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      We want people to watch the movies

      SHUT THE SHUT SHUT SHUT. FOR REAL!?!?!? OMG. I jam out to that soundtrack so much. Ewan is guhhhhh. And Nicole is obviously flaw free. Such a good movie, and I hate chick flicks. But I love me a music

      3 minutes ago, Shoaib. said:

      About to watch the last hour of Batman Returns because I was half asleep before finally falling asleep towards the end



      also we should do this again tonight or plug, my family's Easter is lowkey this year (so I'm not going cuz am tired and lazy) and I was with my bf's fam already for Good Friday


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      3 minutes ago, Mariah. said:

      get in, we're gonna watch Clueless as soon as there's a good number @Jake @Travis Roucka @Shoaib. @Michael Psyches @Logan Von Erich @Dante. @Raja @Charlie @Eric @Neon @whoever because I'm just tagging random people online who have appeared before or may be interested!

      Sims 4 is currently on my laptop screen mawma 

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      • Jake pinned this topic


      Since today is officially WONDER WOMAN DAY (+ @Travis Roucka is a DC stan and wanted to watch this film).
      We'll be watching Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice a.k.a. the film that debuts the icon, Wonder Woman.
      So come join us and watch many boring scenes, Ben Affleck's hot workout montage and Gal Gadot slaying.



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      • Jake featured and unfeatured this topic
      3 hours ago, Mariah. said:


      Since today is the first day of October,
      e'll be watching a Halloween double feature of:
      The Craft and A Nightmare on Elm Street beginning at 8:45 PM EST
      So come join us: https://www.rabb.it/heartbreakers

      NEW LINK: https://www.rabb.it/Jakeberry

      Someone put a halting hex on hb's room, so new go to the new link girlies. :clap: 

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      • 1 month later...
      46 minutes ago, Mariah. said:

      Oscar screeners leaked :shook:

      If anyone is interested, I wanna watch Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird and/or I, Tonya in like an hour. :excited: 

      How long is call me by your name? I might jump in if you end up watching that

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