch and now she can. So, that’s the best decision and best move for her. So, I’m happy for her.

      Says he would have done the same exact thing if he were in her place:


      Trust me, if I were in her place, I would have done the exact same thing. Well, yeah, I mean it’s clear that she loves Twitch. She wanted to do more with her time than just wrestle and she stuck to her guns. Now, she will have the opportunity to do whatever she wants. I am not sure why everyone feels bad about this situation. Please, don’t feel bad for her. There is nothing stopping her now.


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      • Shoaib. changed the title to WWE Releases Zelina Vega

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