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      Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst Rumored to Return to Massive "Spider-Man 3" Cast

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      Collider shared in a report that Kirsten Dunst will also return as Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man 3, alongside Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy.

      The outlet, however, pointed out that Stone's return would depend on her pregnancy. As a result, Stone's return isn't definite. 



      The report in question:


      What is a spoiler? It's a question worth asking these days, as more and more comic book movie news is first reported by fan-driven blogs drawing from leaked set photos. For example, is Alfred Molina's oft-rumored and now confirmed return as Doctor Octopus in the next Spider-Man movie a spoiler? Will the character appear in the film's marketing materials, or is his return a "reveal" in the script? I won't pretend to know, but what I do know is that the constant drip drip drip of comic book movie news sure has made the movies themselves feel anti-climactic. But if that's what the people want, then who am I to argue?

      Because guess what? They're all coming back. Everyone.

      Just like Jamie Foxx's Electro, Andrew Garfield will be back, and if Sony/Marvel can close a deal with Tobey Maguire, he'll be back too. Kirsten Dunst will return as MJ, and I expect Emma Stone to reprise her role as Gwen Stacy, pregnancy permitting. Why? Because this third Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland will delve into the multi-verse, just like its animated counterpart Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I don't think that's a big secret at this point, so why do we pretend it is? Because we love the pageantry of it all.


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      I think I like all of this. It depends heavily on how it's handled but I feel like it makes sense with the current version of Spider-Man having the easiest ride to a third instalment while Raimi's isn't remembered very fondly and they botched Webb's before they could even get to a third, so it's kind of like a tribute to the character in all versions. I think the additions won't feature in promo a lot except a moment in the final trailer or something and will amount to not much more than an extended cameo, basically how Peter was used for Civil War with Strange being the bridge to tie things together.



      If this is how they pull together a Sinister Six though, I'm gonna have to put aside the fact it's lazy fan service to stan




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