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      WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

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      3 hours ago, blond. said:

      I've tolerated Bayley's never ending title reign because I assumed she was eventually dropping it to Sasha. I realized it was too early for it to happen at Wrestlemania but the time for it was now. 

      All the women on both shows who have been denied title reigns and had their careers stalled because of Bayley and Becky's never ending title runs is straight up bullshit.

      I don't mind the "two woman power trip" storyline but it didn't need to come as a result of a 14 month title reign from Bayley (minus the 5 days Charlotte had it).

      the way bayley killed her career on the MR with her mic skills and the way she kept on failing to deliver in the ring, but got a year long reign out of it  :skull:  I remember the way people were booing her ass when she was a face.

      like, I don't care Sasha got the title. It's the fact that Sasha/Bayley already hold the tag titles and are now holding both singles titles when they already are the main focus for both shows. If Bayley had lost her title and Sasha won hers then cool. When they end up feuding with each other while holding both singles belts .....

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      :hatnikki:The way HB wouldn't let me log in. :pregbrie:

      Sasha winning the Raw Women's Championship makes no sense unless this another attempt at dragging the potential Bayley feud even longer. Perhaps WWE feels confident about getting a real crowd pretty soon? Either way, winning a title via countout when countouts are supposed to lead to a champion retaining is all kinds of bad. If Sasha was going to win, she deserved a better victory than that and Asuka deserved a better reign in general.

      Thinking about it now, I suppose the Smackdown commentary already spoiled this result. Bayley will eventually get jealous of Sasha getting "more" attention than her as champion since they highlighted Bayley feeling overshadowed by Becky and somehow Asuka (don't really buy the Asuka part) when they were champions. Guessing Bayley will cost Sasha the Raw championship at Summerslam but they might delay it again so no promises.

      The Women's Tag Titles are in a rough spot. They need to rebuild and create new tag teams because the entire division has been on standby mode. Bayley and Sasha might hold on to those titles for a long time since it comes with brand hopping privileges. In the end, our saving grace might be Charlotte since she's destined to go after one of the titles in Baysha's possession. Anyways, I hope Sasha's Smackdown Women's Championship win is more special and iconic than the mess we got on Raw.

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      It's such a conflicting mess because Sasha deserves a better title win and reign from Bayley and Asuka shouldn't be dropping it so soon. All of her title defenses has been booked terribly and the only real victory she had under that reign was against Bayley. It's pretty clear Sasha will drop soon which honestly just adds to her RAW womens title curse :smh: 

      I feel like the only interesting direction this can go is a bit of a reboot on Asuka's character and have her eventually be the tweener/heel champ she is meant to be, but I can't trust that is the endgame when management is so high up on Sasha and Bayley. And holding off on Sasha v. Bayley is such a bad fucking idea knowing that there aren't any women left on SD for Bayley to run through in the meantime. They really booked themselves into a corner :skull:

      Kairi :crying: I sure hope she gets to move on from this mess and she seems happy leaving, but she was booked as such a mess. Kabuki Warriors was the most consistent she's ever been, and I'm kind of sad she lost that momentum completely at WM. Hopefully she'll come back for a final match against Asuka sometime but I hope she feels happier going home :heart: 

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      Honestly that segment showcased everyone's growth so well. Riott squad reunion was cute because Ruby have been killing her promos, and Peyton/Billie are still booked better than how they used to be. Them dethroning Sasha and Bayley sounds really cute, I just hate how Bianca was pushed aside again. Like can't she challenge the title over Shayna? :skull: 

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      they definitely shuffled people around backstage or there’s something else going on... Asuka zooming in to the show, Shayna getting another title match, Bianca/Ruby being dropped with no explanation, Nia written off... I smell trouble, or corona 


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      Fun night!? I’m actually REALLY okay with the Riot Squad reunion here. They need credible teams and they should have been champs already. Really great segment there. Can’t wait to see more!!

      Shayna vs Sasha was a taste of what those two can do together. I liked it! Sasha legit is THAT BITCH. She has chemistry with everyone.

      Asuka we all know and love is back! Shayna involved now is somewhat intriguing. As long as she doesn’t actually win the strap! Nia looked super cute tonight!! 🥰 no follow up on Nia vs Shayna!?

      Bianca as the concerned wife is a great story to sink her teeth into until they include her in the division full time. 

      solid night!



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      3 hours ago, Jeigz said:

      they definitely shuffled people around backstage or there’s something else going on... Asuka zooming in to the show, Shayna getting another title match, Bianca/Ruby being dropped with no explanation, Nia written off... I smell trouble, or corona 


      tbf, i always felt like Bianca/Ruby was a last minute thing just cause Liv was unavailable for a few weeks

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      4 minutes ago, AntiKingAndrew said:


      wow i cant believe mickie is finally going to be sd womens champion :shook: 

      how they put together a nice little package for her for a throwaway return but paid her dust when she reappeared in 2017? maybe she IS coming 


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