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      Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix Was Planned for a WrestleMania

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      Former WWE writer & Sarah Michelle Gellar's hubby Freddie Prinze Jr reveals where Kharma's story was headed:


      Was there ever a story line you were really passionate about that just got killed?

      That's a long list, Jack. I remember every one of them that didn't work. We had this girl, Kia Stevens. We called her Kharma, but she was known as Awesome Kong before coming to WWE. When she came over, Vince and Steph gave me the story. What I wanted to do was set up basically a Hogan and André the Giant match between Kia and Beth Phoenix.

      What happened?

      At the time, we had Michelle McCool as champion, who I was going to have do the job to Kia that would begin this string of matches that would eventually lead to Kia versus Beth at WrestleMania. We had Gail Kim at the time, who had a great run with Kia in TNA, so I wanted Gail to be this false hero who could almost beat Kia when no one else could, only to be sacrificed in the end. Then I was going to have Natalya step up, but eventually the beating would get too bad and she would go down, too. Enter Beth Phoenix off of injury, which would lead us into WrestleMania, where Beth would get the win. That was my pitch, and Michelle did not want that. She was getting ready to stop wrestling and wanted to go out on a story of her own invention. So she spoke with the boss, and based on relationships in the company, the story was gone.



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      There's no reason they couldn't still have done that storyline after Kharma debuted. We got news of her signing in, what, December/January of 2010/2011? And they were going to burn through all those girls in 2-3 months while setting the stage for Beth to come in for Mania? They could've had her take the title from Brie after debuting at ER and running through the roster through fall/winter until Mania season 2012.

      I get mad when I think about her run because we probably could have had the equivalent to the revolution 4 years sooner had Kharma gotten an actual run and had these feuds to propel the division forward.

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      Still to this day I get so upset that Kia's run turned out the way it did. It's great that she never returned full time because at that time the momentum was dead and she would have never fully recovered.

      I knew the tea on a potential feud with Beth since Gail spilled years ago. The fact that would have been such a historical moment in women's wrestling history I have no doubt that they would have drawn numbers this would have probably been the start of the Women's Revolution. Whew! with Beth being a face at the time I knew she would have been super over with the crowd. 😭

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      That was my pitch, and Michelle did not want that. She was getting ready to stop wrestling and wanted to go out on a story of her own invention. So she spoke with the boss, and based on relationships in the company, the story was gone.

      This is exactly why no one liked her ass plus Beth and Kharma would have out shined her final moments anyway.

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      Right now as back in the day, I would've been so here for Beth vs Kharma, tho I'd be a bit afraid of how many restrictions they would've had in the match during the PG Era. What doesn't sit well with me is the fact that Michelle is sort of getting blamed by him, at least the way it's been put. At the end of the day, Michelle gave Kharma the job anyway once she lost to Layla, and Kelly made more sense anyway because of the "Diva jealousy" angle they were clearly going for to begin with.

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      On 11/26/2020 at 3:26 PM, SaraLaGarcia said:

      Michelle going out by putting Layla over was the better choice. Plus Gail wasn’t here for their story being rewritten by the WWE due to her rightfully having no trust in them. 


      Didn't really do much good for Layla since she tore her ACL in that match which derailed whatever momentum she would've gained there. 

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      On 11/28/2020 at 7:32 AM, SaraLaGarcia said:

      Layla came back from that injury and won a title. Kong ended up getting pregnant and never coming back.

      but layla (no shade) got no type of rub from it. while i love her, she never took off. michelle was very manipulative lol. michelle had all the momentum laycool had. like on paper, layla did well for herself but beating michelle went flat for her. it could've been the injury right after but i feel like when she came back and was in front of the division.. nobody cared.

      i would've loved to see kharma vs. gail, natalya, michelle and beth anyday.

      Edited by Aaliyah Cyrus
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      I mean the story could've still go without Michelle, she did her part by putting her over after her last match anyway. Is he saying she had the kind of pull to stop other gals bags even when she left the company? 💀

      Shit didn't matter anyway, clearly they were gonna do something with Kia, then she got pregnant. The site should also be thankful because some of its faves got to enjoy the spot light: Layla, AJ Lee and Heel Eve.

      Edited by LeJorgee
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