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      Eight months ago, Taylor and I decided we wanted to build our dream forum -- we wanted to create the ultimate social experience for all of our loyal and future members. Through the generous donations of many, the dream came true! Welcome to the new and improved Heartbreakers! Taylor and I have been working diligently behind the scenes putting this masterpiece -- yes, masterpiece -- together. For the past weekend, we’ve been remodeling the entire site and transferring our content to the IPS software that you helped us purchase. Nothing has been left untouched. Why you ask? We felt that to be the best, we needed to separate ourselves from the rest. This look does exactly that. Take a look around and get situated. This is your new online destination to discuss women’s wrestling.

      We want our community to grow. We love all of you, but we refuse to remain stagnant. We want to attract new members, and we request that you open your arms to any new additions to the forum! Make new members feel at home. In the last few months, we’ve gained a large chunk of new members. Befriend them! The easiest icebreaker is to discuss why they (and you) love women’s wrestling.

      Members who donated are now called Premium Pink Members and have exclusive perks as promised.


      With the new software, Heartbreakers is introducing new features that were previously outlined in our initial trial. The first is tagging. With tagging, you now have the ability to tag the name(s) of the women’s wrestler(s) to whom the thread is related to. This helps fans filter content based on wrestlers of their choosing. Second, we also have a new and enhanced wall feature, similar to that of many top-line social media sites. Communicating with your peers has never been easier, and with set PM limits for non-Premium-Pink Members, we anticipate this feature will become very popular. Speaking of social experience and social media sites, Heartbreakers is now just as customizable. By clicking the paint brush icon (i.e., top-most, left-most icon), we offer banners depicting various iconic moments throughout women’s wrestling history that you can choose from to customize your viewing experience here. Moving forward with this trend of customization, Premium Pink Members now have more options to individualize their profile pages similar to Facebook profile pages. The last of our new major features is the Blogs section. This section is completely restricted to guests; this members-only area is where you can interact with members in a personal and intimate way without having to worry about lurking guests (tangent: you guests should just sign up!). Virtually anything goes in this section, except hateful, abusive, graphic and/or overtly explicit content. Within the Blogs section, you are also given the option to open a "blog club" only accessible to you and members of your choosing.

      The new software also brings about a new warning system and policy. The system can be reviewed here. Note: All members’ warnings have been reset to zero as a result.

      Embedding videos has also changed. You no longer have to worry about complicated embed codes. Simply paste the URL of the following media sites we support, and our new software will automatically embed the media for you. 

      • YouTube (works with YouTube's short link YouTu.be as well)
      • Google Video
      • MySpace Video
      • GameTrailers
      • Flickr Image Set
      • MP3
      • Flash Movie/Game
      • Vimeo
      • Dailymotion

      We are currently working on a solution to embed tweets. We've also added other cool features like spoiler tags. Feel free to experiment with these while replying to threads overtime.


      In closing, we’d like to thank each and every member for your enormous contribution and loyalty. We wouldn’t be here without your support! With Valentine’s Day just passing us by, take this upgrade as a love letter to all of you. We hope you stay with us and encourage others to join through your use of social media, such as Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube. Word of mouth is how some of the biggest and best establishments have risen to the top! So please spread the word of Heartbreakers!

      We'd love to hear your thoughts on our transformation below! Please also ask any questions that may not have been answered.


      We'd also like to thank Jenn for her help with various creative elements!

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      Top Posters In This Topic

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      No way you can like posts now omg  

      Oh, that, good riddance

      Yes, just so you know, you need to update your avis. Those weren't carried over since they weren't hosted on our forum, but rather the image hosting sites you linked to. Signatures are different since they were embedded. :newspaper:

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      Is there a way we can view our 'recent unread topics'? :newspaper:

      Yes. If you look at the large banner below the logo, there is a link to "new content." Similarly, you can also scroll up all the way to the top where you'll see three icons. The icon on the right is linked to new content too.

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      The new look was unexpected, but nice. Luckily some features are similar to another forum I visit so not everything is brand new.



      The new software also brings about a new warning system and policy. The system can be reviewed here. Note: All members’ warnings have been reset to zero as a result.



      btw the link here comes up as an error for me

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      I love it !!


      You guys did and awesome , awesome job .


      I'm really proud of you guys :party: :party:


      Let's give a round of applause to Taylor & Mariah's and everyone else who contributed to make this site amazing .


      Ya gonna make me cry :smh2::crying:

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