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      Heartbreakers Holiday Game Night | Fin.

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      The evening was a success, if I do say so myself, and the person who in the end walked out the winner of Shoaib's Fabulous Heartbreakers Holiday Game Night was...


      👑 MARIAH! 👑

      See the full summary of what went down, including all the private voting, below.



      Round 1: SURVIVOR
      Won immunity: Green Tribe (Gavin, Angelic, Michael, Eric, Kat, Mariah, Don Draper)
      Sat out: Erin
      Lost immunity: Red Tribe (Leigh, JJ, Kiki, Jake, TB, Dante, Stephen)
      Voted out: Leigh (3-2-1-1 vote)

      Round 2: THE CHALLENGE
      Won immunity: Kiki (Red) and Gavin (Green)
      Competing in duel: Kat (not picked) and her selection Erin
      Lost the duel: Erin

      Round 3: THE BUTTON
      Pressed red button and safe: Michael, Gavin, Dante and Stephen
      Pressed green button and up for elimination: Angelic, Eric, Kat, Mariah, Don Draper, JJ, Kiki, Jake, TB 
      Voted out: Kiki (3-1 vote)

      Round 4: BIG BROTHER
      Head of Household: Mariah
      Initial nominees: Angelic and Kat
      Power of Veto players: Mariah, Angelic, Kat, Eric, Michael, JJ
      Power of Veto winner: Mariah
      Power of Veto used: Yes, on Kat
      Final nominees: Angelic and JJ
      Evicted: JJ (6-3 vote)

      Round 5: MAFIA
      Mafia: Don Draper and Kat
      Detective: Gavin
      Won: Mafia
      Nominees: Dante and Michael
      Voted out: Dante (4-3 vote)

      Round 6: THE AMAZING RACE
      Finished race: Mariah & Jake (1st), Michael & Angelic (2nd), Gavin & Stephen (3rd), Eric & TB (4th)
      Lost race: Don Draper & Kat
      Lost head to head: Kat


      Round 7: TRUE OR FALSE
      Won immunity: Stephen
      Voted out: Gavin (4-2-2-1 vote)

      Round 8: MUSICAL CHAIRS
      Won immunity: Mariah
      Voted out: Eric (5-1-1-1 vote)

      Round 8: SKRIBBL.IO
      Won immunity: Mariah
      Voted out: Stephen (5-2 vote)

      Round 9: THE WEAKEST LINK
      Strongest Link: Angelic
      Weakest Link: Jake

      Round 10: JIGSAW
      Won immunity: Michael
      Voted out: Angelic (3-2 vote; Mariah played a Hidden Immunity Idol at the last time it could be played, but received no votes)

      Round 11: YOU BETTER DRAG
      Voted out: TB (3-1 vote)
      Dragged: Don Draper


      Gavin: Mariah
      Eric: Michael
      Stephen: Michael
      Jake: Mariah
      Angelic: Michael
      TB: Mariah
      Don Draper: Mariah




      -Congratulations! As the winner, you will receive the grand prize of 250 likes! In addition, the group banked a total of 25 likes for the prize pot in The Weakest Link, which brings your final winnings up to 275.

      Congratulations are also due to our runner-up! You played amazingly too and as second place, you will receive the prize of 100 likes. 

      I appreciate everyone for participating however, so as a thank you and a special little holiday treat, you'll all receive 50 likes each! These will be added soon. I hope everyone had fun and I was able to give you a enjoyable night to close out this year. I honestly never imagined it would work out even half as well as it did and I look forward to potentially making this an annual event too that can further be streamlined and hopefully not take as long fjsjkgjz.

      Thank you again and Happy New Year! xo

      @Angelic @Dante. @Don Draper @Eric @Erin @Gavin @Jake @JJ. @Kat @Kiki @Leigh @Michael Psyches @Mariah. @Captain Fox @Twisted Bliss

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      • Shoaib. changed the title to Heartbreakers Holiday Game Night | Fin.

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