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      Then, Now, #Fourever | Happy Birthday, HB!

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      Four years ago today, Taylor and I opened Heartbreakers and hoped it would become a place where people from all walks of life can gather and talk freely about a sport that's been looked down upon for

      Let's take the time to honor the fallen members we have lost over the last few years. 1.Anya 2.Ava 3.Matias 4.Jhonmarco 5.Stu 6.Megumi 7.Hassan 8.Melon 9.O

      This is so cute, I'm really happy we all found one another. It kinda feels like the Golden Girls and how fate put them together.  

      33 minutes ago, Eric said:

      I knew some of y'all for like 6 years if we think back to Diva-Dirt. Nonetheless Happy Birthday To Heartbreakers.

      One of my favorite memories was the Miranda Cosgrove fight between @WWFoverWWE and @Gloober that carried from  random thoughts all the way into plug. :cry:

      i think it started in some discussion thread, and then ER, and then random thoughts, and then plug



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      Four years goes by super fast :rot:

      Heartbreakers has had its ups and downs, especially now considering the girls really aren't helping this site to gain some activity, but the bonds that have strengthened over the past four years between all of the key members that have joined our family since, can never be broken, no matter how much of a flop the main product is these days :heart:

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      Wow, time flies! It's already been a year of me being a member here and I still feel like I joined yesterday :P But it's been so fun, a lot of kii's, and I've made a lot of friends. Looking forward to more good times and laughs and here's to 4 more years!!

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      I may not post or even sign in as much as I once used to but there's no denying this place still holds a special place in my heart. Happy birthday and here's to many more once forum faves Nikki and AJ revive interest upon their returns soon!

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      1 hour ago, Charlie said:

      Four years goes by super fast :rot:

      Heartbreakers has had its ups and downs, especially now considering the girls really aren't helping this site to gain some activity, but the bonds that have strengthened over the past four years between all of the key members that have joined our family since, can never be broken, no matter how much of a flop the main product is these days :heart:


      ! This :cry:

      I feel like we created such a strong bond with one another over the years that if we fight with one another we don't even take it seriously anymore. :cry: It always ends with a "Whatever hen" or something in that sort to let one another know it's all fun and jokes and I really love that tbh. :crying:

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        • By Mariah.
          As of August 14th, it's been 8 years since a little idea to create a home for a small group of us women's wrestling fans exploded into a movement to have our voices heard throughout all nerddom communities, governed by cishet men. We've fallen onto slower days, but I think I speak for many of us when I say that this will always be our home; a home that we built together, to stand resilient and strong amidst the changing world wide web and world at large. I love and thank every single one of you for helping to make this one of my greatest accomplishments in life. You all have changed my life exponentially, gave reason for my existence and I look forward to celebrating many, many more birthdays with you all on here, even as we grow old and evolve with the times
          Happy Birthday, Heartbreakers.
        • By Mariah.

          It was only a few short months ago that Heartbreakers was reborn as a forum dedicated to geek culture, catering to a LGBTQ+ persons, cis women and PoC audience. But it was on this day SEVEN years ago that the idea to create a women's wrestling forum at a time when those were thought to be extinct was brought to life. All that we've managed to accomplish in the years to follow has been beyond both mine and my former co-owner's wildest dreams. And there's still so much more to accomplish now that myself, alongside current admins @Shoaib. and @Jake, decided to embark on a new journey and expand our message of inclusivity within niche fan bases. As usual, we would like to thank our loyal, beautiful community of members over the years for keeping us alive all this time and helping us grow into what we are today. And of course everyone who has ever been part of our staff, helping to keep things active and healthy.
          My one wish for the future is just to keep thriving as we continue to bring new ideas to the table in order to make our community even better. Expect the continuation of our cutting edge role-playing game "New Gods", more competitions like the ongoing "HB Survivor", more discussions, more news and more regular countdowns, including a very special one to push us deeper into our new era...

          More details to be announced really soon.
          Thanks again everyone. You guys truly own my heart and I'm eternally grateful to have been graced with so many bright, unique individuals, helping me escape and overcome a lot of dark moments in real life. As a gift to you all, I will grant any member one free username change. Just please notify myself or a member of admin directly if you are interested. Also, please feel free to use this thread not only to wish us a happy birthday, but to pitch ideas to help keep our community exciting. I love you all and to many more.
          Fuck reality.
        • By Mariah.
          5 years.
          60 months.
          261 weeks.
          1,825 days.
          43,800 hours.
          2,628,000 minutes.
          1,037,967 posts.
          10,715 topics.
          When you put forth all the numbers that reflect HB's rich history, it becomes evident how far we've come since August 14, 2012 when Taylor and I set out to create a carefree place where a visible minority in the wrestling community can be heard. It's numbers like these that make you realize that through sheer passion, nurturing and effort, anything can be achieved. That's something I've learned and hope I can say the same for when I walk away and strive for more in the bigger world. But I think the most important number is 1,281 --- the number of members that without, none of this could have ever been achieved. I, as well as others behind the wheel, have expressed deep gratitude to all of you for making this possible and I don't know what else I could possibly say that hasn't been said with each passing year that HB has grown beyond compare. This forum has become a massive part of my life, so much so that I share things with a lot of you that I wouldn't even share with most in my day to day life and I sit here recovering from a sinus infection (following strep throat!), just wanting to say thank you from the heart for the millionth time. But what's next? That's the question myself and @Shoaib. have been asking each other as we see past goals of making women's wrestling matter be achieved, overall interest start to wane and members finding other avenues of social media for their voice to be heard. What I hope is next is that beyond myself, Shoaib and others who have called HB home for years, the forum will continue to prosper because there's still so much more that lies ahead and so much that has been put into this place already. But, as always, we're a community and it depends on you. So with that said, while wishing HB a monumental Happy 5th Birthday, share what this place has meant to you and if you feel another 5 years is yet to be written in the books/tell us what you hope is next.
          With love,
          Happy Birthday, Heartbreakers!

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