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      Nia Jax vouches against vaccination

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      what in the world happened to PSAs? I remember even 2000s celebrities were held to a way higher social standard and usually had to be the ones to prevent misinformation. Y'all (WWE) can do a whole anti-bullying commitment but can't end a disease? The anti-vaxxer undertone aside, what kind of message is she sending to her fans flexing your immune system? :rot: She's either saying she's strong enough to survive COVID (to her fanbase who probably had loved ones pass), or that she's buying into the conspiracies that Trumpie anti-maskers have been trying to paint. She dug herself a hole in which she looks dumb as fuck either way. I just hope that the other girlies in the locker room trying to make a living while still following COVID safety protocols stays safe. I would be the first to mouth off if I found out my dumbass co-worker put me at risk bc a needle was too scary.


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      Okay, I won't be getting the vaccine immediately either. Not that I don't believe in medicine/science, because duh that's what I do for a living, but this is getting rushed WAY too fast, and sure it's necessary, but I'm not doing it. Start playing around with something as finicky as a virus, putting it in people and not seeing the long term effects? Hard pass. Give it a few years with different labs doing different studies and able to recreate the same results then okay I won't have the same argument, but for right now, I'm good. Not to mention, healthcare is a business anymore. It's disgusting and sad. I don't trust a lot of pharmaceutical companies because I believe they just want to make a quick buck, and with something as serious as Covid, with how scared people are, it'll be so easy. Now if someone comes out like Dr. Salk with a vaccine and says it's free for all, okay, good. THAT is what medicine/healthcare should be about. It shouldn't solely be about making big bucks, at the end of the day it's about helping people.


      NOW. On to the God thing. I HATE people who say that. HATE IT. Kids die all the time because "God will protect them." NO BITCH. Your kid has Strep throat, he needs an antibiotic. Guess what else God made? People to have the intelligence to make equipment to study and produce things to help cure illnesses THAT WILL KILL YOU.

      improve people's lives with modern medicine and years of training they  always thank god - First World Doctor Problems - quickmeme

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      On 11/17/2020 at 3:08 PM, Ninja Balenciaga said:

      Did y'all see the exposé on Drake Wuertz, one of the NXT refs & also a producer down there too? It's maddening that this is the kind of mess that's going on with people that have influence at the PC.


      Is this the one that claimed God used Trump to restore Christian morality or some shit?


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