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      Corey Graves on what is killing the Women's Tag Team Division

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      -Speaking on the most recent edition of his After the Bell podcast, Corey Graves revealed exactly what he thinks is dragging down WWE's current women's tag team division.

      On the show, hosted by Graves and NXT commentator Vic Joseph, the duo spoke about a wide range of topics, discussing the fallout from the 2021 Royal Rumble and even getting an exclusive interview with the winner of the men's over-the-top-rope spectacular, Edge.

      One of the key takeaways from this week's episode had nothing to do with their special guest or the Rumble, though, with Graves venting his frustrations regarding WWE's odd tactics when booking their women's tag division.

      The SmackDown commentator feels that the severe lack of legitimate teams on Raw, SmackDown, or NXT is seriously damaging its credibility, noting that throwing together teams like Lana and Naomi is one of many examples of WWE just mashing two random people together and hoping for the best:


      "I don’t mean this as any disrespect to any of the women on RAW or SmackDown that compete for the Women’s Tag Team Championships. I feel like the lack of legitimate tag teams is what’s killing that division. You have people that show up randomly that want a match and now they’re a team. You’ve got Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke who are about the closest thing to a legitimate team. You’ve got Nia and Shayna that have grown into that role, but it’s just been a bunch of mashups of two random people competing for the championships and I feel like it’s just never really allowed that division to shine and become a focus like I know it’s capable of just like the men’s tag team championships. They should be viewed on that same ground, but I find it hard to believe that it’s going to achieve those heights until you have more legitimate teams holding the championships."

      It's hard not to agree with Graves' summary as apart from the likes of The Riott Squad, the majority of the company's female teams are comprised of odd couples thrown together without much of a plan.









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      The main thing that’s killing the division is having singles fucking champions competing for the titles and winning the shits. The point of the damn tag division is for tag teams to find success in a place that the singles title picture wouldn’t allow them. Why the fuck are Sasha and Bianca competing for those titles, why did Asuka win the shits (just to give them to Charlotte, I know). Asuka didn’t even defend her title at ROYAL RUMBLE.

      Ruby/Liv and Mandy/Dana have gotten absolutely nowhere when they’re the most legitimate teams we have right now. Yet they’re irrelevant and get no kind of development. Mandy/Dana were being built with credibility, but then it completely stopped. Nia and Shayna have grown on me a bit, because their dynamic isn’t the typical “we’re besties all of a sudden” stuff.

      Singles title holders should be nowhere near the tag division. And the legitimate tag teams should be the ones on top of the division. Yet they’re the ones constantly losing to these one-off teams, and for what? 

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      Lana and Naomi isn’t even a random pairing especially considering all their history on smackdown. It’s them always wanting to mix the tag team champions with the women’s champion that ruins the dynamic of two separate divisions. It’s also aggy how Triple H only includes nxt in the division when the tag team champions include somebody he likes. 

      Also Corey can shut up and keep it cute because most of the men’s teams literally consist of random pairings as well and he hasn’t said shit.

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      It's probably a better idea to take the Women's tag titles to NXT, because post-WrestleMania, I don't see the tag team titles being relevant on the main roster.

      Shayna & Nia have torn through every tag team already and will likely split and be on the hunt for the Raw Women's title held by either Charlotte/Rhea with Asuka in the hunt as well. Likewise with Smackdown, who only has Sasha, Bianca, Bayley and Carmella in the singles ranks and the Riott Squad and Natalya/Tamina for the tag ranks. Natalya/Tamina might end up being used as filler challengers for Bianca post-WM once she gets past Sasha Banks. Lacey Evans is pregnant, so her team with Peyton Royce is finished. 

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