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      O36b1qL.png PfAOtr6.png d31SJl1.png GpNlaLM.png
      j4tfiY7.png sCXTJou.png AUosFdM.png



      Finishing Move(s):
      Signature Moves:
      Character Description: (Whatever length you’re comfortable with)
      Allies: (Male or female superstar(s) you're interested in having a relationship/partnership with. Please discuss it first) 
      Sample Roleplay: (A quick promo or segment with the character you're signing up as. Whatever length you’re comfortable with)
      Entrance Theme/Titantron:


       tDFUv86.png XNXV3Kn.png  y4HHNgi.png QfZRjbk.png

       yfeEYLT.png lpbjRZ7.png 84rUcUJ.png MRj5ur3.png

      (More talent will become available after the game has started! Stay tuned!)




      CcWsNye.png JsueQ4r.png yFsXEz9.png ch2meER.png HzgIx21.png yJ6XS6V.png LeSoeqf.png kt1jHKJ.png 4AdfLPl.png

        BiTvSw7.png VPGXKZX.png F75wBKb.png cYOP44g.png nR7CUf0.png pisvbaS.png lLGObrp.png 5j85fxh.png 2cKHrrD.png

        JKcHXgF.png 5k49dBA.png 8cS4Jl6.png bhe33xe.png ySngY5K.png qgSIclo.png jwnDj3s.png TOOj9B1.png NBZUQN3.png

      all graphics by @Jake

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      Top Posters In This Topic

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      height: 5' 6" hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona disposition: TBD finishing move(s): "High Society" (Senton Bomb) "Bella Blowout" (Alley Oop Facebuster) signature moves: "Varsity Slam"

      Peyton Royce Nickname: The Poisoned Princess The Venus Fly Trap Height: 5ft7 Weight: 132lbs Hometown: Sydney, Australia Disposition: Heel Allies: Billie Ka



      Name: Paige
      Height: 5'8''
      Hometown: Norwich, England
      Disposition: Babyface
      Finishing Move(s): RamPaige (Cradle DDT), PTO/Paige Tap Out (Scorpion crosslock)
      Signature Moves: Eviction Notice (Fallaway slam), Paige Turner (Modified Russian legsweep), Corner shining wizard/short-arm clothesline combo, Superkick
      Character Description: In a world looking to settle into black and white, Paige finds herself stuck adorning a defiant shade of grey. Outspoken, rebellious and tad bit mischievous, Paige has always been one to stand out from a crowd. It's through this inability to blend in that Paige has defined herself as one of the most prolific women in WWE in the past decade. The inaugural and longest-reigning NXT Women's Champion, a two-time Divas Champion and a star of E!'s Total Divas, no matter which way she was headed, she's never followed anyone's lead. Instead of tan and blonde, she went pale and black. Instead of anti-feminine and serious, she went glamorous and sarcastic. Every ounce of Paige is 100% her own, and with her undeniable in-ring gifts, she's determined to experience success on her terms, and no one else's.
      Allies: Not Alberto Del Rio!

      Sample Roleplay:



      DATE: 3.15.15 / LOCATION: Journalist's Circle, Backstage @ HBPW: Live / ATTIRE: ☠


      To say Wrestling Queendom didn't go as planned for Paige would be an understatement. After being cheated out of a win by a debuting Sofia Cortez, her rival Alicia Fox was able to come out on top at the big event. Fleeting memories of falling from the top turnbuckle, her face colliding with a steel chair, and the look of disappointed fans' faces haunted Paige's thoughts, and she couldn't help but feel duped upon leaving the University of Phoenix Stadium.


      As the next HBPW: Live event approached, the Anti-Diva would be able to channel some of her frustration and use it against one of the catalysts in its creation; Sofia Cortez. And one could only wonder what sort of things Paige had in store for her former ally.





      The scene opened with a shot of Renee Young, standing in front of a monitor with the HBPW: Live's graphics playing on the screen. Only about a half an hour before the start of the second HBPW: Live show, the excitement was infectious, as evident by how Renee Young seemed to beam into the camera. She lifted the microphone in her hand to speak.


      renee young

      "We're back on the HBPW: Live Pre-Show; please welcome my guest at this time, Paige."


      Paige walks into the shot, with a closed smile.



