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      Best Debut?  

      26 members have voted

      1. 1. Choose One

        • Trish Stratus (WWE 2000)
        • Paige (WWE 2014)
        • Kharma (WWE 2011)
        • Lita (WWE 2000)
        • Mickie James (WWE 2005)
        • Melina (WWE 2005)
        • Beth Phoenix (WWE 2006)
        • Gail Kim (WWE 2003)
        • Jazz (WWE 2001)
        • Taylor Wilde (TNA 2008)
        • Other (please specify)

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      Taylor Wilde's debut was hands down the best in recent memory. The way everything was set up and how they really billed her as an underdog just really *applause*


      Seeing Kong squash these random women every week just made you hope that someone soon would defeat her, what really got me excited is when they picked women in the crowd and the commentators would say "Oh I've seen this girl wrestle before maybe she has a chance" ala Daffney match with Kong I was excited because I was like yes someone to put up a fight. Nope. Then a few weeks later Taylor Wilde comes in and they also talk about her background in wrestling and I'm just like okay maybe this girl can do it. 


      Taylor Wilde was the only girl who took Kong to her limit and then some. She got the crowd behind her and also got the company behind her. I thought the division would be built around Taylor for years to come and her debut is why she is one of my fave Ko's to this day. 

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      Paige. Her debut had nearly everyone on their feet, in utter awe over the shock of Paige not only debuting on RAW so suddenly, but winning the Diva's Championship. Add the fact that she became the youngest Diva's Champion in history and the first and only woman to hold the Diva's and NXT Women's Championship, which had trumped what Gail Kim had accomplished in her debut.


      Kharma's a good second place candidate, because she had a great debut as well.

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      I'll never forget the first time the Li(gh)ta was shone on me.




      This. And not because i'm biassed, Lita actually had one of my favourite debuts, she just came out as a valet and by the end of the segment people were crazy for her, so much slayage :cry:, it's the kind of debut i would like to have if i was a wrestler, coming from the bottom yet getting noticed.


      I'd say Mickie or Beth.

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      I went biased Stan voting & picked Trish, mainly because there had been rumours of her coming since 1998 when she was on OTR so everyone in Canada had been waiting for her so when I saw her, I marked out because she was finally there, our next Canadian star.

      Also, while Paige's debut was awesome, the minute she walked out we all pretty much said she was gonna snatch. We knew the outcome. Kharma is a close second because the looks on the faces of the other Divas was priceless.

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      En mi opinion a large reason Paige's got the reaction it did was cause it was Paige, not cause it was an amazing segment.

      You have a point. I mean, I love Paige but she was clearly nervous and you heard it in her voice plus the match wasn't anything to write home about (though I don't think it was meant to be a clinic as it was quick). I think most of the positive critical reception came from AJ's mic work in the preceding promo and during the back and forth exchange. Everything regarding Paige was hype and excitement since it was a complete surprise and the atmosphere was everything. I think that's why it ranks highly. However, objectively, I think all the elements came together for Kharma the most thus giving her the best debut: shocking, exciting, effective. It still has the girls clamoring for her 3 years later :dying:

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