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      Impact Wrestling | Official Chat Thread

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      Brandi Rhodes & Moose vs The Decay:

      Moose & Brandi Rhodes Backstage Segment:

      Angelina Love Promo:


      Brooke vs Sienna w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett:

      Laurel Van Ness' Bachelorette Party ft. Maria, Sienna & Allie



      Angelina Love & Alisha Appearance:


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      They need to take Brandi off of TV until she trains more often and becomes fluid with her movement. Currently she moves around the ring like she's shit her pants and it's embarrassing. And what rubbed it in even more is that Rosemary got no offense in on her which is tragic :uhh:

      Angelina is looking good though and I'm loving this new side of her we're seeing, it's so refreshing and she pulls it off so well. An icon :clap:

      The party segments were a nice touch. Allie's character continues to shit on everything and I'm lowkey excited for the wedding next week. Also Brooke vs Sienna was a whole lot better than their awful first match from a couple of weeks back. Brooke still has ring rust but she's quickly working it off so credit to her :clap:

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      I am cackling at the wedding. Every element was OTT, campy, and so, so messy but it was so fun and entertaining and kept my attention the entire time. I lost it at Maria's facial expressions at the end and Allie and Braxton slowly approaching one another grinning from ear to ear with Laurel bawling in the background and Brooke and Sienna choking each other out in the foreground. :ahh:

      I haven't even been that closely paying attention to this Allie storyline but I can still tell that it's probably been some of the best and most consistent story telling that women's wrestling has had in a while. Good on TNA. :clap:

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      The Brandi, Cody and Moose segment was actually really good :cry: 

      Cancel Jade vs Rosemary. Jade has to be one of the worst women I've seen on the mic :rot: 

      I use the Maria, Laurell and Sienna clique tbh :newspaper: The wedding was really cringe though :rip: Braxton is sooo ugly :uhh: The faces he made when Allie came out... 

      Yas@Brooke. Queen of crashing weddings 


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      I don't really care for Blandi Rhodes. Her lines made me cringe and so do her general mannerisms, so I don't use. But it must be nice having a job just because of who your significant other is, same goes for Braxton Sutter :mariah:

      I'm perched for Jade vs Rosemary 3. I've really enjoyed their encounters so far and I think we've only seen the tip of the iceberg between these two. Rosemary's mic work snatched again and Jade was okay but she needs to take some acting lesson because it's embarrassing watching her speak in segments with Rosemary tbh. I'll give her credit for trying though :clap:

      The wedding, although very over the top and dramatic, I personally enjoyed it because it was fresh and entertaining in all aspects and apparently Madison produced it so she deserve a whole lot of praise :clap: I can honestly say it was one of the best segments I've seen for a long time in wrestling. I was surprised at how hot the crowd was for the segment, especially considering you can normally hear a pin drop in the Impact Zone. However, the year long build up of Allie has really paid off and I couldn't think of a better way to put her over while also establishing Laurel character. I'm really looking forward to seeing the fallout from the wedding and the direction they'll take Allie and Laurel's characters.:clap:

      Also, Maria calling Allie's dress ugly, yet her and her stooge were wearing the same dress, lmfaoooo :ahh:

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      • Angelina Love defeated Angie (MJ Jenkins) via forearm shot
      • ODB defeated Laurel Van Ness. Van Ness still had her wedding dress on and acted drunk.
      • ODB defeated Rebel



      Taped 03/3/17:

      • ODB defeated Rebel.
      • Bruce Prichard comes out and announces that we will crown new Tag Team Champions in two weeks. The Decay come out to interrupt. Reno Scum interrupts them. Out next is Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. They’re all interrupted by the returning LAX, made up of Konnan, Homicide, Angel Rose and 2 guys.
      • Karen Jarrett came out for a promo. She said the past several years have been difficult but now it’s all about changes. She can feel energy backstage and among the production crew. The audience chants for Josh Mathews to be fired. Ethan Carter III interrupts and says he’s here to make Impact great but not for the Jarretts. Karen kisses up to him. Mathews interrupts and goes on a rant, saying the fans were too cheap to buy a ticket to NXT. He belittles Karen and all her changes. Mathews claims he’s one of the best things going in Impact. Karen slaps him down.
      • TNA Knockouts Champion Rosemary defeated Santana Garrett.



      Knockouts Knockdown (airing in April)

      • Laurel Van Ness defeated Rachael Ellering via curbstomp.
      • Angelina Love (w/ Davey Richards) defeated KC Quinn (Brandi Lauren) via forearm shot. Davey Richards tripped up KC Quinn and distracted her allowing Angelina to pick up the win.
      • Leva Bates defeated Allie after interference from Sienna.
      • Diamanté (Angel Rose) defeated Amanda Carolina Rodriguez via Code Red.
      • Rosemary defeated MJ Jenkins via rollup after Crazzy Steve sprays mist into MJ’s eyes. Before the match Steve encourages MJ Jenkins to join Decay, MJ says no and to stick his dosage and shove it up his living dead ass.
      • Alisha Edwards defeated Sienna after Allie hits Sienna from behind allowing Alisha to roll her up for the pin.
      • Santana Garrett defeated Brandi Rhodes via handspring moonsault.
      • ODB defeated Rebel in a comedy match.
      • Leva BatesAlishaSantana Garret, and ODB defeated Laurel Van NessRosemaryAngelina Love, and Diamante. Alisha pins Laurel Van Ness to win. Eddie Edwards comes out and congratulates his wife. He mentions how much he appreciates her putting up with him. He introduces Karen Jarrett who offers Alisha a contract. Alisha signs and is an official part of the Impact roster.



      Taped 03/04/17:

      • Karen Jarrett comes out and says Maria Kanellis had a nervous breakdown and now theirs an open spot in Knockouts Management. The open spot has caused unprofessional behavior and that one Knockout is being a bully, Sienna. Karen says everyone says Sienna is a problem. Sienna blames Allie for telling Karen and the two get into it trading insults. Karen demands an apology. Music hits and a guy joins Sienna in the ring. Guy says he’s KM (Kevin Matthews) and that he’s Sienna’s cousin. Braxton Sutter and Allie make the save after KM threatens Karen Jarrett. That leads to Karen booking KM vs Braxton later tonight.


      • JB interviews Rosemary. Asks who is left for her to beat? Says she retired Gail, blacked Jade’s soul, she has no one left. ODB comes to ring. ODB says she will become five-time “Knocked Up champ”. All of the KO’s come to the ring, they all want a shot and it erupts in brawl.


      • ODB wins a #1 contenders gauntlet match last eliminating Madison Rayne, The final four were MJ Jenkins, Madison Rayne, ODB, and Brandi Rhodes.
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