      "Hiya, Renee."


      renee young

      "Thanks for taking time out of your pre-match preparation to come and speak with us-- Paige, at Wrestling Queendom, you came up short in your No Holds Barred match with Alicia Fox. Now, while we'll touch upon the details behind this loss shortly, for now we're just curious as to what your thoughts were on what it felt like to perform at the University of Phoenix Stadium at HBPW's biggest event to date."



      "Eh, it was fun."


      renee young

      "Just fun?"



      "I mean, what do you want me to say? It was fun to get the chance to wrestle in front of ten thousand people, and I was definitely getting a lot of good vibes from that crowd, but really, I can't seem to gush over it that much. Like, Renee, if you went to a theater, and you saw this great movie... and you laughed, cried, and ate Ambrose's popcorn... but then your car gets stolen once the movie's over, you're not going to go on and on about the movie too much, are you?"


      renee young

      "Well, uh... no, I guess I wouldn't."



      "Exactly. That's how I feel. I feel cheated, honestly. I trained really hard and thought of so many things I could do to make Foxy look worse than she already does, but I couldn't get to do that because I don't go around asking people to fight my battles for me."


      renee young

      "I guess that leads us right into our next question; we saw Sofia Cortez interfere in the match and aide Alicia Fox in picking up the victory over you. Now, we know you and Sofia Cortez were once allies very early in your career down in Florida Championship Wrestling-- how do you think Sofia found her way into your match? Did Alicia Fox call her, or was it the other way around...?"



      "I'm not sure, but it doesn't make any difference to me either way. While it seems like the kind of trick Foxy would pull, I'm angry all the same. Sofia and I did get on very early because, to me, she represented everything that I wanted to be once I made it to WWE-- outspoken, unafraid; bad-ass.


      A lot of people might not know this, but I went out on my own in the States when I was very young. I didn't have a lot of friends, I floated through a lot of parties and social circles and couldn't find anything of meaning. I was vulnerable, but she was the one person in that locker room that I felt like had my back in a really critical part of my career. When she left NXT, we didn't stay in touch, but I figured that was just her pride getting in the way-- she had a lot of problems with the WWE. Some I agreed with, some I didn't.


      But, I couldn't stay focused on someone else when I left my home to make my dreams come true. And they did. So, certainly, I'm not the one with the problem here."


      renee young

      "So, what's Sofia's problem? Do you think she's jealous of the success you had?"



      "I don't want to make assumptions, but... yeah. Yet, the problem with the way she went about getting that chip off of her shoulder is that nothing she did at Wrestling Queendom can take that away from me. I've made history, Renee, this bitch is lucky if anyone on this side of the border knows who she is without a Google search."


      renee young

      "Ouch. Do you think this is personal, or, could this be like Melina or the person that attacked Summer Rae and Maryse? Is Sofia Cortez taking a shot at you to create her own opportunity here in HBPW?"



      "I mean, like I said, all of that is an assumption. She's never talked as if she had a problem with me, but actions speak louder than words, so, if it wasn't personal then, it is now. 


      People need to realize that making your own opportunity can happen without attacking someone from behind or taking shortcuts in your matches. This is a product like no other, and so many of these girls want to be the face of this brand and are willing to sacrifice their credibility for the sake of doing so.


      I don't respect Melina after what she did to Ashley, and I also don't respect whoever laid out Summer and Maryse. It's cowardice. If you want to fight, if you want to get a match on the card, talk to Steph.


      If you want to fight with me, hit me from the front. And I'm sure there are plenty of people that want to, so wait your turn. Don't stick your nose in business that doesn't involve you, or, at least on my part, there will be hell to pay."


      renee young

      "One final question, Paige... what are you expecting from Sofia in your match that's coming up with her? It's clear that the ball is in your court after she blindsided you-- what do you have to do to come out with the win tonight?"



      "Expect everything. This is her debut match and I'm sure she doesn't want to get dropped by me, but you know, something's just aren't in your hands. And that's one of them. I made it clear to people that I was going to settle the score with Alicia Fox at Wrestling Queendom, and she prevented me from doing so. If anything, this is a speed bump from me getting the closure I need before I can move on. Bad part is, for Sofia at least? I've got four-wheel drive. I can handle anything she,"


      Paige looks directly into the camera.


      "or anyone else, throws at me."


      renee young

      "Thank you for your time, Paige."



      "No problem."


      She gives Renee a parting smile, before exiting the shot as the blonde looks on.




