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      WWE buying TNA library NOT the promotion. "deal is imminent"

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      16 minutes ago, Dante. said:

       Good. I need to relive 2007-2009 TBP in HD. :curious: 

      Yessss omg Gail vs Jacqueline, Kong vs Gail/Taylor/Christy, Tara's debut, the KO Tag Team Tournament  :laycry: Can this company die already so I can stop making new network trial accounts with Visa gift cards :uhh: all that KO footage alone is worth the $10

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      It makes sense on paper, but it would require them to own the "TNA"/"Impact Wrestling" intellectual property as well for them to truly market it, and seeing that they just did tapings, I really can't see this going forward quite yet. They need to get the assets together for rebranding before they sell it to Vince, otherwise they will go out of business. :skull: 

      They'll own it eventually, though. It's integral to AJ's story as it will be for Joe's, Roode's and Aries' when they all come up.

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      8 minutes ago, Vinaro said:

      Can they buy TNA in a whole so Maria and Allie can snatch a spot on WWE? 

      They're not interested in buying the promotion because they don't want any of the messy TNA workers :sasha: 

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      1 hour ago, Eva Flair said:

      I don't understand. Buy the library but not the promotion? So WWE is willing to put TNA matches on their Network while TNA brand is still actively around?

      they can use the footage for guys like AJ and they'll probably do documentary shows about TNA and its downfall lol

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      9 minutes ago, Dante. said:



      Angelina Love, Queen of Dragging.


      But I'm pretty sure they can restore the footage for HD I was watching a Rico w/ Jackie match up from WWE Classics on their YT and it was from like 2003 :skull:

      Most of the footage being restored first if at all.. Are the men. Definitely for packages and the odd flashback match for YT.

       Knockout footage being reshown would be pointless because they have not one single woman from their prime era under contract. 

      The only way we would really get the content we want would be if Gail went back because she's the core of the entire women's show.

      Unless they are trying to build some big retro wrestling network.

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      1 hour ago, Cooksie said:

      They'll own it eventually, though. It's integral to AJ's story as it will be for Joe's, Roode's and Aries' when they all come up.

      Gail Kim's induction, Kharma's return and Velvet's debut :excited::excited::excited: 

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      2 minutes ago, Dawit said:

      What's the deal with the TNA initials? Did they sell the original name or something? Idgi

      That's what I'm confused about because there's a lot more to sell with that brand identity than just the name of the show and the company. You can't keep the title lineages intact and reference/sell merchandise from the past if you no longer own your archival footage or the intellectual property associated with it.

      I hope they got the right price, because if not, it's kinda hard for you to start from scratch like that. :smh2: 

      Oh well, Gail Kim and Knockouts title DLC coming for 2K18 :excited: 

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