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      ‘The New York Times’ names greatest actors of the 21st century

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      1. Denzel Washington
      2. Isabelle Huppert
      3. Daniel Day-Lewis
      4. Keanu Reeves
      5. Nicole Kidman
      6. Song Kang-ho
      7. Toni Servillo
      8. Zhao Tao
      9. Viola Davis
      10. Saoirse Ronan
      11. Julianne Moore
      12. Joaquin phoenix
      13. Tilda Swinton
      14. Oscar Isaac
      15. Michael B. Jordan
      16. Kim Min-hee
      17. Alfre Woodard
      18. Willem Dafoe 
      19. Wes Studi
      20. Rob Morgan
      21. Catharine Deneuve
      22. Melissa McCarthy
      23. Mahershala Ali
      24. Sonia Braga
      25. Gael Garcia Bernal
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      • Don Draper changed the title to ‘The New York Times’ names greatest actors of the 21st century

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