      Entrance Theme/Titantron:


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      8 minutes ago, prxnca said:

      omg i wanna do this but do i send an app or just reserve!!?!!

      if you reserve, you have about a week to post your app or someone else can post an app for them. If you post an app and your app is good by staff's standards, then you'll be added to the official roster right away :newspaper: 

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      NICKNAME“The Total Diva”
      HEIGHT: Five Foot, Three Inches
      HOMETOWN: Cleveland, OH
      DISPOSITION: Heel Superstar



      [ FLEX CITY ] Handstand Corner Foot Choke, transitioned into a clothesline

      Showing off her athleticism, Dana places her stunned opponent in the corner then proceeds to do a handstand, using her right foot to choke her opponent. Once the four count is reached, Dana flips back onto her feet with ease and transitions the move into a pull-in clothesline.


      [ TOTAL TERMINATOR ] Samoan Driver

      Using her brute strength to hoist her opponent onto her muscular shoulders, Dana takes time to taunt with her groggy opponent - doing a squat with her opponent rested on her shoulders as if she was at the gym. Swinging her opponent off her shoulders, Dana quickly sits out onto the canvas, pummeling them into the canvas between her legs.



      Dana Brooke has it all — beauty, brains and power — and she can’t help it.

      Brooke joined NXT in 2013 from the world of fitness competitions. Bringing a body chiseled out of stone to the squared circle, the naturally gifted competitor picked up the ring game with ease.

      Along the way, she also developed a supreme confidence in herself. You might say Brooke’s biggest fan is staring back at her in the mirror. In addition to her in-ring training, she earned her way into the Fitness International competition at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival, a first for an NXT or WWE Superstar.

      But now that the competition is out of the way, Brooke has turned her attention to WWE. Flexing on her way to the ring, Brooke makes sure the WWE Universe — and her opponents — are familiar with every perfectly sculpted muscle before the bell rings. Once the match starts, the blonde bombshell unleashes an arsenal of powerful strikes and slams, punishing her opponents and backing up her boasts.

      Dana Brooke plans on remolding WWE in her image and all others better take notice. 




      RP SAMPLE:


      A debut could make or break a career. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Something as small as a match can build your career up into what you've always wanted it to be, or it could crumble your every last thought of even wanting to wrestle anymore. People come and go in the wrestling world. Fortunately for the Total Diva, Dana Brooke, she was no stranger at making a lasting first impresion. As former fitness competitor, the blonde bombshell is no stranger to entertaining a crowd and performing under pressure - and plans on bringing her dazzling physique into the PCW arena. Seated in front of a black curtain, Dana sat in a stage chair with her legs crossed, admiring her reflection in the mirror. The PCW logo fades into the bottom left corner, indicating this segment is now being recorded. Dana wore a short cut black dress with red pumps, fluffing her hair about with a grin. Off camera, a PCW backstage correspondent continued to question her, the broadcast fading onto the PCW website mid-conversation.]

      dana brooke,
      "These PCW Knockouts don't know the definition of hard work! I have sacraficed years of my life, perfecting my craft as a bodybuilder, working hard. And now I'm ready to work just as hard to takeover this division. These girls get everything handed to them on a silver platter, especially if they have the fans on their side. They don't work for anything! Do you really think I'm going to go off what the fans say? Their only role is to sit down, stuff their faces, and boo me - because they're jealous of my fit body. Take Bayley for example. Bayley doesn't work hard for anything here at PCW. And let me tell you something, the sole reason she has gold around her waist is because she relies on the fans. Want to know what hard work is? (The camera pans onto Dana's toned, musuclar arm as she lifts it into the air with a smirk) That right there is hard work! I am a physical specimen and my body is an example of my dedication and strength. It's only a matter of time before I put the PCW Knockouts on notice, and nobody is going to stop me. I mean - who can compete with the Total Knockout? JoJo? Too tiny. Becky? Too eck! Paige? She's been wrestling her whole entire life, and what does she have to show for it? A bunch of brawling attacks and kicks, like we're on the playground? Ha, (Dana dramatically laughs, flicking her hair back) ..yeah I don't think so honey! I've been in the business for only two years now and you can see the growth when I step foot in the ring, because I'm just that talented. When I put my mind and effort into something, I dedicate my life and time into it until I master it. Everything I do, I master, whether it be body-building or wrestling. Some of these Knockouts may have the experience edge over me, but when it comes to ability, there's no competition."

