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      Heartbreakers Countdowns and Rates | Home Thread

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      Heartbreakers Countdowns and Rates

      Welcome to our newest edition to the Heartbreakers Community. With the success of Anya's countdown debating the greatest wrestlers in WWE Divas history, the staff decided that it would be a fun, brilliant idea to make countdowns and rates a permanent feature on HB. What better way to get a fruitful discussion going than ranking certain women in certain areas?

      Here's how these will work; in the next few weeks, the staff will be taking turns posting and hosting countdowns. At this time only staff will be allowed to do so. This will serve as an example of how  successful countdowns/rates are done. Following the completion of our batch, we will then open up countdown/rate hosting to all members.

      In order to host, you must post a very brief application in this thread with the title of your countdown/rate, the theme or an explanation of what it's about and any other details you think would be necessary, such as the time frame you need and the amount of rankings you'll be doing. This will be your business proposal because not all submissions will be approved. We need to be absolutely sure you are capable of hosting your own countdown or rate, as these will be publicly viewed by guests and new members on the forum. Originality and creativity is also taken into account. The staff will collectively look over your submission and decide whether you are fit or not and respond accordingly. An important thing to note is this will be on a first come, first serve basis.

      The second post of this thread will be where you can find the sign-ups sheet or the schedule. Once approved, your name will be added to the sign-up sheet in the order you were approved. Once the previous person has finished their countdown/rate, you will then be given the OK to begin yours. You will not begin until you are given the go ahead.

      The last and most important thing is to have fun. Don't get too petty when making your countdowns. Just enjoy and encourage each other! If you have any questions or need help with anything, whether it be now or when you're doing your own countdown or rate, use only this thread and a staff member will reply when they can.

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      An idea popped into my head today. This time last year Marco hosted a countdown reliving some of Trish Stratus' best moments and with Lita going in this year I think it's only fair that we hold one fo

      He didn't finish that yet!  

      Anything Trish will win is preferred sis

      Countdowns and Rate Scheduling/Sign-up Sheet



      1) Greatest Divas Championship Reigns Countdown
      hosted by: Anya

      1) Candy Girls: Top 15 "Eye-Candy" Divas
      hosted by: Mariah.

      2) RAW is Smart, Sexy and Powerful: The Definitive RAW Divas

      hosted by: Mariah.

      1) Top 10 Best Wrestlers of All Time (Countdown)
      hosted by: Anya
      winner: Natalya
      2) The Next Big Thing: WWE's Greatest Attempt at Replacing Trish
      hosted by: Mariah.
      winner: Mickie James
      3) The Top WrestleMania Moments (Countdown)
      hosted by: Charlie
      winner: Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James - Wrestlemania 22
      4) Stratusfied: The Career of Trish Stratus (Countdown)
      hosted by: Jhonmarco
      winner: Trish Stratus vs. Lita (Trish's final title win and retirement) - Unforgiven 2006
      5) Wasted Potential: Top Ten Divas/Knockouts That Should Have Been Utilized Better (Rank)
      hosted by: Paul
      winner: Jillian Hall
      6) Mainstream Wrestling's Best Female Alliance
      hosted by: Charlie
      winner: Molly Holly and Gail Kim
      7) Top 10 Knockouts Countdown
      hosted by: DayDreamer
      winner: Awesome Kong
      8) Top 10 ICONIC Wrestling Themes
      hosted by: SimplyFoxy
      winner: Victoria - All the Things She Said
      9) Trish Stratus' Most Stratusfying Tag Match
      hosted by: Charlie
      winner: Trish and Lita vs. Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler - Invasion 2001
      10) Top 20 Divas Matches
      hosted by: Jhonmarco
      winner: Trish Stratus vs. Lita - Raw Main Event 2004
      11) Top 15 Divas of the Attitude Era - Countdown
      hosted by: Charlie
      winner: Chyna
      12) The Greatest Three Ways Ever
      hosted by: Matias
      winner: Trish Stratus vs. Victoria vs. Jazz - WrestleMania XIX
      13) The Top 20 Diva Finishers (Countdown)
      hosted by: Charlie
      winner: Victoria's Widow's Peak
      14) The Best Rivalry: Top 15 Women's Wrestling Feuds
      hosted by: Jhonmarco
      winner: Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James

      15) 15 Greatest Championship Matches

      hosted by: Stratusfaction
      winner: Trish Stratus vs. Lita - Raw Main Event 2004


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      could it be Best female manager of all time?

      Yep, that's perfectly fine.

      However, remember the staff are doing the first few. You guys don't have to worry too much about proposals for now. Questions about what is okay are welcome.

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      I have one.

      As I am such a sucker for romance and as I have always had an interest in the couples of WWE, how about a countdown of the greatest power couples in WWE history?

      That idea would work. But again, hold off full proposals/applications for at least the next few days until we figure out the full scheduling of the staff. When that is worked out, then you guys can start pitching and will be added to the list per approval, immediately below the staff submissions. We want at least 4 reserved for staff before we let you guys jump on.

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      A mess at there being one for every division  :dying:

      But on topic, you have time choose something else Hasnan.

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      Greatest moments, not matches but moments. Like Lita litancaraning Christian off the cage.

      That's a really good one! The staff is getting ourselves organized, so we should start taking on applications by the end of the week.

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