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      Popular WWE Veteran Partying Too Much, Stars Don't Want to Work With Them

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      A bit of a blind item.


      We were told that there’s been a lot of talk within WWE lately, between talents and not publicly, about how a popular veteran is partying too much. We have heard a name from two sources and don’t feel comfortable revealing it at this point, but may if something changes.

      The behavior has gotten so bad that it’s affecting his in-ring work, according to those talking, and some have talked privately about not wanting to work with the veteran anymore.

      It’s interesting that there’s been some talk from fans this year about how this same WWE Superstar has “phoned it in” during some of his recent matches and feuds.


      Wonder who it could be...


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      18 hours ago, Joshanoa'i said:

      n this flop shade when Rosa isn't even on the road.


      18 hours ago, Travis Mendes said:

      This is so tacky. :rip: 


      mess, I wasn't trying to shade Rosa at all, instead I acknowledged the fact she's a veteran


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