      [Dana dusted her hands together with an arrogant grin. Her fingers through her blonde locks, rubbing her pink colored lips together as she admired her reflection. The unidentified figure she was speaking to off camera made a comment, Dana nodding her head as the man spoke to her. Dana paused for a moment, her mood becoming a little more serious during this reply, keeping her eyes fixed on the camera as if she was speaking directly to all of the knockouts and superstars who are watching this broadcast. ]

      dana brooke,
      "What's my goal here in PCW, you ask? Total domination. I think it's about damn time I show each and everyone of those Knockouts that I'm just -- how do I put this in the nicest way possible? -- Better than them! I can't continue to sit back and expect these other girls to give me respect because of my past accomplishments. They know I have an amazing body, they know I have the looks to become the top Superstar in this company. But they don't know that I am capable of holding that title. (Dana inhales deeply, a smirk on her face) Ya'know I think it's about time I stop trying to earn respect, and just take it. Because respect never came to those just waiting for it. Playtime is over."

      [ With her final line lingering in the air, Dana waved her finger towards the camera. Dana Broke was about to show the world that she was not just another model turned wrestler, but instead the hardest working Knockout, who was ready to change the face of wrestling. Regardless of win or lose, Dana was coming to make an impact, and only in the best ways possible. It was now or never, and Dana Brooke is picking now. The camera slowly fades to a black


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      Name: Mandy Rose
      Height: 5'4

      Hometown: Yorktown Heights, New York
      Disposition: Heel
      Finishing Move(s): Implant Buster, Springboard Bulldog
      Signature Moves: Goddess Kick, Tilt A Whirl Facebuster
      Character Description: Within a land filled with indie girls and injured girls, the golden goddess has struck upon the division to give it some glam and wrestling. The former Tough Enough Contestant and Total Diva is here to show that why she truly is the next face of the company.  She is here to show that you can have the beauty fitness looks and wrestle like true women's wrestler. The term Diva may not be existence within the land of WWE anymore but she's going to prove to everyone how to work it as a Diva while getting the job done.
      Allies: Eva, Alexa, Billie, and Peyton
      Sample Roleplay: 



      Date: 10/17/16, Location: Talking Smack, Attire: Above Gif Attire

      Scene starts with Daniel and Renee after talking about the future of the smackdown's women's division: 

      Mandy Rose

      "Well speaking of the future of Smackdown's women's division, Here I am!" 

      Renee Young

      "Please have a seat Mandy."

      Mandy Interrupts Renee

      "Oh your pleasure." -dusts off the chair before sitting- 

      Renee Young

      "Well now that you're here, tell Daniel and I, how exactly are you the future of the division here on Smackdown Live? I mean, you're competing against the likes of Becky, Nikki, Naomi, and Alexa here. Don't you think it'll be hard to get to the top?

      Mandy Rose:

      -Rolls Eyes- "Oh please Renee, they are nothing comparable to me, well except maybe Alexa. What have they done that I can't do?" -speaks in a mocking tone- "Becky Lynch wrestled for 15 years and clawed her way to the top bleh bleh bleh. Well you know what? I've been wrestling for less than a year and I'm already better than her. Nikki Bella is the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time and is the star of total divas!! Well guess what, It took her 8 years to become the reality star she wanted to and guess how long it took me? About 8 weeks. Don't get me started on Naomi as she clearly hasn't done anything other than dance ever since she debuted. Alexa? She's... -gets cut off by Daniel-

      Daniel Bryan:

      "You do know that's my sister-in-law you're talking about right? She has worked hard from her neck injury and worked her tail off to get back into that..." -gets cut off by Mandy-

      Mandy Rose:

      "Well good for her, we don't need to hear the same story over and over. Let's not turn this about your family cause somehow it always does. Let's get to the reason on why I'm here, and that's to talk about ME!"

      Renee Young: 

      "Well Mandy, what are your plans here on Smackdown Live?

      Mandy Rose:

      "What are my plans? Well my plan is to show the WWE Universe that I am the next face of WWE and that The Golden Goddess is gonna rise and prove that not only will be the prettiest face in the division, but I'll be the best wrestler as well. I'm here to be living proof that in order to be successful in WWE, you can't be just a working wrestler or a talentless model, you have to be a combination of both and that is what I am, a perfect mix of both!" 

      -throws the mic down on the table and exits as Renee and Daniel have a shocked expression-




      Entrance Theme/Titantron: Mandy Rose - A Little Bit of Bad (Official 2nd Theme)


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