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      Impact Wrestling | Official Chat Thread

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      *Gail defeated Maria in a No DQ match, Maria is no longer head of the KO division
      *Maria Kanellis, Laurel Van Ness and Allie come to the ring. Maria blames Allie for losing the Knockouts leader title. Allie turns on Maria and ultimately receives a beat down from Laurel. Maria declares a match for next week between Allie and Laurel.
      *Eddie Edwards defeated Cody to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The match first ended in a double pinfall after a double rollup with both mens shoulders on the ground. Eddie was declared the winner; Cody looked stunned but eventually raises Eddie’s hand. Maria comes down to the ring to attack Brandi. An intergender match is declared for the following week between Cody & Brandi and Mike & Maria.
      *Cody & Brandi Rhodes defeated Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis via double submission in an intergender match.
      *Laurel Van Ness defeats Allie. Prior to the match, Jeremy Borash explained to the crowd that Allie is untrained in wrestling and she will face a dangerous opponent in Laurel Van Ness.
      *Brandi Rhodes says that Lashley put Cody down, but not out, this is not the last Impact Wrestling has seen of Cody. Maria and Sienna out, they trade insults with Brandi before it becomes a brawl, Sienna lays out Brandi.
      *Gail Kim is set to make an announcement. She brings Jade out and puts her over as the future, not only of the Knockouts, but of Women’s wrestling. Decay comes out and lays out Kim, Jade, and Jeremy Borash. Rosemary spits mist in the eyes of Gail and then chokes her out. Crazzy Steve then holds Jade while Rosemary hits a coast to coast dropkick into a garbage can placed against Jade.
      *Brandi Rhodes and Madison Rayne defeated Laurel Van Ness and Sienna (w/Maria). Rhodes needed a partner and Maria thought Allie might be it, so she sent Allie to the back. Rhodes announced that her partner was a 5 time Knockouts Champion.
      *Rosemary defeated Jade inside the Six Sides of Steel to crown the new Knockouts champion. Prior to the match, it was announced at the onset of the taping that Gail Kim has been “injured” and a new Knockouts champion would be crowned.
      *A Thanksgiving Feast vignette airs. Allie accidentally hits Maria with a pie to the face. The idea was she was trying to hit Laurel Van Ness. Maria says Allie is jealous of the relationship Laurel has with Braxton Sutter. Allie is berated and finally snaps and slaps Maria. Maria and the others beat her down and announce she has been fired as Maria’s assistant.
      *It is announced that Allie will face Laurel Van Ness and if she wins, she will earn a TNA wrestler’s contract. Maria says Allie is untrained. Allie says she has been training with Braxton Sutter. Allie wins the match and the contract. Maria went after Allie but tried to back off and run to the back, only to be grabbed and tossed back in the ring by Brandi Rhodes.
      *It was announced that Matt Hardy has plans to outdo the Great War, Delete or Decay and The Final Deletion. He announced a complete episode of Impact Wrestling at the Hardy Compound, calling it Total Nonstop Deletion and says Rosemary will defend her title at Total Nonstop Deletion.

      *Madison Rayne defeated Raquel
      *Sienna defeated Raquel

      *Rosemary defeated Jade


      Note: Apparently, these aren't the full spoilers as there was no correspondent at the Sunday afternoon set of tapings.

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      Rosemary snatching the title is fucking amazing. The only reason the rest of the champions have flopped this year is because the most of them lacked character or were simply overshadowed by Gail vs Maria. With that all gone and Rosemary having one of the strongest characters in Women's Wrestling today I'm sure this will be one hell of an amazing title run and hopefully it serves longevity like Taryn's run :clap:

      The Allie & Maria stuff also sounds great and I really hope they slip in some epic training montage clip somewhere. I've also really been liking Laurel's work recently and she was serving in the backstage segment last week, so I hope she can continue to pick up steam going forward. Plus with her being a stuntwoman too I want to see her take some Taryn sized bumps.

      I'm glad Brandi is doing something that doesn't involve the championship tbh. They've booked her correctly in these tapings. Also, mess at Sienna becoming an afterthought which is a shame since she is good in the ring, but she's beginning to serve TNAmina Snuka :skull:


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      6 minutes ago, Natalie said:

      The Allie/Maria is story is so well written! I wish Allie was in WWE, and someone else was in Maria's obv!

      STFU! :uhh:

      Although I agree! Allie is literally what's the WWE women's division is missing. :newspaper: 

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      Maria and her husband's entrance was actually cuTe.

      The rest of TNA left something to be desired though. The backstage  segments were both cringeworthy and while Allie did her best to make the other girl look good, it was just a boring match that doesn't seem to lead to anything further, which is what they need to do. Allie should be in a full-time wrestling role at this point, because as we can see in Brandi/Maria, TNA is lacking serious talent for the women, especially if Gail Kim is injured. :newspaper: 

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      I have come to the conclusion of 2 things: 

      1. Brandi is delusional in her thinking. This bitch done said she's been training for years and she's a really good wrestler and WWE was holding her back. Then this bitch does this shit.

      2. WWE was absolutely right right in their thinking of not letting Brandi step foot in the ring other than to announce. They probably sent her down to nxt to train and she was awful and she didn't get better so they just had her announce. 

      Lana is a Valet and she wants to wrestle but she's had legit things happen to where she couldn't. But if she and WWE wants to have her train and learn to wrestle in nxt then I guarantee she would be better than Brandie. Hell the few moves she did in the ring she looked awesome at. I don't really care for Eva but when she returned to nxt and was wrestling I could see the clear improvement. She still had things to work out like pacing and other things but with time and the right women to work with and learn from she was and will look good. She had things going for her like, the heat she gets, she has a moveset that fits her, and she has a character. In all honesty the only thing Brandi has going for her is her outfits, other than that she's a bore. 

      Think about all the other talented women who TNA pasted up to put in that Main Event spot for Brandi that to me in all honesty never had any real training and is embarrassing the Knockouts Divison. That's a slap in the face to them.

      Rant done.

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